A Cup of Poisoned Tea [BL]

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Forgiveness and Forever

[Narrators POV]

Cha Dae Ryeon had finally met with the person who had been pointing out to him that he existed. He sought Kang Jinha out with the motif to pry information out of him, wanting to know how he knew him but the jealousy brewed when he saw the celestial being hug Jinha.

And although he wanted to question Jinha, nothing was answered due to Jinha’s sudden burst of suppressed emotions. He wasn’t ready to see Dae Ryeon because the memory of that call was still fresh in his mind. He wanted to stall for more time but time wasn’t on his side this time around even though he was sent back in time.

Just hearing Dae Ryeon’s voice alone triggered the jittery emotions he felt whenever he saw his phone ring with Dae Ryeon’s name flashing across the screen but then Dae Ryeon popped into view and everything came crumbling down.

Faced with an angry Cha Dae Ryeon and not the one he knew, he was frightened. Dae Ryeon never raised his voice at him and only demanded things sternly which he became accustomed to. The look alone in Dae Ryeon’s golden brown eyes said that he didn’t love him.

Before he knew it, he was hugging Dae Ryeon and bawling his eyes out. Dae Ryeon smelt the same, he felt the same and yes, when he cried into Jinha’s ear and held him tight, it felt all too familiar. Jinha prayed that the celestial being would make his memories return and save him the heartache of it all.

Jinha finally calmed down and was asleep in Dae Ryeon’s arms but Dae Ryeon himself was unsettled. He looked down at the handsome boy who he didn’t consider was handsome until he looked at him up close. He raised Jinha’s chin so that he could gaze upon the beautiful boy who was crying in his arms not too long ago.

The rims of Jinha’s eyes were red and swollen. His cheeks were flushed pink and his porcelain skin felt gentle and familiar as he ran his finger down Jinha’s flushed cheeks. Jinha gave him a soft whimper making him unknowingly smile.

Having Jinha in his arms like this felt natural and he so wished in his heart that the boy in his arms wouldn’t wake up. He ran his finger down Jinha’s nose and traced it. Leaning down he kissed their noses together and ran it up and down like he usually did.

His nose traces Jinha’s lips then he frowned. He pulled back and looked down at Jinha. All of this felt too familiar but he couldn’t make out why.

A twig snapped near him making his head snap in that direction with a guarded look. The celestial being looked down at him with a smile. She could see the over-protectiveness he had for Jinha and shook her head with a chuckle, “All of this is familiar to you no?” she asked.

His glare hardened as his eyes darkened, “What do you know?”

“The question is my dear Cha Dae Ryeon, why does the person in your arms, who you do not know, know about you, why did he take your money, why does he know your private details and can forge your signature. Why did he cry when he laid eyes on you and why does your heartbeat erratically while holding him in your arms?”

Dae Ryeon looked up at her and kept his mouth shut. This woman knew too much and currently, he wasn’t in a position to pull out his gun and kill her.

“I don’t need to answer those questions for you because all the answers are within your soul, do you want to know how to answer your own questions?” she asked him with a smile and bent down beside him.

Dae Ryeon stared at her cautiously then turned to gaze down at Jinha. A while later he nodded her head. The celestial being mentally fist-pumped herself and said, “Then whisper the words ‘I’ll love you forever’ into his ear and kiss his lips.”

He frowned hearing her words but did as she said. Whispering into Jinha’s left ear then leaning down to kiss his lips. Sparks immediately entered his lips and his body ached in pain. Keeping his lips pressed against Jinha’s he watched as they met for the first time in the shop. Went on their first date. How he kidnapped Jinha multiple times and the arguments between Jinha and his family. Jinha moving in with him and all their happy days together. His memories mixed together with Jinha’s portrayed the love they had for one another and then that fateful day showed up. He watched himself stare at Costa who held a gun to his head and handed him the phone to make one last call.

He knew that Jinha had the habit of recording calls and knew that it would lead to his brothers finding him. He watched as they spoke and how happy Jinha was until he said his final ‘I love you’ and died.

Jinha frantically yelled into the phone and when no one responded he called his brothers. The next scene showed a worried Jinha then in walked his brothers to give him the bad news. Jinha broke down and so did his brother.

The next scene showed Jinha just staring at his image at his funeral and not getting up to look at his body for one finale time. He had to be guided everywhere because he had this lifeless look in his eyes.

After the scene of his funeral passed, Jinha refused to eat and kept begging for someone to kill him. In the final scene, he listened in on the conversation between Jinha and Ga Yoon. He watched as Jinha took the last sip of tea, held on to their box of precious items and closed his eyes.

Dae Ryeon opened his eyes and looked down at his lover lovingly. The pain he caused Jinha made him blame himself. He broke out in tears, “Jinha, I’m so sorry, please forgive me.”

Jinha’s eyes fluttered open. Gazing into Dae Ryeon’s eyes, he cupped his cheek, “Only this once will I forgive you. If you die again, I won’t find you.”

Dae Ryeon chuckled and shook his head, “Never again, I promise.” And added, “But you need to promise me that you’ll never kill yourself again.”

Jinha looked up at him in annoyance, “I’ll fucking kill myself if I want to, you have no say in that.”

Dae Ryeon hit Jinha’s nose with his finger and glared at him warningly, “Fine,” Jinha groaned and rolled his eyes at him.

The celestial being smiled content and decided that this was as far as she could go, closing her eyes, she disappeared into the void, taking the two burdens of death with her that once held Kang Jinha and Cha Dae Ryeon’s lives in their hands.

That’s the end, hope you enjoyed the read :)
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