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Meet Keith Roman, just moved to the east cost for a job promotion. Being introduced to a couple with a unique relationship after he gets there, he decides that it may be worth his time to keep an open mind and have a little fun. Will he be able to keep his feelings in check while being intimate with other people? Or will something more come from the situations that he gets involved in? Read through the eyes of Keith Roman and his many sexcapades as he tries to figure out how to get a grip on his self-control when it comes to women. **This story is ongoing!!** Find out more about this book and my other published books on my website:

Romance / Erotica
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New Job

“Look, if you want the job it’s yours to take!”

“Mr. Reed, I don’t have the kind of experience for that job.”

“Keith, I’ve been watching you for the past two years; you’re young but you put your heart into this company. You’re a good leader and you know exactly what you’re doing. How about this, you think about it over the weekend and let me know by the close of business on Monday. Sound good?”

“Y…yes sir!”

It is too early for this. I left my house about two hours early so I could get through all the security checks at the airport on time. For some reason it didn’t cross my mind that most people don’t fly out at 5am from this location. I have almost an hour left before they call for my flight, then I have a good 6 hours until I get to Virginia.

Honestly, if it wasn’t for the beaches, I probably would have turned down Mr. Reed’s job offer. I know absolutely no one on the East Coast. Can’t say I’m not excited still. I was born and raised in Phoenix, and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to leave here and see other parts of the country.

I should probably be nervous, but getting along with new people is a skill that comes naturally to me. Besides, Mr. Reed said the people at his other company have the same attitude as the ones I’m leaving, so I should fit right in. At least I’m hoping so, sometimes people change when the big boss is around. I’m not that kind of guy; I treat everyone the same across the board. I give respect it’s due, and I take it back when it’s not warranted.

Well, I’m not going to lie, another reason I took the position was due to the fact that I just got out of a long-term relationship. I guess ‘got out of’ may be the wrong choice of words. I was going to surprise my lady by getting off work early and taking her out. It wasn’t for any special occasion, just trying to make sure she didn’t get tired of me, but I guess I waited too late because when I walked in my apartment some man had her bent over the couch.

My anger had reached a new boiling point, but I didn’t get hostile and try to beat the guy up. I usually try to avoid physical confrontation. Besides, no point in blaming the guy, he’s not the person I was dating. Don’t get me wrong I have the physique for it, I would just rather not fight. Things could get serious and someone could get hurt, or worse. If I go to jail it will be for something worth fighting for, and that does not include a woman that decided to skip out on me. So, Mr. Reed’s offer came in perfect timing. I guess you could say that I just decided to run away.

They just called for us to board on the flight. Newport News here I come!

I feel like a zombie right now. That lay over in Charlotte killed all the energy I had left. That and the fact I’ve been up since one in the morning making sure I was completely prepared to leave out on time. First time flyer, so sleeping on the plane was not about to happen.

I wonder if I start groaning with my eyes rolled back if I will get out of this airport any faster. I already look the part might as well try and see what happens.

“Mr. Roman?”

Is someone calling me? Maybe that was a sign I shouldn’t act crazy, well not just yet anyways.

“Mr. Roman?”

I look over at the man calling my name. “Hey!”, I wave my hand as I walk over to him, “I’ve seen you before!”

He chuckles, “Yeah, I had to fly into the Phoenix location quite a few times to meet with Mr. Reed. How was your flight?”

“Tiring! But I’m happy I made it.”

He laughs as he holds out his hand to shake mines, “I’m happy you did too! Lester Reed.”

“Reed?”, I say as I shake his hand.

“Don’t worry, no affiliation other than business, but sometimes I believe he put me in charge because of it. When people hear the name, they act better.”, he laughs again.

“I guess you already know my name, but please just call me Keith.”

“Alright Keith. Let’s get you home!”


“’The’ Mr. Reed paid a year lease on a place for you. Didn’t he tell you?”

Hmm…maybe I am a zombie. Did I die on that flight? I shake my head at him.

He gives me a toothy smile as he says, “Trust me you will love it!”

Lester dropped me off about 10 minutes ago. Thankfully, it was a short ride from the airport; tired of traveling long distances for one day. This…is a condo. How the hell did I get this lucky? The place is fully furnished too. Lester said he had his assistant pick up some groceries for me, but if I needed anything else to let her know. I believe her name is Tara. He gave me her business card so no need to remember her name at the moment.

So glad it’s Friday and I don’t have to report in until Monday. Don’t think I would make it in if I had to, I feel like I could sleep for the next few days. Hopefully I don’t sleep through tomorrow like my body wants to, though this is a new environment I cannot stand spending a day off cooped up inside. There’s also the fact that I have no means of transportation. Maybe I'll give that assistant a call and see if she can help me out.

With that thought in mind I head for the bedroom, suitcase in tow. King sized bed?! I should take a shower first, but my body is now screaming at me to just sleep. Sleep conquers all! I throw myself across the bed, and that’s the last thing I remember.

I woke up later than I wanted to this morning and after eating breakfast I gave Tara a call to see if: 1. She would be willing to help me on a Saturday, and 2. If she knew any good car dealerships around here. When she answered the phone, she sounded kind of out of it, but when I told her who I was, she perked right up.

About an hour later she texted me to let me know she was outside. Once I got in her car, I looked her over and noticed she was wearing really short shorts, and a camisole. Even though she looks like she just threw herself together, this girl is smoking hot, and I cannot stop staring at her legs. I’m trying to be low key about it and look out the corner of my eye so she doesn’t become aware of my staring. Glad she’s looking at the road or she might drop me back off.

I would definitely not mind talking to her on that level, but my number one rule is to never involve myself with someone I work with, even if I won’t be working directly with her. Though that is my rule I couldn’t talk to her like that anyway, the huge rock on her finger is a turn away. But it doesn’t keep my eyes from wandering, I’m just trying to make sure my head doesn’t follow the direction they’re staring. Don’t want to creep out anyone I just met.

We pull up to a car dealership not too far from where I’m staying, and after being here for almost two hours, I understand why she’s been wifed up. Not only is she a dime, but she’s smart and a hell of a negotiator. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be sitting in a new Kia right now. This girl saved me a ton of money.

“Thanks for letting me help you out. Some men feel a little offended when a woman does all the talking. It wasn’t my intentions, but I did tell Lester I would take care of you.”, she smiles as she winks at me.

“I should be the one saying thanks. That salesman would have got the best of me if not for you.”, I say as smile back at her.

She stands there for a moment with her eyes fixed on me. She takes a couple of steps back, “I’ll see you later, Keith!”, she says before turning away.

I wasn’t lying when I said I couldn’t stop staring at her legs, because my eyes would not turn away from her as she walked away. She stops as she nears her car. Does she know I’m staring? She turns back to me and takes hesitant steps back to my car. When she’s finally at my driver’s side door, she seems a little shy about her next choice of words. “Umm…I know we just met, but I…I was wondering if you would be interested in going out tonight?”

My eyebrows raise in surprise at how she’s acting. This is not the same girl that aggressively talked down that salesman on this car. Also, is she asking me out on a date with that planet-sized diamond sitting on her ring finger? I don’t want to shoot her down though, she did help me out after all, but I also need to stick with my rule. “Trust me I would love to, but I try to stay away from intimate relationships with coworkers.”

She laughs. Hmm, not exactly the response I was thinking. Better than getting handed a nasty attitude.

“Keith, I don’t know if you noticed,”, she holds up her left hand, “but I’m married. I’m not asking you to date me.”, she chuckles, “You’re new here, and I’m meeting up with some friends at a bar tonight. My husband’s out of town on business and I just didn’t want to go alone. You seem really cool, so I figured I’d ask. You’ll meet new people and I won’t be by myself, win-win.”, she chuckles again, “I apologize if…”

“No, don’t worry about it. You know what, I would love to go with you.”

“Seriously?!” She looks a little surprised by my reply.

“Yeah. Getting to meet some new people before I get carried away with the new job sounds like fun.”

“Be ready at 9?”

“Sure thing!”

Change of environment and some new friends, what could go wrong?

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