A Cup of Poisoned Tea [BL]

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[Dae Ryeon’s POV]

I get out of bed, minding Ga Yoon who came into my room, crying last night. I close her with the quilt then walk off. Closing my bedroom door behind me, I walk down the hallway towards my youngest brother’s room.

Nearing his room, I hear his pleas, “Harder, harder, Yaaaaas.”

Taking in a deep breath I grab the handle and push the door open quietly. There are five of us siblings in the Cha family, and currently, my two younger brothers are screwing.

“HARDER!” my youngest brother screams and doing as he is told, my fourth brother yanks the younger one by his hair, pulls it back forcefully and slams into him. After three more deep thrusts both of them, climax and ribbons of semen go flying through the air.

They flop down onto the bed and make out with a chastised kiss.

“Done?” I ask and they both shoot up from the bed to look at me. Honestly, since three days ago, I’ve been open to gay sex since I dream of myself and another man together. I wake up hard and sometimes in tears. I feel that I have this deep connection with him but I don’t know who he is.

That, the ring, the necklace and the odd tattoo with a date of the future… it all makes no sense.

They look at me guiltily and embarrassed. None of us is related by blood so it’s alright, we’re only related because our master adopted us.

“Do you need something Hyung?” Dae Min, the youngest asks. I raise a brow at Dae So who just lays down on his side and looks at Dae Min who oogles his ass as he walks with limp and a hiss over to the dresser and pulls on pants.

“Yeah, I got a message from the bank that I just logged into my bank account three minutes ago but I was asleep,” I say and watch as he slowly sits down on the bed with a sigh.

“You’re being hacked?” Dae So asks grabbing my attention. I shrug and turn back to watch as my younger brother suffers.

“Don’t know, I have no idea what’s been going on since I passed out three days ago so I need you to see if you can find out who it was Dae Min,” I say and he nods his head.

“Now Dae Min,” I demand and he groans, “But Hyung-nim, I was just fucked and can’t enjoy the after feeling because you’re here.”

“You’re in pain, that’s not the satiated feeling you are supposed to feel!” I correct him.

Dae So looks on amused with a slight hint of pride. I sit my ass down on their bed and stretch my arms while I wait.

Dae Min gets up and grabs his laptop. Connecting a few gadgets to it, he starts it up and does what he is best at. After ten minutes he turns to us saying, “The person who logged in is in this country . . . The account your money got transferred to belongs to a person named Kang Jinha who has an account with the national bank. The account your one hundred dollars was transferred to is under the name Geum Wu Yong and the account was opened over two hours ago. There are three digital signatures,” he says and my heart is already in my throat.


He turns around after printing a document and hands it to me. He stares at me with a conflicted gaze. I look down at the paper he handed me; my heartbeat suddenly accelerates.

There are three signatures as he said on it. One by Kang Jinha with his signature above his name. A second by Cha Dae Ryeon, with my signature above it and the third, Geum Wu Yong, with also the signature above it.

Who the hell is this Kang Jinha and why does he know my real name? How does he know me and how does he know my birth name? He even knows how to sign like me… for both names.

I watch as my hands begin to tremble and the paper in my hand scrunches between my fingers.

∘ ━ ✧ ━ ∘

[Jinha’s POV]

My family members wake up at their usual times. After they all do their morning routines its breakfast then it’s time for them to head to work. My father, sister and two brothers head to the company while mother heads to her next charity spot if I remember correctly, she’s going to an orphanage.

As they sit around the table, I walk into the dining room and stop at the doorway. Their heads turn to look at me. I mentally roll my eyes and smile at them, “I have to tell you all something when you’re done with eating.”

I turn to walk away but stop in my steps when my father speaks, “Why can’t you tell us now?”

I turn to look at them, staring straight into my father’s eyes, “Because you’ll choke on your food while I speak.”

I don’t stay to continue and head to the living room. Yawning after I down my fifth bottle of water for the morning, I close my eyes and rest my head against the couch.

If they really kick me out today, I will have to travel to the bank by bus to get my new bank card and then it’s travelling for two hours out of the city to his private home in the mountains.

I open my eyes and watch as my siblings walk-in in order of birth. My eldest brother Seung Joong, his twin Seung Joon and my sister Min Hee. My mother soon follows her and as usual, because the world revolves around him, he comes in fifteen minutes later while talking on the phone.

He sits down and continues the conversation with whoever that I don’t care about. If he wants to waste everyone’s time then so be it.

Pulling out my cell phone, I press the power button and it lights up. It’s almost eight and they need to be in by eight-thirty. I roll my eyes and rub my temples as he continues speaking.

I wish I could hear Dae Ryeon’s voice already.

I sigh thinking this and watch as my siblings start signalling with their eyes to each other at how rude my father is.

You know what?

I stand up and stalk over to my father. Stopping in front of him, I grab his phone and throw it across the room. It hits the wall and shatters, dropping to the tiled floor. My father stands up and grabs me by my shirt but I quickly grab his hands and shove him back down.

Glaring down at him I say, “I told you I need to tell you something and look at you, your fucking job again is more important than me. Your son!”

He stares at me in shock which quickly turns to anger. He raises his hand bringing it down to smack me but I grab his wrist before he can hit me and say between gritted teeth, “Listen here you old fart, you will listen to what I have to say and you will shut up, do you hear me?”

My father doesn’t answer me and just looks up at me stunned. I let go of his hand and go back to my place on the couch. I give them all a once over and start, “First of all, I’m no longer going to study to be one of your employees and work for the company. Second, I’m not marrying anyone because I’m gay. Third, I’m not your Kang Jinha.”

All of them stare at me through the first statement, frown at my second statement and look at me confused at my third statement.

“Jinha, what are you saying, how can you not be you?” my sister asks.

I look at her, “Min Hee, I am Jinha but Jinha from three years in the future.”

“What nonsense are you speaking?” Seung Joong says as he stands up and stares down at me.

“You don’t believe me Hyung? Well, it’s not like I expected you to. If you want proof, then sure,” I say and stand up. Taking off my shirt and turn my back to them. I hear a gasp and turn around.

“The tattoo on my back is for a date three weeks from now and that’s when I meet the love of my life, but because he dies three years from now, I killed myself and returned two days ago so that I can warn him about what is going to happen. I really don’t care if you all believe me or not but I am going to go find him whether or not you like it or not. My soul purpose is to get him back and keep him from dying.”

Putting my shirt back on, I sit down and look at their odd expressions. Turning my attention to my father, I sigh, “Look, I’m sorry I acted like that before but I have gotten over being afraid of you because you already kicked me out of the house before. You cut me off from anything remotely that belonged to me including money. You hated Dae Ryeon for coming into my life and ruining your plans for me but really, you just think of yourself. Because you are so stubborn you will find out that it’s too late to save yourself and make me feel guilty for being your son. If you really need the proof to Believe that what I am saying is all true then do not go to work today and go to the hospital and get yourself tested for cancer because three years from now, you’ll be diagnosed with prostate cancer.”

He doesn’t say anything and just stares at me and so does everyone else. I kind of understand what they are thinking after hearing what I just said. I wouldn’t believe me too.

Seeing that no one is doing anything and I wasn’t kicked out of the house just yet, I get up and excuse myself. Getting dressed, I grab my car keys and head downstairs. I pass the living room and see that they are all still sitting there.

I stop and stare at them questioningly, “Where are you going?” my second brother asks me.

“Bank,” I answer. He just stares at me.

I head out and get into my car then drive off to the bank. When I reach there I head to my accountant.

“What can I do for you today Mr Kang?” he asks me.

“I opened a second account last night and I would like a bank card printed for it,” I say and he nods. He types on his computer and smiles at me. He prints a few documents along with printing the bank card and gives me the documents to sign.

Taking the black bank card from him, I leave and drive off. I stop at the craft store and purchase scrap bookmaking materials. I wanted to make a book of our memories in my previous life but was too busy and I currently have the time.

I leave with a box of materials and suddenly have the urge to see how Dae Ryeon is doing. Driving off to the area where they live, I thank the heavens that my car’s windows are tinted.

I park my car outside their home and wait. Staring out the window I feel my heart tighten as memories of this place comes to mind. He brought me here for one night after I was kicked out of my home and the next day we moved into an apartment complex that overlooked Seoul.

I wipe the tears from the corners of my eyes and sit up in my seat. Drinking half of the sixth bottle of water I filter through the box of materials and file the colourful papers in order. I’ll punch holes in them when I get home.

My attention gets pulled to the house as a black SUV pulls in. checking the license plate, I note that it’s the third brother, Dae Jung. He’s most likely returning home from fucking that whore who inseminated herself with the semen from his condom.

Oooo I hate her and the bitch Dae Ryeon is fucking. I will definitely kill her again in this lifetime I swear!

My mind stops racing with ways to kill here when my handsome and sexy man walks out of their home topless. His muscles flex as he stretches and oh that smile, I missed it.

Sighing I start the engine up which gains their attention. Their heads turn and look at me or well my car as I drive past the house. In the rearview mirror I see both Dae Ryeon and Dae Jung step into the road and watch me drive off.

Dae Ryeon is very cautious and is probably memorizing the plate on the car to have Dae Min find me. Well good luck my love, I’ll be seeing you soon.

∘ ━ ✧ ━ ∘

I return home and find that all my siblings are still home and both my parents, seeing as their cars are still in the driveway. Getting out with the box in my hands, I walk in and make eye contact with my second brother who is looking at me with wide eyes.

“What?” I ask him.

He places his hands in his pockets with a heavy sigh, “Hyung took father to our private doctor. Just from his urine, the doctor could tell that he had signs of cancer. They are doing further tests and we’ll know in two days if you are who you say you are.”

I shrug my shoulders and head to the kitchen to fetch me something to eat and more water. Walking past my second brother, I notice that he’s following me back to my room. I don’t really care.

I place the box on the table with a plate of sandwiches and bottles of water. Dropping down to the floor, I reach under the bed and pull out the box. Placing it down on the desk next to the box of materials I sat down and started eating.

“What’s in there?” he asked me. I pushed the box towards him and he took it. Opening it I watched as his eyes widen and his mouth open. His eyes shot up to me and I’m sure he noticed my unbothered gaze.

“Is this your lover?” he asks me, looking at the picture in his hand.

“Yeah,” I nod.

“Did you go see him yet?” he asks and I shake my head.

“No, I still need to come up with a plan but I’m sure he knows that I exist it’s just that he doesn’t know who I am in this life,” I say.

He grabs a handful of the pictures and frowns when a condom wrapper falls to back into the box. He picks it up and raises a brow at me. I smile as I feel my cheeks grow warm and look away, “Jinha, what’s this?”

“The condom he used when we first had sex…” I trail as I look up at him through my eyelashes.

His shocked gaze turns to a glare, “You’re not a virgin?!”

“I am! Well, I am now, I’m not one in the future,” I say in defence.

He sighs heavily and puts the pictures back in the box and walks over to my bed and throws himself on it. The room is silent and after I finish eat I start making the scrapbook of our memories. I really hope that this book along with the recordings can convince him that he and I are partners.

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