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Alicia is four years old and she is finally started kindergarten. Their she finds unexpected friendships. As they become closer, feelings start to awoke. Will they let it break them or make them stronger?

Romance / Adventure
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First day at kindergarden

It was a normal day for everyone except for Alicia. She was now four years old and finally would start kindergarden. Before kindergarden she had her granny as her daymom and hangout with her all day. Now they finally thought she was mature enough. She was so excited she barely could sleep. Before going to bed the night before she and mom picked out her cutest outfit for her to wear.
Alicia´s POV
Now it was morning and time for me to start getting ready. I first ate breakfast cereal so I wouldn´t spill on her clothes. And then I put on my favorite blue shirt with ruffles on and it said ´´World´s cutest´´, me and mom paired that with blue jeans, a cute red bow in my long blonde hair. And for last i put on the rainbow and blinking sneakers which I adored. And then it was time to go.
Mom took me to the kindergarden I was gonna start in, it was called happy horse. As soon as I stepped in, all the attention was on me. All the other kids looked at me confusingly before continuing with their things again. I wasn`t starting at the season like the other kids. But all the staring and whispering made me insecure and uncomfortable. I wanted mom to stay until presententation, but had to rush to work.
As we started gathering in the playroom, I still notice everyone looking at me and whispering. Everyone except five boys sitting by themselves in the corner, ignoring everyone else. That made me intrigued, and determined to try to talk to them later. I had a lot of trouble concentrating on listening to the teachers as the boys were quite loud with laughing. One of their laughs sounded so funny that I had to keep myself from bursting out laughing too. That drew the boys attention to me as i felt the curiously looking at me during the rest of the presentation.
After the teachers finally finished talking I really needed to go to the bathroom. My mom and granny had already trained me so i didn´t need any teachers with me. I locked the door and did my business, wash my hands and left the bathroom. But as i got out of the door one of the corner boys had cornered me. He was looking at me like he was scanning me, and after a moment he finally talked.
- Hi, I´m Jace, nice to meet you, he said in a nice and bright voice.
- He-e-llo m-my name is A-alicia, i stammered as i was nervous. I had never been this close to a boy before.
He smiled and called my stammering and shy act cute. We continued to talk for a while as my nerves let go and i stopped stammering. When i´m nervous or insecure I always start to stammer. After a while he wanted to introduce me to his friend group, and I gladly accepted. I was gonna start walking towards his friends, but didn´t make it far before Jace picked me up in his arms and carried me to his friends, like i weighted nothing. The looks on his friends faces was so surprised and funny we both burst out laughing. He let me down and the boys stared at me with their mouths open. Jace started talking then, snapping them out of their thoughts.
-Guys it´s not nice to stare, and close your mouths before you eat a spider or something, he joked. At that sentence the boys closed their mouths and shuddered.
- To continue. Guys this is Alicia, she is new here and she is my new friend, Jace said proudly.
-I thought you said girls are scary and can´t be trusted, the boy on the left said.
- hehe, he´s joking of course. I have never said that Ali, Jace sid embarrassed.
- Whatever, yo i´m Ben, i´m the oldest of us all, the boy with brown hair and blue eyes said.
- Since the boys haven´t really talked much to girls, I guess i´ll introduce them too, Ben continued. He felt like he was the big brother of the group.
- From the left we first have Eric with the long ginger hair. Next to him we have Kim, the one that is trying to hide behind Eric. Yeah Eric we can still see you, so can she. Anyways last but not least we have Lucifer. He´s the one with black hair and kinda looks like a vampire., Ben finishes the intruduction.
Hi, It´s nice to meet you all, I said shyly. The rest of the boys answered with a low hey back.
After we all immediately clicked. We hangout the rest of the day until mom comes to pick me up to go home. Before leaving all the boys went up and introduced themselves to mom. They also asked if we could all six of us have a playdate after kindergarden tomorrow. Mom happily accepted, glad that I had made friends so fast. We then said goodbye and went home. At dinner time I excitedly told them the story of how I became their friend. Dad became a little flustered about the cornered part and almost choked on his food. It was so funny. I was so happy and couldn´t wait for tommorrow afternoon.
That night I had a weird dream about my new friends. It all started with me and Jace running around and playing in a sunflowerfield. All of a sudden he stopped with something hidden behind his back. I curiously went to him to see what he was hiding, he revealed a beautiful bouquet as he held it out for me to take. I was so surprised, I didn´t know what to say. Before I could say anything though he began speaking.
- Ali, we´ve known eachother now for almost 3 years, and it has been the best time ever. I really like you, but I think I like you as more than a friend. I want you to be my girlfriend, Jace finishes shyly as I see a blush creep up on his cheek. He looks adorable. But do I like him like that? I don´t know. I mean I´ve always found him to be super adorable and i like how good we are together. Maybe I do like him like that. Maybe I´ll realise my feelings after dating him a while.
- Jace, you really surprised me. First of all thank you for the flowers, they are beautiful. I start.
- Just as beautiful as you my love, He says shyly.
- But the thing is I don´t know if I like you like that. I don´t want to hurt you though. what about this, we try going one day as a couple. We´ll hold hands, share food and all that. But if I realise after the day ends that I don´t like you like that, we go back to normal. Deal? I finished, with my hand outstreched for him to agree. He took my hand but also pulled me closer to him and he kissed me right on the lips. What is this feeling?
As he pulled away from me, me was smiling and I started to smile too. I think I do like him. But before I had the time to say it to him, I saw another boy walking in the field. I´ve never seen him before but as soon as he meets my eye, I freezed. There were somethin about him, I couldn´t take my eyes of him. We just stood there looking at each other as my heart started beating faster, and I started feeling butterflies in my stomach. Is this what love at first sight feels like?
All of a sudden the boy disappeared and my focus went back to a hurt Jace. He had seen everything. It started to sink in how badly I just screwed up with my best friend. I tried to explain to him but he ran away crying. I tried to run after him but he was too fast and I fast lost track of him. I think I just lost my best friend and I was devastaded. I sank to the ground crying my eyes out.
I woke up in an instant, feeling weird. I felt that I was crying but I couldn´t remember what the nightmare was about. I went out of bed to go to mom and talk to her. It was apparently only three in the morning so mom and dad let me sleep in the bed with them for the rest of the night. But I still had this uneasy feeling in my stomach as I once again went to sleep.

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