A Cup of Poisoned Tea [BL]

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Because I’m undecided on what I should do or how I should act, I return to the hospital and before I can walk in, she walks out.

She runs up to me and gives me a tight squeeze and a kiss on the cheek, “I was wondering when you’d seek me out, what can I do for you love?” she asks me.

I smile at her and guide her to the benches. Seated down I sigh, “I want to chase after him so bad but the memories of us from beginning to end were perfect. It would be wonderful if those memories could be created yet again, along with others that we never got to experience. I’ve been conflicted over these thoughts and I wanted to know what you think about it?”

She smiled warmly at me and patted my hand, “I loved each and every memory I saw. Jinha, I didn’t only bring you back so you could suffer, but so that you could experience it all over again and maybe your life with him could end when the two of you reach your golden years.”

“And I’m sure that he already knows who you are Jinha, so you should just move forward from now on,” she adds. I see her eyes sparkle and she quickly gets up and runs away.

I stand up to call for her but my mind blanks when I hear that familiar voice call my name from behind me, “Kang Jinha?”

My body freezes and I don’t move, I’m afraid of turning behind me and seeing who I’ve wanted to see for so long.

∘ ━ ✧ ━ ∘

[Dae Ryeon’s POV]

Just as I walk down the steps, I hear a familiar hoot coming from outside. Looking up at the clock on the wall, I note that it’s after eleven which means that ass is arriving home only now.

I head outside to scowl at him. He pulls in and jumps out after switching the engine off.

“Where the fuck are you coming from?” I ask him.

He grins, “I got laid Hyung, don’t be mean.”

“With that woman that’s obsessed with you?” I ask and he shakes his head.

“Nah, someone else this time,” he shrugs making me laugh. We both freeze when we hear an engine start-up in the street and turn to look at it. It’s a blue Aston Martin that’s windows are tinted.

“What the fuck?” Dae Jung asks confused and follows me out the gate and into the road. We both glance at each other than look back at the car. I quickly memorize the plates and so does Dae Jung.

We own the whole neighbourhood and this car is unfamiliar, I better check it out. I pull Dae Jung in with me into the house as this odd familiarity towards the car that just passed us making me feel uneasy.

I head to the den where Dae So, Dae Min and Dae Won’s kids are sitting and watching Peppa Pig, that damned show. Dae Jung heads upstairs to freshen up.

“There was a blue Aston Martin outside the house with the plates ####, find out who the car belongs to, now Dae Min,” I demand and hear both Dae Min and Dae So complain.

He gets up and heads up to his room. He returns moments later with two printed documents in his hand and looks at me worried. Handing me the documents he says, “The car belongs to that Kang Jinha from this morning,” he says to me and raises a brow.

I look at him blankly and take the documents from him. I sit down on the sofa and glance down at the printed documents. The first document is of the car’s model and the details of its owner. The second page is a picture of this Kang Jinha.

My heart flutters seeing what he looks like. So this is the person that knows too much about me but there’s this odd feeling that tells me that I know him from somewhere.

“Dae Min, bring me everything you can find about him,” I order and he pouts his lips at Dae So who looks at him with pity, “I’m not going to keep you company, I’m babysitting,” Dae So smirks.

Dae Min stomps his foot and walks away after throwing a glare my way.

I check up on him three hours later finding him fast asleep on his bed. I stare at his laptop which has a stack of paper beside it. Pulling the chair towards me, I sit down and go through the stack of paper with Kang Jinha’s background information.

Going through the information, I find that I already know all of this. Frowning I memorize Kang Jinha’s home address and rush back to my room. I get dressed then head out. Pausing as I reach for my car door, he might know what car I drive?

I scan over the other cars and sigh. I get into my car and drive over to our hideout. Switching cars with one of the disposables, I drive off to his home.

As I make my way over I notice that this route seemed familiar and stopping three houses down, I recall a memory of myself jumping over the walls and walking past the guards.

There’s nothing happening here and by eight pm I head back home, I’ll return tomorrow morning.

Waking up early I do my morning routine and get dressed. Kissing Ga Yoon on her cheek, I head over to Dae Won’s room and tell her that I’ll be heading out. It’s five in the morning and I should hurry. I grab something to eat and drink on the way and park outside the house, two houses down.

As the sun rises in the east, the family in the house wakes up. His father and mother leave the house who for some reason irks me when I see their faces. The twins leave and so does his sister.

Just as I begin to yawn, the blue Aston Martin pulls out of the driveway. I start up the engine and follow him. We drive up all the way to the private hospital and he parks his car. I quickly park the car I’m driving and get out.

I see him stop at the entrance and get hugged by a woman. My blood suddenly boils through my body, I don’t like that he is being held by that unknown woman.

They sit down on a bench outside the hospital and I hide behind a tree near them. I couldn’t make out what they were saying and what worried me was the pained look on Jinha’s face. For some reason, I had an intense need to comfort him.

I unknowingly stepped out and walked towards them. The woman’s eyes sparkled when she saw me. I glared at her and she ran away. Jinha tried to run after him but I called out to him to stop him, “Kang Jinha?”

He stops in his steps but doesn’t turn around to face me. I frown and walk around him stopping in front of him. He has this horrified look on his face.

Both Jinha and I hiss in pain. I reach over and grab my left arm while his hand flies to the back of his neck. Pulling up my sleep to see why I’m suddenly in pain and to my disbelief, the tattoo that had the initials and future date was replaced with the date of today, 29th October 2025.

I turn my attention to Kang Jinha and he has tears in his eyes staring at the tattoo on my arm frightened.

“Do you know what this is?” I ask him. His eyes lock with mine for a split second then he looks away with guilt on his face.

“Answer me!” I demand and he flinches back.

“Dae Ryeon why are you here?” he asks me in a low whimper.

My heart tightens seeing him afraid of me. I take a step forward but he takes a step back avoiding me. The feeling of hurt showers me as I look at him try to avoid me.

Swallowing these unfathomable emotions down, I grab him by the arm and drag him off to the edge of the hospital where the woods are. I shove him against a tree and grab his jaw forcing him to look up at me.

Just from holding his jaw, I can feel his body trembling. His face floods with tears and he starts crying. He hits away my hand and crashes against my chest.

“Dae Ryeon,” he cries out in the most heart aching wail I’ve ever heard. My arms wrap around him as I sink my head into the crook of his neck. Hearing him cry like this makes my heart bleed. The tears swim in my eyes and fall once I close them.

I hug him tightly and cry with him. I don’t know this person yet he makes me break down in tears.

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