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Chapter 13: Stay still


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Papers shuffling.

Pen scratching.

Subtle sighing.

Where am I?

I blink awake, slowly adjusting to the new scene before me and the bare sunlight creeping in from across the room.

It’s dark where the bed is, but I can just barely tell the drawn curtains somewhere in the far distance.

Right, I was in Thomas’s bedroom.

Exhaling out through my nose, I stretch to my back, keeping careful not to make a noise as my limbs adjusted to their stiffness.

The sting from my bruises hurt, but the delicious soreness pulsing from my lower half is the one I focus on.

Why did it hurt so bad yet feel so good?

Stifling a yawn, I rub the crust from my eyes and sit up, letting the duvet fall to my lap and exposing my breasts to the chilly air. Waves of my hair fell across my shoulders, the strands messy from last night’s activities.

Ah, I should take a shower.

Where was Thomas anyway?

I slowly slid off the bed, taking my time to adjust when the world swam in front of me. Given I was still naked, I decided to pick up my discarded shirt from last night and put it on.

The material barely reached the top of my knees and it didn’t help that the cold floor was shooting ice jolts up my bare feet.

Where the hell is the heater in this damn place?

Openly yawning now, I descended down the steps that led to the foyer and cringed at the bright sunlight that lit up the place.

“You awake already?” A deep voice calls out to me.

The heir of Graymoore is sitting at the desk with the curtains drawn wide open. Dust floats above his head and the outline of his figure practically glows from how the sun captures the tips of his tousled hair.

I yawn again, keeping one eye close as the light blinded my gaze. “You weren’t in bed,”

“Well, it’s morning,” Thomas gestures to the windows behind him. “Plus, I have some work to complete.”

So that was it.

Walking towards him, I lifted my arms above my head and stretched them out, feeling the bones pop in response.

“You should try to get some more sleep,” He suggests, with a tone that indicated he was preoccupied. “I’m going to be here for a while.”

I can tell.

If the mountainous paperwork in front of him wasn’t proof enough, I don’t know what else is.

Placing a hand over his desk, I drag my fingers across the hardwood material and hum in my throat out of distant boredom.

“Are you hungry?” He hasn’t raised his gaze yet, he’s still furiously scribbling at a document.

“Not yet,” I stop behind him and rested my arms over the back of the chair. “Are you?”

“I had coffee-” He gestures to a half-finished cup of coffee, located at the other side of the desk. It’s probably cold at this point. “If you want, I can make some for you.”

“Just ignore me,” Leaning down, I slid my arms off the chair and wrap my limbs around his back so I was half hugging him.

Thomas stiffens, his grip over the pen going still.

I rub my cheek over his shoulder and tightened my hold over his waist.

He’s so warm.

“You’re unusually affectionate this morning,” The heir of Graymoore tilts his head at me, expression mirthful.

I roll my eyes and kiss the back of his neck. “Give me a couple of hours, you’ll see trigger-happy-Vanessa soon.”

“Mmm, maybe I should try to delay that,” He bents down and scoops me to his arms, laying me bridal style across his lap. Thomas supports my lower back with his forearm whilst the other held my legs comfortably to his side.


I shut my eyes and snuggled into his chest, letting out a sigh of contentment when his warmness only increased.

God, this feels amazing.

Thomas chuckles at my lack of response and clear childishness but did not make a move to stop me, instead, he refocuses on his work in front of him, going to pick up the discarded pen.

For a while, I let my consciousness hang in the air, occasionally slipping off to dreamland and back to reality every now and then.

The best part was, I was still in his arms. I’m so comfortable this should be illegal.

Inhaling softly, I catch a whiff of mint shampoo in his scent followed by a touch of coffee.

I’m suddenly craving that delectable drink.

Peeking one eye open, I stare at Thomas’s cup of coffee and debated if I should reach over, but that would only disrupt the heir of Graymoore’s concentration.

“Here,” He lifts the coffee cup and places it in my outstretched palms. “Finish it, if you want more, let me know.”

I raise an eyebrow but kept my questions to myself as I sip at the cold liquid, feeling the bittersweet taste run down the back of my throat.

He simply got back to work as though nothing had happened.

Thomas truly was an expert in multi-tasking, I wondered if anything could distract him.

Finishing the drink, I smack my lips and place the coffee cup on the desk. He slides the cup back to its position in the far spot.

“Aren’t I heavy?” I ask him after being unable to keep my mouth shut.

“Not really,” He hums out loud, holding a piece of document up to the light in front of him. His other hand is drawing circles on my exposed thigh. “I actually think you should eat more.”

“I’ll eat later,” Looping my fingers through his messy sandy blond hair, I tug at the strands in a mindless fashion, but he distracts me by grabbing my chin with his thumb and forefinger.

“Are you hurting anywhere?” His gaze is filled with concern. “I was rough last night.”

“I’m okay,” Pulling his hand off my face, I turn his palm over and kiss at the tips of his fingers. “No scratch that-” I blink coyly at him. “I’m not just okay, I’m feeling really, good.”

“Still,” He rests his mouth on top of my hair, voice muffled. I suspect he only did so, so I wouldn’t see the expression he conveyed. “No more extremities until you’ve recovered.”

There he goes again.

“That’s what you said in the bathtub last night, look where that got us,”

“As I remembered, you were the one that jumped me.”

“Does that mean if I jump you again, you won’t refuse?”

The heir of Graymoore seemed to find the documents in front of him, suddenly, very interesting.

How convenient.

Unwilling to let this go so easily, I slap at his chest, stifling a laugh. “You’re unbelievable, Moore.”

He has the nerve to look contrite.

The smile that spread across my lips seemed unshakable so I left it be and snuggled into his chest, letting time for once, take its course.

His arms around me are protective and welcoming. It feels like we were doing something normal for once, something that didn’t require thinking or planning, or anything life-threatening for that matter.

How often are we at peace like this and not biting each other’s heads off?

There was never a time we could simply let the world go by.

Moments like these were rare, so I was going to take every bit of it to my advantage.

So what if it was boring? I think I had enough excitement to last a lifetime.

“What are you thinking about?” Thomas questions out loud, the act meant to fill the silence between us than any actual intent.

My finger, which was tracing circles along the center of his shirt went higher. “Nothing,” I’d found the action incredibly productive apparently.

“Isn’t that wonderful, Moore? For once I’m not thinking of anything.” It wasn’t a lie either, which is why a mental high five is in order. “Wait a minute--I do have a question though,”

“What is it?” Thomas doesn’t pay attention to me having been too focused on the document before him, but I knew he was listening.

I took it as my cue to continue.

“You told me you were interested in becoming a doctor, how did that happen?”

Back when Chuck had stabbed a blade through me, Thomas had patched me up, and then there was the time when Travis drugged me too, the heir of Graymoore had ensured I recovered well to the best of his abilities.

All of those events required medical help.

He had done all that, and that’s what made it all the more confusing.

An heir to a billion-dollar conglomerate company didn’t necessarily need to study medicine.

So what was this?

My question must have probed Thomas a bit more than expected because he actually paused in his work, the pen in his hand going still.

“What do you mean?” He frowns, tilts his head, then looks down at me one eyebrow raised.

“Ah, it’s because you told me you wanted to become a doctor back at the bus stop,” I clarify, waving my hands around. “The question has been buzzing around my brain for a while now.”

Truth be told, a part of me also wanted to know more about him.

I wanted to know his interests, his hobbies, the things he does outside of the group when he’s not King but Thomas Moore himself.

Did he wake up one day and made a unanimous decision medicine was his talent?

“Hmm,” Thomas blinks blankly for half a minute, the gears in his dark orbs twisting and turning to formulate a response.

Was it difficult to answer? No, rather than that, did he know the answer at all?

“I think...” He inhales, then exhales, conflicted. “It was my mom.”


Did I accidentally stepped over a line?

One peek at the heir of Graymoore and I realize my concerns were unwarranted.

Thomas doesn’t look mad or sad, he was neutral.

He’d open up about his mom last night, and I thought that was a one-time thing, so I didn’t expect him to bring it up again.

Still, the curious side of me couldn’t help but ask. “You wanted to become a doctor for your Mom?”

“She was, a doctor,” He tucks his nose on top of my hair and inhales deeply, his breath tickling my neck. “I guess you could say she inspired me.”


Admittingly, after last night’s conversation, the urge to figure out what type of person his mother was, only increased within me.

That, and the tattered picture I picked up by the shelves the night before. The one where a much younger Thomas Moore and a woman, stood side by side each other.

It kind of makes you wonder how on earth did Harrison Moore snatch that lady in the first place, she seemed to be an accomplished woman.

Then again, love comes in all forms.

“You know, I bet she had a rough time raising you,” I joke, giving him a sly grin. “How stubborn were you as a child?”

The heir of Graymoore scoffed, but a light smile remained on his face. “If you think I was stubborn she was twice as worse.”

“Well, I guess we know where you got it from.”

“Look at yourself in the mirror, Ginger,”

“I know,” Smiling innocently, I patted at his cheek in apology. “It’s one of my many talents.”

“I wished it wasn’t.” Thomas rolls his eyes and because the atmosphere in the air is so light and golden, I know he’s feeling the comforting glow between us despite the earlier complaint.

Tapping his collarbone, I continued to prob. “What type of person was she?”

“Well...” He furrows his brow for a minute, a faraway cast falling over his features. “She was kind, accomplished, she’d tell you she was organized, but that was a particular habit she wasn’t an expert at.”

Nostalgia is evident, in his tone and face.

He described her with a type of tenderness you can’t put to words, much less explain it.

I wondered how long had it been for him.

The heir of Graymoore had to defend himself against his father during her absence and I knew that it didn’t end well on numerous occasions.

“You miss her, don’t you?” I tread carefully, wondering if the subject would be particularly sensitive.

Thomas surprises me by dropping the pen he held and ruffling the strands of my hair. “Don’t worry about it,”

“Hey!” I swatted at his forearm, annoyed he messed up my already messy hair. “Excuse me, for trying to be careful-”

“My memory of her is fuzzy,” He interrupts, going to caress the sides of my hair and blowing away the strands that hinder my vision. Funny thing, too, since he was the one that made the mess in the first place. “But, I’d like to think I do.”

No wonder it took him a while to answer my questions, he barely remembered what she looked like.

When he was abused by his Dad, did he ever wished for his Mom to protect him?

I knew I wished my Dad could come back to life when Veronica was beating the hell out of me. It was the only thing I could think of and just remembering it alone, made that familiar dull ache appear in my heart.

It’ll always hurt... but that doesn’t mean it won’t heal with time.

It’s the same with him.

Lifting my arms, I wrap them around his neck and hugged him close.

Thomas goes stock still, his hands hovering by my back.

“What’s this?” He mutters, bemused.

“I’m comforting you,” I explain.

He hadn’t expected that because all of a sudden, a laugh is suddenly spilling from his lips. The sound is rich and deep.

It sounds like home. He should laugh more.

“Consider me comforted then,” His hands feel warm and firm against my back. “You don’t have to worry Ginger, it was a long time ago.”

“Still,” I release my hold on his neck just enough, that I can look up at his adoring expression. “I have to thank her... if it wasn’t for her, you wouldn’t be here with me right now.”

No matter how briefly it had been that she raised him, part of who she was made Thomas who he is today.

My light in the dark.

He’s taught me so many things, things I would have never dreamed of learning, things I would have never expected, to do.

Three years ago I would have bitch slapped anyone who dared point out my problems, now I actually give them a couple of minutes to run before going after them-okay, but in all seriousness, I have grown, matured, and although I’m not perfect, I want to try.

I wanted to try.

For me, for him, for everyone.

It’s precisely that reason... that I’m grateful.

However, I think it’s only fair I hold a slight grudge against my past.

“Both our childhoods ended abruptly. I don’t know if that says something.” I huff, annoyed by that particular fact.

That’s not ever gonna happen, not on my watch and not in my future.

“Well then, it’s decided-” Slapping both hands on his shoulders, he flinches in alarm as I gaze deep into his eyes and give him the more serious look I’ve ever given anyone.

“Let’s break the cycle, Moore.”

He raises both eyebrows. “You’re saying it like you want kids right now.”

“That doesn’t sound like a bad idea actually, I can prove my point.”

“Okay, let’s just-” The heir of Graymoore grasps my wrists and tucks them onto my chest before pivoting my body forward, so my back is against him and I’m straddling his lap.

What the-

Tilting my head at the desk in front of me, I blink, confused. “Are you shy...?”


And then his voice came through, quiet.


Oh now, this I have to see- Turning, I try to see his face but a hand is abruptly over my eyes, covering my vision from seeing anything else.

Despite myself, I smile a shit-eating grin. “Well, well...” Through the cracks of his fingers, I spot the tip of his ears. “Is the great Thomas Moore, blushing?”

“You can’t see, how do you know if I’m blushing?”

“Your ears are red.”

“Damn it.”

An image of a bird ruffling its feathers at me came to mind and I promptly burst out laughing.

It’s a wonder he is who he is today, but that didn’t matter because I knew one important thing.

Thomas Moore was raised by an accomplished woman.

That, and whatever may come in the future, whatever problems, whatever events, whatever unforeseeable issue that will arise in the far distance, whether things will go bad or good, it wouldn’t matter. Because I’ll fight back regardless.

I’ll fight back.

Only this time.

I fight back to stay.

“You know-” Swiping away fallen tears, I start to cough, practically choking on my own amusement. “I didn’t think it was possible for you to get embarrassed.”

With the topic of kids too.

“You’ve been making fun of me a lot lately Ginger,”

“Well that’s what happens when you’re too goddamn-” Squealing, I flail from his arms in an attempt to escape, but they’re quick in caging me in, locking my limbs to my sides like a chain. “Hey!”

“Keep going and I’ll make sure we have a kid right now.” There’s laughter in his otherwise ‘threatening’ tone.

“Oh come on-” I try to loosen his grip by twisting and turning, wriggling and worming. It proved far from successful because I only managed to get an arm free and at that point, I’ve exhausted myself.

This isn’t fair.

Turning my head, I view him from an angle.

He has the audacity to look innocent. “What is it?”

“You know what.”

“No, actually, I don’t.”

Huffing, I drop my free arm and laid slack against his pinned grip because it was clearly the better alternative than to continue trying to get out.

“Giving up already?” Thomas hums silkily, almost teasing. “That’s not quite like you.”

His arms squeeze and I hitch in a breath, feeling my sensitive chest as it brushes against the coarse material of the shirt.

I’m suddenly hyperaware of the marks left behind from last night’s activities and try to ignore them.

Oh no.

Is the feeling growing in the pit of my stomach from the lack of air or something else?

Coughing, I break eye contact and try to sound pitiful. “You know I’m the injured person here, you’re currently taking advantage of me-”

“An injured person wouldn’t have pounced on me last night.”

“...goddamnit,” Okay, I get it, last night is on me. “Would it kill you to let me win, for once?”

“Now if I did that, you wouldn’t learn your lesson at all.” He nods emphatically as though it’s genuine and not at all sarcastic.

I quickly pointed it out. “You’re so full of shit, Thomas.”

“Well, you’re one too, so let’s both be two pieces of shit together.”

“Not the most romantic idiom--I swear if you don’t let me go right now-”

More struggling, more twisting, more incessant movement with no goal in sight.

Should I just resign to my fate because there is absolutely no ending to this conversation?

I’m still stuck, he’s not letting go, now what?

“Alright, I surrender,” From this position, I can see sunlight casting itself over the desk, our shadows blocking most of the pens and documents, scattered along with the hardwood table. “What do you want?”

“I never said I wanted anything.” Thomas shifted his grip, somehow managing to hold me down without actually hurting my injuries.

The corner of my eye twitched.

Is he kidding me?

How can he be oblivious to my frustration?

It only infuriated me even further because clearly, he doesn’t realize a girl can only last for so long in her lover’s arms before she starts to feel a bit, uncomfortable.

“So, you’re just... going to hold me like this...?”

“Yes,” Thomas nods, pauses, then when his brows furrow in clear suspicion, I cursed. “Why? Were you expecting something?”

My wandering eyes suddenly seem to look everywhere else but him. “No...?”


I catch the bullshit even before the word left my mouth.

Thomas leans his weight against my back and curve in his shoulders. “You’re a terrible liar,”

“Not true-”

His forearms hike upwards and graze my breasts.

My whole body jolted.

Oh no.

The silence that spreads only made my horror worse. I’m a hundred percent sure he did.

"Oh...” His whisper is sinfully dark.

I swallow, hard. “Thomas, don’t you dare-”

“Are you sensitive here?” He slides up my abdomen with clasp hands and cups the edges of my breasts.

Oh fuck-

Both thumbs flick out to roll against my skin and I clenched my fists, feeling my nipples grow hard.

“Quit it,” I hiss, struggling really hard to remain as still as possible through his loving assault.

Hmm...” Thomas ignores my words and massages me through the thin shirt, moving in motions that border between pleasure and pain. He leans down, mouth on my ear. "I don’t think so,”

My heart skipped a beat.

His hands are warm, his touch is heavenly, I’m growing wetter and wetter.

It’s slow and torturous and unbelievably good- but when he abruptly squeezes, applying pleasure, I fall back against his shoulder, shaking.

“Feeling good?”

I don’t respond.

My arousal hits me like molten heat and the slick gathering in between my legs feels messy, warm, inviting.

He’s nuzzling into the sides of my hair, hot breath heating the back of my neck all the while as his hands explore.

It’s tormenting.

My toes are curling inwards from the growing sensation and when I think he might take it a step further, might give me what I’m craving for--his hands are gone just as quickly as he’d first put them on me.

“What the fu-” The pang of frustration that strikes me right in the abdomen is unbearable.

Thomas is not laughing at me but I can feel his urge to laugh. “No extreme activities, Ginger.”

His hands have descended back down to my waist where he clasps them together. There he remained, unmoving. I would have preferred it if he’d gone lower.

“You enjoy tormenting me don’t you?” I grit my teeth, hearing the grind.

“I think you mistake torture for concern,” He muses back. “Weren’t you the one telling me to; quit it?”


“Alright, let go-” Wiggling, I maneuver my body around, hands reaching out to grasp at anything within reach.

Anything to stab this asshat with.

“Let go of me, right this second.”

“You know,” Thomas doesn’t appear worried, especially when my attempts fail. “I think I know how to restrain you now.”

I’ve given up on grabbing a pen so now I’m reaching over his head to pull the back of his hair. He flinches, alarmed. “Ah, ah, easy on the hair, Ginger-”

“Let go of me, first.” As long as he had me ensnared, I’d continue being a pain in the ass.

He shakes his head. “Nope,”

“I’ll pull your hair out.”

“I’ll put you over the desk,” The words come out easily, as though he was simply talking about the weather and not man-handling me. He dips his mouth to my ear and kisses the skin beneath. “Want to see who’s faster?”



Fuck it.

Grasping the strands of his sandy blond hair, I tug it so hard Thomas reared backward with a grunt, forcing the chair to slide us out of the desk.

He releases my abdomen-finally-only to snatch at my wrist. “Okay, very funny, now let go.”


“Ginger,” He shakes the hold I have over his hair. I’m not budging. Over my dead body.


The tides were turned now, what’s he going to do?

It’s clear he’s uncomfortable, especially when I tighten my hold.

“Hurts doesn’t it?” I nod sarcastically, purposely egging him on. “Try being teased, caged, and then-” I was too preoccupied being passionate about my momentary victory that my fingers move on their own accord.

A growl erupts from the heir of Graymoore himself, sounding awfully like pain.

I couldn’t be sure, because suddenly, I find my fingers pulling at nothing but a couple of loose hair strands.

Oh, I’ve pulled his hair out.

Wait... I pulled his hair out.

Thomas’s blue-green eyes sharpen, turning mildly threatening.


One word.

“Ha ha...” Smiling sheepishly, I calmly tucked the pulled hair back on his head as though it would reattach and attempted to turn over on his lap.

Time to go-

In a move I can only describe as a predator snatching at their prey, he grabs my hips and hoists me off his lap. I muffled a squealed and quickly grabbed hold of his shoulders in fear of being dropped.

“Wait, Thomas-”

He plops me down on top of the desk and I fall to my back as I lose my balance.

Documents and papers went flying off their position, a couple of pens clattered to the floor and the chair that was once behind us, is suddenly a couple of meters across the room.

Swiftly, I’m scrambling on my elbows but Thomas is faster. In one synchronized move, he grabs hold of my ankles and pries them apart.

His fingers dig into my thighs, into the familiar spots his hands had marked the night before. He pulls me towards him, forcing my spine to arch into a sitting position.

My lower body is abruptly up against his, and the feeling of the cotton from his sweats rubbing against my cunt, made my vision waver.

Oh fuck.

Desire sears my skin.

Pleasure so sharp and intense I could have drooled.

Flickering my eyes shut, I try to steady my breathing, finding it difficult to do so, especially when he’s so close and all I want to do is get fucked until I lose my voice.

“What’s wrong?” He purrs, fingertips sliding beneath my shirt, ghosting imprints of delightful promises. “You were so feisty earlier.”

My legs, spread on either side of his hips, are trembling. His face is somewhere above my head and I know if I look up now, he’d trap me.

As if I wasn’t trapped already.

“Ah, I forgot how docile you are when I touch you,” Thomas sounded amused, and I cursed internally well aware of the power he held over my body. “Then again, I think that’s your weakness, Ginger...”

Memories of last night only inflamed my skin even further.

I don’t know whether to hate him or love him.

“You’re so strong-headed when you’re Red Devil but behind close doors, in my bed, in my arms, beneath my touch-” With one hand he slides up to my abdomen and grazes my naked breast. “-you melt.

I start to arch into it, but he pulls away. The frustration forced my eyes open, but I keep them down, not wanting to submit.

“You’re not even going to look at me?” Thomas who knows what I’m doing merely chuckles. “If you look at me, I’ll give you what you want.”

“You don’t know what I want,” I quip, my voice an octave lower than usual.

I’m aching.

Deep pulsing heat is enamoring my vision,

“It’s not difficult to make a guess, but since you insist,” He hums darkly and because I knew Thomas Moore like the back of my hand, I also knew he was seconds from devouring me whole.

All it takes is one wrong move, one wrong word.

I’d be spread eagle on the desk.

“You want my mouth on you,” His gaze sears every nerve ending in my body. “The question here... is where exactly do you want it?”

I make the mistake of looking directly up at him.

Oh... shit.

There’s a crackling ember burning in his gaze.

An ember that can very easily blaze into an inferno.

The tension forming in the air is absolute, the heat spinning between us is unstoppable. There’s a risk of being consumed by it and I’m anticipating the drop.

“All you have to do is ask...” He grasps the edge of his shirt, and in one move, pulls it above his head. “I’ll deliver it to you nicely.”

Oh god.

His upper body is all I can see, his naked skin, the little scars that linger in places I’ve touched.

Everything about him.

I’m drawn to him like a moth to a flame, my hands moving according to his will as I reach up to touch that beautiful skin.

“How can you be so perfect?” I mumble mournfully, but before I can make contact, he stops my actions, fingers snatching my wrists together.

“So she speaks,” His broad shoulders and chest stand out the most under the sun. It lit the outline of his figure, haloing out those defined muscles.

He takes the shirt and twists the material together, binding my arms in effortless fashion. “I was wondering where that mouth went.”

Thomas shifts his footing, one side of his joggers dipping lower to reveal the curve of his thigh. He tightens the bind, and I flinch, feeling goosebumps rise on my skin.


His smirk is dark and relentless, I have to hold my breath as he gently pushes me to my back, so I’m sprawl on the desk and completely vulnerable.

A mix of intrigue and fear is propelling up my throat.

I can’t see anything but the ceiling above me and the twinkling chandelier. My rib cage pushes in and out, breathless despite having not done anything yet.

This is unnerving.

I can’t see him nor touch him, I’m completely defenseless and there’s a sick part of me that wants to be.

“I want to touch you,” My mouth moves on its own, expressing their need.

“Do you now?” Thomas resettles himself between my legs, long fingers sliding up my thighs, my shirt, pulling it all the way up my shoulders and over my elbows.

“What are...?”

He slides the shirt parallel to my eyes, blocking my eyesight.

“Thomas what are you-” Pulling against the binds, I try to move.

"Shh,” His large hand holds my belly down, and his lips, kiss at the top of my chest, mouth lingering. “I won’t do anything you don’t want.”

I can hear how loud my heart is beating, yet the heady mix of fear and anticipation is clouding my senses. I’m exposed and I can’t see what’s happening.

The makeshift blindfold is not opaque, I can barely make out the outline of his head.

He’s not doing anything.

His presence remains in between my legs and although I can’t tell what he’s up to, I have a strange feeling that he’s not doing anything on purpose.

What was this?

What was he doing?

It’s like he wants me to wait.

He wants me to squirm.

I’m tied up, blind, unable to move nor see, only feel.

I realize it’s exactly what he wants.

“Thomas,” I hear the lull my tone, the wry desperation of need. My chest rises and falls rapidly. “Why are you-ah!

His mouth closes in on my exposed nipple, and I squeeze my eyes shut, feeling the sensation shoot straight down below.

It’s warm, his tongue is so warm.

I hold in shuddering gasps when he circles around my nipple and gently sucks, leaving trails of saliva and heat. It’s intense, it’s blinding, it makes my belly curl in on itself.

“T-Too fast-” I manage to gasp out. “Slower-

“Your body is saying otherwise,” Thomas laps at my chest, tongue moistening the tip, drawing intense friction from the bottom of my stomach.

My hands wretch at nothing as the binds keep me still.

I try to lift my arms to hug his neck but he’s quick to stop me, one hand placed firmly in between the binds, locking them down on the desk with a harsh tug.

I groan, squirming in my placement, feeling my spread thighs squeeze his hips.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He berates ominously, hot mouth on my ear as his free hand rolls around my right nipple. “Be a good girl and stay still.”

My insides pulsed.

The need to be destroyed inside and out is tearing my control apart.

I clench my fists so tightly, I swear I draw blood.

His thumb and forefinger slide against my skin once more, finding my hard nipple. He tweaks the skin, pulling and tugging.

I gasp, mouth wide, utterly breathless.

Thomas does it again.

Pinch, pull, tug--

“Oh fucck,” My thighs are shaking as I draw our sexes together. “Hah...

Arching my back, my bonded wrists kept me in place when his teeth bite into my overstimulated breasts. It hurts, but it’s a good kind of hurt.

It’s the type of hurt you can’t help but get addicted to.

It’s the type of hurt that can transcend you to another dimension.

It’s the type of hurt I crave for.

“You’re responding so well,” He hums appreciatively, wonder filling that deep voice of his. Thomas kisses down the center of my chest, peppering the skin, circling my belly before reaching the apex of my thighs.

I hitch in a breath, expecting him to give me what I so earnestly wished for, but he doesn’t do it, instead, he lets go of my arms and grabs my knees, spreading me further.

I’m not wearing underwear, my cunt is exposed and from the molten feeling bubbling in my stomach, I’m positively dripping.

His fingers stroke the outside of my thighs, slow and sensual. “Keep your hands still, if you move, you won’t get what you want.”

My brain fought to remember his orders, much too clouded from the sparkling sensations ghosting across every surface of skin.

“Ah!” A yelp erupts from my mouth, having felt a sharp sting on my right thigh. Did he just spank me?

Did you hear what I said?” His words are absolute, his demands are clear; I answer or suffer the consequences.

"Yes,” The pleasure coursing in my cunt is painful. I needed relief. “Yes, I understand-”

“Yes, what?” His nails dig into my skin and I tremble, whimpering, all sense of control thrown out the window.

“Yes, sir," My head is swirling, my mind cannot comprehend it.

His shoulders push into my thighs, arms curling around the front of my legs so he had me secured against him. “Good girl,”

The praise rings in the air between us before his mouth closes it on the top of my clit.

I flinch, arms instinctively jerking upwards.

He pulls away at that, leaving my cunt aching for his touch. “It seems you weren’t listening.”

No. No.

I have to hold back a scream because I’m just so strung up and frustrated nothing else matters. “Please touch me,” The words are said through desperation.

“Why should I?” He’s so close, I can feel his breath against my pussy. “It doesn’t look like you want it.”

I want it. I want it so bad.

“I do, I do want it,”

“Then beg,” Thomas kisses my inner thigh and sucks harshly, making me moan. “I want to hear you beg.

Swallowing hard, I formulate the next few words, hoping they’d made sense. “Sir, I’m sorry, I promise I won’t move, I swear I’ll be good-”

Another kiss, this time on my other thigh, his teeth grazes the skin and bites. I cry out, tears in my eyes, the blindfold blocking all view.

“Please! I’ll be good! I won’t move, I promise!”

“Since you asked so nicely,” He snickers. “I’ll give you what you want.”

His mouth descends down on my clit and I’m lost, reduced to a moaning writhing mess. He’s delicate with his tongue, rolling the bud with gentle licks and swirls of saliva. I struggle really hard to keep my arms down as my hips jerk towards him, bucking for friction.

The blindfold is getting wet with sweat, and the back of my knees are squeezing his shoulders to my thighs. Air seemed thin between us but I know it’s just my imagination.

I’m getting blinded with passion.

Thomas licks a long strip across my slit, and I bite my lip, hard, feeling the pleasure explode like sparks.

I missed this, I missed this so much.

How long had it been?

How long since I had his face buried in my cunt like this?

He knew all the places to touch, all the places that make me putty in his arms. My body is his instrument and his fingers only generate strings of melodies that leave my lips.

I almost jerked away when his tongue probed at my entrance. He laps the liquid that’s begun to gather and in one move, pushes his warm tongue into my wet heat.

“Oh my god!”

I’m losing it, hips bucking out of control, belly rolling in movements to his tongue as he thrust in and out.

“Mm-ah! Fuck, fuck, fuccck--

He’s tongue fucking me.

It’s good. It’s so good.

I’m already hot, but the fact that he’s doing this skyrockets the levels to thermo-nuclear.

I can feel it.

The beginnings of my orgasm, approaching quickly with each thrust of his tongue and each roll of his fingers that massage the outside of my folds.

I don’t know if it’s because everything is happening too quickly but I find myself slumping as the pleasure spikes and I’m seconds from releasing.

My arms have grown weak from having to hold them there, I’m certain if the blindfold is off, my vision would be glazed.

I can’t take it.

“Sir, please-” A bead of sweat roll down my spine. My shaky legs trembled to the point of no return. I’m close, I’m so close, but I can’t reach it.

Thomas pulls away and replaces his tongue with his fingers. Two digits entered my cunt, stretching my heat in scissoring motions. “What is it?”

“I can’t....” The blindfold is sliding off, he pulls it up, finally letting my eyes free.

It only takes a moment for my eyes to adjust to the new scene, but it doesn’t matter, because all I see is Thomas.

“Can’t what?” Thomas is on top of me, one hand on the desk whilst the other plays with my pussy. “Is my tongue and fingers not enough for you?”

His lips are wet, moist with my slick, he licks the top of his mouth and smiles down at me.

I clench, down there and in my teeth up here.

He raises an eyebrow and rotating his palm upwards, he strokes the inside of my walls with the pad of his fingers. “I wonder...”

My eyes widen, my mouth opens, he watches me, fascinated.

I feel it.

A sharp prick, a prick that sends bolts of electricity down my spine and the back of my thighs. My eyes watered, drool leaked from the edge of my mouth.

“So this is where you like it,” Thomas applies pressure, and then slides inwards, sponging the sensitive tissue with his touch and I lose it, crying out, practically sobbing. “How adorable--

His hand pushes the strands of my hairs aside, fingers cupping my chin so he could stare deeply into my mistful eyes. “I could watch you lose it for hours...”


No. I won’t be able to handle it. I’ll die.

When his fingers massage that same area inside me again, I tighten and let out an anguished moan.


“Does it feel that good?” He hovers above me, lips kissing the edge of my mouth, not once allowing our lips to touch. It’s like he wants to hear me pant, he wants to hear me moan and shake because there’s nothing else he’d love more.

“Come on baby, use that mouth of yours, let me hear what I’m doing to you,”

“G-Good-” Lights flash through my eyes, his fingers uncurl inside me and slide through my wet heat. “So good--you make me feel so good-”

“Good huh?” He chuckles, pulling his fingers out just slightly before the entrance of my core. “Are you going to cum?”

His thumb rubs at my bundle of nerves, at my clit, at the pressure point that makes me lose touch with reality.

Fuck, I want to cum, I want to cum but it’s not enough. I’m stuck in between the precipice of pleasure and release. I can’t let go, I’m lingering on the edge, clutching for dear life, waiting for the inevitable push that will make me see the stars and heaven.

I can’t do it anymore.

My hands, bounded, ultimately disobeyed his orders.

Reaching up, my fingers weakly grasp hold of his left bicep. I stare up at him, uncaring if I look like a mess. “P-Please-

His blue-green eyes are usually bright, but they’re dark now, darker than they’ve ever been. The air between us pulses, wretches, and tugs.


He traces the hand on my chin and places it in my mouth, tugging it to the side. “It seems like you need more,” The hand over my pussy slides out filled with slick. “How can I say no?” He drags it up to my abdomen, using the liquid to wet my body. “When you’re pleading so sweetly-”

Grabbing my bounded hands from his bicep, he holds it in front of him and with the other, slides the hem of his sweats off his hips and down to the floor.

His cock is fully erected, standing tall--and I’m eager, I’m more than eager, I want to be filled.

Pulling my thigh around his waist, he guides his cock into my aching cunt, sliding the head up and down my slit. I’m throbbing, burning, buzzing.

A shiver ran down my body and Thomas is quick, quicker than I’ve ever seen him. He inches himself slowly into my cunt, stretching my walls with his big girth.

He was inside me last night yet I’m feeling him enter me as though it’s the first time.

My mouth opens, my eyes go wide, my hands that are caged within his grip go slack as I feel that overwhelming pressure, that building precipice, explode in my belly and I crash hard into the fogging world of pleasure.

“Ahh--” Whimpers is all I can manage, as my head falls into his shoulder and I stay there, waist tightening and cunt clenching down for dear life.

Thomas hisses, his curse laced with nothing but pure bliss.

I’m shuddering into his hold, my hands falling to my lap as his arms encircle my figure, holding me still.

Fuck,” He grunts, steadying his breath, chest rising up and down. “Did you just cum?”

Yes, no, my head shakes side to side and up and down. I don’t know.

“Fuck.” Thomas lowers his hands down to my bottom and cups me there, spreading my ass so he had more space to work with. He leads us down against the desk and shifts his footing. “We’re not done yet-”

I feel his first thrust hit my cervix so clearly and cried out.

“God, Thomas!”

“You can take it,” He mumbles, lowering my other thigh so he could penetrate me at an angle. My muscles coil in, my insides, curl as his length goes in and out, stretching my walls to fit his size. “I know you can cum again.”

I’m too sensitive. The after-effects of my earlier orgasm have reduced me to nothing but a writing mess.

His cock throbs inside my pussy, hitting me at that same spot, over and over again to the point that I’m hugging him so tightly I fear, he is unable to breathe.

“Fuck you’re so wet and hot inside--” Thomas mumbles through gritted teeth, his hips pistoning into the flesh of my ass, eliciting slaps of wet skin. “My dick feels like it’s melting.”

The sounds are erotic and so very loud.

A brief thought crosses into mind that we may not be alone in this mansion but it’s promptly gone when his lips find my own and our tongues intertwine.

He kisses me viciously, tongue curling around my mouth, seeking refuge. I try to keep up, my lips interlocking with his, my fingers still bounded reach over his neck, to run down his hair.

Thomas slams into me once, jolting the whole table.

"Mmft!" I break away, breathless, but he’s on me, his mouth not letting me leave much less breathe.

He thrusts again, and I fall to my back, bringing him with me, as documents fell from their placements and he’s fucking me hard into the desk.

Each time he slams into me, each time he jolts my body hard against him, my whimpers sounds garbled mess through our conjoined lips.

Thrust. “Mmft-” Thrust. “Mmmft!” Thrust.

I can’t breathe.

I have to rip my mouth away because the lack of air nearly made me pass out. Thomas lowers his head to my neck and sucks across the skin like a madman.

My orgasm rises from the depths of my core and I feel it boil at my insides, my walls at my absolutely dripping pussy.

I’m going to cum again.

Thomas straightens up and drags my leg up to his shoulder, hooking it over. His cock slides through my aching heat so easily and I moan, my wrists chafing against the binds.

In this position, his length curves into me upwards, sliding against that spongy area that makes me scream.


Stars filled my vision, heaven feels like a step away.

“You’re squeezing me so hard,” He huffs through his harsh thrusts, hips moving at rapid pace. “Are you going to cum?”

I can’t answer him, I’m so lost to it, to him, to the pleasure and bliss that’s seconds from breaking me apart.

His fingers journey down and I barely have time to react before he’s rubbing my clit in cursive patterns. I’m so sensitive, I yelp and try to stop him, my hands halting over the top of his wrist.

“T-Thomas, no please-”

“But your body is sucking me in, are you sure you want me to stop?” He purrs like velvet and hot tongue.

I whimper, shaking my head, feeling the tears track down my face.

“That’s right baby,” Thomas hums with delight, satisfied with my response. “Just feel it.”

The pressure on my clit increases, his hips piston into me, his cock hitting my womb so painfully that I have to spread my legs and take all he can give because there’s nothing else I can do but receive.

Oh no, no-fuck, I’m going to come apart.

The noises that escape me don’t sound human, and Thomas who is fucking me hard is starting to lose it too.

“Fuck, how can you feel so perfect...?” He grinds his teeth together and unlocks his jaw to gasp. “It’s like this cunt was made for me.”

“C-Cum,” I’m gasping, heart, beating out of control. “I’m going to cum, Thomas!”

“You want to cum?” His expression twists, mixed between pleasure and vindication. He slams into me so hard that I scream, voice raw. “You going to cum on this cock?”

“I’m cumming!” The lights are coming together, the sun is fading into a brilliant glow. I feel my back arch, my hips stutter, my cunt pulse into a death grip.

“Go on,” His dark voice sweeps into my ear. “Cum on this fucking cock.”

The fire in my belly blazes into an inferno, burning everything away in a span of seconds. I cum, hard, squeezing down on his cock like my life depended on it. Slick drenched between our conjoined limbs and Thomas shudders, puffing out an airless string of air.

His fingers bruise my thighs, his nails are almost painful, he fucks me through my orgasm, chasing after his own, losing his complete grip on reality.

He moans, loud, the sound echoes across the room and I whimper, feeling it deep in my belly, like a calling.

For the first time in my life, I experience a double orgasm because the shockwave of pleasure that envelope me whole completely paralyzes my senses.

“Oh my god!” I throw my legs around his waist and squeeze him into me, not leaving an inch of leeway for him to move any further.

That seemed to have done it because Thomas cracks his head back and groans, eyes rolling back.

“Shiiittt--” He shudders, hips stuttering, cock pulsing. Jets of his warm cum filled me up, the liquid as thick as cream. It coats the entirety of my walls, heating my insides so languidly. “Fuck, me...”

His voice is hoarse. “You’ve taken me in so well, do you like being filled up with my cum?”

T-Thomas,” My tongue feels dry, riddled out from screaming so much. “It feels good... it feels so good.

He thrusts slowly through our orgasms, mixing our liquids together as they leak out from my cunt and drip down to the floor.

I let him empty his release inside me, felt his lips work their way up my neck, kissing a pathway that’s so gentle and loving, I feel a tired smile appear on my lips.

Our loud breathing mingles in the air between us, the sound is so loud in this otherwise big room.

He pulls away to look into my eyes, his blue-green eyes filling with so much comfort that I reach up to his face, the tips of my fingers tugging on the edge of his lips.

“I lo-”

There was a loud scuffle outside the door, followed by distant barking.

The bubble shatters.


Both Thomas and I turned to attention towards the bedroom door, our bodies frozen in place. Whether it was because we just didn’t want to leave each other’s warmth or something else, I didn’t know but we didn’t move, not even as the voices drew closer.

“Where is he?”

A loud voice called out from outside, their footsteps approaching quickly and fast.

My eyes widen around the same time the doorknob unlocks itself and Thomas curses.

“Shit.” His hands grab at my back, pulling me to his chest so my face is blocked.

I go stiff in his grip, knowing that there is a person standing by the opened door, looking at us with accusatory eyes.

We're naked and in full view.

Yet it doesn't deter the heir of Graymoore.

“How the fuck did you unlock my door?” Thomas brandishes a tone I am familiar with. It’s the tone he’d use on outsiders, people that had nothing to do with him.

“Your father gave me a key,” The person steps into the room, the key jingling as their footsteps padded in our direction, loud and determined. “He said you like to lock yourself up in your room apparently.”

Soothing yet accented, commanding but clear. Sarcastic but haughty.

It’s a female voice.

I start to turn my head, well aware my naked back is in full view.

The woman that stands there, at the center of the room, dons beautiful jewelry and rings. Her hair is black and long, braided against the side.

She’s wearing a deep green suit that contrasts beautifully against her dark skin. Her eyes are dark, her lips are pursed, her eyeliner is fucking perfect.

She’s also folding her arms over her chest and staring at us with a gaze that meant she knew exactly what happened between us.

“So you’re her.”

I realize she was addressing me.

“The woman, he can’t seem to forget-” She steps closer towards the desk and Thomas tightened his hold on my arms a clear action that is meant to ward this woman away.

“Don’t even think about it.” Thomas growls.

The atmosphere between us is growing unsteady, the once comforting glow has all but disappeared.

He was a force to be reckoned with, yet this woman did not look at him with fear, she looked at him with disapproval.

“Well,” She ignores Thomas and refocuses on me.“At least you did your duties well, he’s not as irritable to hold a conversation with. He would’ve snapped at me before.”


The beautiful woman lifted her purse from her side and dug around for something before she eventually found it.

“You’ll need these,” It’s a medicine packet housing dozens of small yellow and white pills.

I resisted the urge to drop my jaw.

After pills.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?” Thomas snarls with an anger that startles even me.

“I am exactly who I am, Mr Moore.” She retorts back with an air of regality. “Did you forget?”

Just like that.

I knew.

I know this girl.

I’ve seen her before.

On television.

Ziarah Ndiaye.

His future wife.

The Princess.

“I’m your fiancée,” Her dark eyes claim over my own, and despite her controlled appearance, I see her disgust at me, as clear as I feel Thomas’s rage.

“I’d appreciate it if you took these.” Her smiling pearly whites seemed sharpened even as she held the pill out.

I feel her hatred, her disgust, her sense of morals that I am nothing more but a common whore and not worth her time.

Our gazes locked.

Her dark eyes to mine.

“It’s not worth the media if you had a child.” She iterates slowly as though speaking to a child itself.

Her gaze scans me, up and down, like I'm an insect to be dissected.

“You understand... don’t you?

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Thank you so much for being patient, I'll have you know, these past few months have been a total whirlpool for me, you don't understand T^T
But the chapters are finally out and I hope you guys love it ;)
I'm especially proud of these few chapters cause *coughcough* isn't it obvious?
Lemme know what you guys think <3

~With love, Aurelia
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