A Cup of Poisoned Tea [BL]

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She said goodnight to me and that I should rest. She informed me that my family was here earlier on but she convinced them to leave because there wasn’t anything really wrong with me, leaving it at me being stressed and needing a few days of rest.

My parents complied with her reluctantly and will be here first thing in the morning because my ass can’t skip on studying but that will all end from tomorrow onwards.

I lay my head to rest on the pillow as she bids me goodnight. Switching off the lights and closing the door behind her. Closing my eyes, his image pops into my head. The tears form yet again and I feel my nose stuff up.

I let them be and allow them to fall, I deserve at least this. I know it’s not only me missing Dae Ryeon. My hair misses his fingers that always ran through it. My mind misses his complicated talks of nonsense. My eyes miss seeing him. My ears miss his unexpected whispered ‘I love you’. My nose misses his nose that always traced mine when I was asleep. My cheeks miss his sneaky kisses. My mouth misses his kiss. My body misses his touch. My asshole misses his cock inside me. My insides miss his seed. My soul misses its other half. My heart misses his love. My legs and feet miss his careless fingers that ran up and down them out of boredom – every inch of me misses him.

“Jinha?” I hear my mother’s voice call me. Opening my heavy eyes, I look at her confused. I can’t remember when I fell asleep and by the sting, in my eyes, I bet that I was crying again.

Sighing I push myself up and rub my eyes. My throat is dry. Looking at my mother, “Ma, can you pour me water please,” I ask.

She hands me the glass and I drink it quick. I look at the jug of water and get up on my feet. Placing the glass down, I pick up the jug and gulp it down like its nothing. Sighing after feeling that my stomach is full, I place the jug down and look at my mother who is staring at me with a worried expression.

I smile at her then kiss her cheek, “Morning mommy.”

She smiles and gives me a hug, “How are you feeling?”

I shrug as I pass her and head to the toilet. Emptying my bladder, I flush and wash my hands. I see her from the side of my eye come into view. Looking at her, she hands me a toiletry bag and I thank her. Taking out the toothbrush and toothpaste I brush my teeth.

Getting back into the room, I see my father sitting on the edge of the bed and my sister in the doorway speaking over her phone. My father turns to look at me and he has that same old frown that I haven’t seen since I returned home for the dinner on the day Dae Ryeon died.

“Jinha,” he calls me.

“Good morning sir,” I greet the usual distant greeting.

My sister waves at me and by the sound of her words it’s about work again.

“The doctor tells me that you are stressed and need rest, what have you been doing out of the usual schedule that stressed you out?” he asks instead of asking if I’m doing well.

“Besides my school work it’s all the financial stuff you gave me recently, other than that, I don’t know what it could possibly be,” I answer.

I make sure not to look at him because I literally just blamed him for me being sick. I take off the robe and pull my jeans on and shrug my shirt on then pull on a jacket. My sister walks in and gives me a big hug, “You had us frightened and yes father, you are the reason why he is sick. You know Jinha needs to study for his exams yet you came him the company’s financial documents to study, what did you expect?”

My father scoffs and glares at me which I ignore as I raise my legs to put my sneakers on. I decide against it and walk around in my socks. My mother gathers my things before we leave.

Just as we’re about to step out, I see her standing at the door. She stares straight at me and ignores my parents and sister, “Jinha, remember what I said to you and if you ever do need anything from me, you’ll find me here.”

I nod my head and thank her, “What do I call you?” I ask her almost forgetting to ask her.

She grins and winks, “I’m your guardian angel remember?”

I shake my head with a defeated smile, “I’ll see you soon I guess.”

She waves me off and skips while singing. I pull my phone out to check the time and see that it’s 09:16 am. Shoving it back in my pocket as we reach the car, we all climb into the back since it’s a mini limo.

I sit beside my sister staring at my parents sitting opposite us. My father still has that glare on his face as he looks at me. Growing up, I was never allowed to be sick, my father saw it as a sign of weakness and he never took me to the hospital. My aunt, his sister would always sneak medicine into the house and made sure I was well.

I used to be afraid of him because he was strict and loved punishing us. My siblings grew to respect him while I feared the old fart. When I realized that I had feelings for Dae Ryeon, I hated my father when he kept me from leaving the house.

Dae Ryeon would sneak me out of university and literally kidnap me. My father was irked because I never had a proper reason for my disappearances. It made him so angry that he slapped me one day. When Dae Ryeon saw the swollen bruise on my face he decided against kidnapping me and stopped coming to see me.

It was angry at him for letting my father get his way and angry that I couldn’t stand up to him, but he surprised me after being awol for a whole week when I woke up in the middle of the night. After that day, we became lovers of the night.

I fell asleep in his arms and hated it when I woke up and he wasn’t there. I knew he wasn’t scared of my father but Dae Ryeon wasn’t ready to commit back then but the moment when he wanted to further our relationship, he barged into our home and told my father shit for having me locked up.

Eventually things got bad and I left with Dae Ryeon. He bought a place for us to stay and I was somewhat of his housewife. My father cut me off from everything and the third year of Dae Ryeon and I’s relationship, I was called back home because he was sick and had cancer.

Dae Ryeon and my father didn’t sit well even after that but so what? I had my man and he was my family.

“JINHA!” I get yelled at. My eyes shoot open and my heart is beating extremely fast as though I ran a race. My eyes dart around the car.

“Dae Ryeon, what’s wrong?” my sister asks me worried with tears swimming in her eyes. My mother has a horrified look on her face and my father is staring at me with a frown.

I feel my body trembling and quickly wipe my tears away. I move closer to the left-back door and pull my legs up and hug them. My eyes dart between the people in the car, fuck I don’t know when I fell asleep or did I blank out.

“Dae Ryeon, why were you screaming?” my sister asks.

I was screaming? I look at her with a frown confused. She tries to come closer but I glare at her, “Stay the fuck away from me,” I warn her.

They look at me with wide eyes, speechless since I’m an angel. I let down the window so the cool air can calm me down. I lean my head back against the frame of the window and just like that I fall asleep.

∘ ━ ✧ ━ ∘

I slowly open my eyes taking note that I’m back in my room.

“Awake?” I hear my eldest brother ask. I raise up onto my elbows and look at him. Staring blankly at him I shake my head then drop down into my pillow and blank out.

Stirring around, I stretch my body in the darkness of my room. The phone in my pocket buzzes. I pull it out and wince at the brightness. Squeezing my eyes shut then opening it again, I look at it and frown seeing that two days passed by.

I can’t believe I slept so long and my guardian angel didn’t say anything about me continuing to fall asleep and blanking out whenever. The battery is about to die so I get up and head for the plug by my desk where I know, my charger is.

A message comes through, “You’re blanking out and falling asleep without your knowledge because you barely slept, remember? You just kept on crying.”

Clicking on it, I read it over again and see that the number is saved as Guardian.

‘You know what? I want to question how you know what I’m thinking but the fact that I’m alive, again, says I should just not question you and also, I don’t really care.’

And just as I thought would happen, she sends me a message, “I’m very convenient no? Make sure you feed your body and drink water.”

‘Thanks’ I say and place the phone down. I switch on the main light and fall to the floor. Searching under the bed, I pull out the box. Opening it, I sigh in relief and close it again. I push it back under and stand up.

I open the door to my room and walk out. Heading downstairs, I jog to the kitchen and pull open the fridge. Digging through it, I find lunch boxes full of food and pull them out. Placing them on the counter, I open the other fridge and pull out eight bottles of water.

As I warm up each lunch box, I open a bottle of water and empty it. I quickly make my way to the toilet on the first floor and when I return to the kitchen, my nanny is already busy emptying the boxes into plates for me.

I honestly thought she was my mother for the first few years of my life and for the rest of it, I knew that she was more of my mother than my biological mother. I walk over to the short woman and kiss her cheek, “You didn’t have to do this, did you see the time? You should be asleep ma.”

“Nonsense child, you’re up and you’re not well, who will take care of you if I don’t?” she chided.

I smirk and start eating. Before I know it, I finished everything yet I was still hungry. Just as I was about to ask her, I see her digging in the fridge and pulled out bacon and eggs. I smile and get up, grabbing all the dishes I put it in the sink and go back to sitting on the table.

Propping my head up as I watch her cook my thoughts drift off.

Around this time we didn’t know that my father had cancer, he had stage four cancer and it could have been prevented if he found out earlier on. I plan to stop working towards working for his company because it was alright before until I met Dae Ryeon.

I need to tell them all that I’m not the same person as I once used to be, I could use the cancer as proof but then there’s also my fiancé. I could tell them now that I’m gay and all but I wonder how will they take it. They weren’t happy when I told them about Dae Ryeon and I and it was one of the reasons why I was kicked out of the house. If I’m kicked out now, where will I live?

My eyes swell in realization. One of my talents were that I had a great memory. I know everything of Dae Ryeon’s including his offshore banking details, current bank details and everything else. Ah, this will be tough since he is capable of finding me and killing me since I’ll be stealing his money – no wait! There’s his private home he rarely visits, yes! I’m sorted.

My nanny places the plate of eggs and bacon in front of me and I start eating again. I down bottle after bottle to her amazement and thank her with a kiss on the cheek for the food. I head up and open my laptop. Logging into the banking website, I create another account under his real name and not Cha Dae Ryeon.

Adding that account to my accounts beneficiaries, I empty my savings account and transfer the money over. Clicking onto my second account which the family transfers money in for me, I empty it and transfer the money over. Last time I was left with nothing and not this time, this time I’m prepared.

Switching banking sites, I type Dae Ryeon’s details in of his bank and my heart shudders, it’s all still the same, but there’s just one downside, I’m sure he received the notification of my logging in. I smile and transfer one hundred dollars to my private account that’s got his name on it – I’m sure this will confuse him.

Logging out, I close my laptop and head back downstairs, I’m sure everyone is going to wake up soon. Changing directions I head back upstairs and do my morning routine.

∘━ ✧ ━ ∘

[Dae Ryeon’s Pov]

I wake up to the sound of my phone ringing. I grab it and swipe it open. Pulling down the notification’s tab my eyes widen. I sit up on my bed and click on the message. One hundred dollars of my fucking money in my private account was just transferred to an account number that I don’t recognize.

It’s not much and it’s definitely not me. There’s also a notification saying that I logged in one minute ago

What in the fuck is going on?

First, the bad dreams that I wake up to. The damned tattoo on my arm that makes no sense. The necklace that was around my neck and the fucking white gold wedding band that doesn’t fucking want to come off my fucking finger! Now, this!?

What’s going on?

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