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Beauty, Seduction, Love and Power. All embodied in one person, Cassie.

Romance / Humor
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As she struggled with the hand cuffs, the door creaked open and a beam of light shined inside. She smiled a bit, smelling the food on the tray. Probably, sandwiches.

Deep down, she prayed it wasn't that witch, she had been here for three days and for those three days, she cursed the fact that she let her guard down.

She probably wouldn't have been kidnapped if Tristan wasn't grabbed. They had fought neck to neck with the criminals until, Tristan was hit on the head. She lost focus and they were kidnapped. The only thing that bothered her the most was that not all of them were kidnapped. It was like they knew them, a selection and she couldn't help but wonder why.

She didn't have money, she was as broke as anything in the world. She wondered if she was to be sold into prostitution, but would the guys that were kidnapped be used as prostitutes too? She balled her fists thinking back on how they were kidnapped.

It was a very lovely afternoon, she was training her club members, discreetly sparing glances at Tristan, who was part of the karate team, when they were all ambushed.

She had successfully managed to gain some control of the situation, until Tristan was hit at the back of his head, she lost control and so did the entire team, making them vulnerable.

They weren't all kidnapped, just a few of them. She couldn't say a number because she had passed out. Were the rest of her teammates okay? If so, why didn't they call for help? They should be looking for them now? She sighed. She couldn't even do anything about it, she's been stuck here all along.

So here she was, devastated but most especially famished. She knew she had been here for three days, at least, the wicked woman had brought food to her place two times, upon seeing her she walked out, leaving her hungry and pissed.

She saw the silhouette of the woman walk towards where she already knew the lights were. She hid her face, maybe the woman would let her eat this time around.

"Eat up. You'll be moved to the rest of your mates, no funny business." The woman spat as she dropped the tray of sandwich in front of her. Her right hand wasn't cuffed, not like she knew how to uncuff herself. However, she wished she had learnt how too.

She smiled when the blissful smell of sandwiches filled her nose. For a hell hole like this, they do make lovely meal. Hurriedly, she grabbed one and raised it to her lips. It was the wrongest move. She should have waited for the woman to leave first.

She knew from the look the woman gave her, she had fucked up. The woman snatched the sandwich from her hand. She struggled desperately for the tray but the woman won. She whimpered.

There, went her hope.

"I'm hungry." She whined and the woman glared at her.

"Please." She added in her very innocent, soft voice. The woman scoffed.

"Why haven't you been giving me food? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wrong you." She said as she pouted her plump pink lips. If it were a man, he would have been on his knees right now, overwhelmed by her innocence.

Heck, a straight woman can go bi for her. However, this woman in front of her was rather fueled by jealousy. Eyeing her fron head to toe, she hissed.

"What?" She whined in her soft tone as she fluttered her lashes. She had been trained well, she knew a battle was useless, she had to resort to other tricks. Luckily for her, she was blessed with a deadly face. She was drop dead gorgeous.

"Eat your beauty." The woman spat as she turned. Haha! So that was the woman's problem. The fact that she was beautiful. She scoffed. What an idiot?

"At least I'm beautiful!" She spat and the woman froze at the change of her tone. Ignoring her, the woman sauntered out.

She sighed. She had no one to help her out of her dilemma.

She curled into a ball and hoped a man would come to see her. Unluckily for her, her prayers weren't answered as the woman came back, grabbed her, released her cuffed hands and raised her up. She was about to attack when she felt the cold end of a pistol press on to her forehead.

"You took down six of our men, together. Wouldn't it be stupid of me to come unprepared? What do you take me for, an ignoramus?" The woman said in a harsh tone as she yanked the drained, dirty and famished girl and threw her into another room.

"Ow." She yelled when she fell on her butt.

"Cassie is that you?" Her friend, Tate, asked.

"Tate?" She whined, sucking in her plump lips. She struggled to sit next to him.

"How have you been? They didn't hurt you? Are you ok? Did you fight back? Did you eat?" He showered her with questions while she blanked out only hearing the word 'eat' thinking about her brother, Shawn.

"Did you eat?" She asked him, ignoring his rant.

"Yes,...." He started happily.

"While, the woman gave them one piece of sandwich, she gave me three. I still have one left." He beamed.

Tate, has always been the charmer, women magnet, she wasn't surprised the bitch gave him three.

"How about you?" He asked and she sulked.

"She said I should eat my beauty." She said angrily, biting into those plump lips as she felt like killing the woman.

"You must be full then." Tate said dreamily as he raked his eyes over her. He had a huge crush on her, a very huge one. However, with the way she always looked at Tristan, he decided to be just friends for now.

"Tate." She admonished as she elbowed him. Suddenly, remembering something, she looked up at him with her big doe eyes.

"What about the last piece?" She asked softly and he gulped. That voice was music in his ears.

"Tate..." She called and he felt his pants strain. She should keep calling his name, he'll die to hear that again. Suddenly, he saw her eyes morph into anger.

"Oh..the...ermm...the... sandwich." He said as he gulped. He reached behind him and handed it to her. It was in a zip lock bag. She smiled as she took it.

"Thank you." She said and he nodded and motioned for her to eat.

She opened the zip lock and inhaled. It was probably just given to him. It smelt like heaven. They really made good food here for the fact that this was hell. She wondered again why they were kidnapped. She was broke as anything.

She should have listened to her other best friend, Hannah's voice which kept yelling for her to just dig into the food. That was Hannah for you, they nicknamed her glutton in the club.

However, she took her time to inhale. Suddenly, she was yanked up, making the sandwich fall to the floor. Her eyes widened.

"We're under attack. I got the jewel with me. Under the safe house, copy that." The woman yelled as she was dragged. Soon, all the remaining teenagers were dragged out, some wailing, some too weak, others giving into the vortex of despair.

She was dragged through various turns and underground ways until she was pushed into a room.

"You'll stay here, ok." The woman yelled and she nodded vigorously. The woman brought out a gun and ran out.

The hell if she would stay here. She is Cassie aka Queen of boxing. She could fight her way through!

Suddenly, she heard gunshots and sounds of fist punching. Damn, she would rather stay here. The door to her room was forced open and three bulky looking men barged in.

They froze and gulped simultaneously.

"She's the one, oh my God." One said while another whistled. She smiled at them softly.

"Who are you?" She asked. The last man blinked, God, he had to have some self control. They were here on a mission,the boss should have at least warned them that they were about to encounter a fucking queen.

"Sorry for the weird introduction, we weren't told you were this hot. We're here to save you." He said and she looked at him sceptically whilst assessing him.

"You're lying." She spat. Damn, how did she know? They were right, she was a fucking goddess.

"Well, since, you know now, let's do what we came here for." The man said as he removed the belt and proceeded to pull off his pants.

"In your dreams!"she yelled.

"Good thing I like my women feisty. Untie her, we don't have all day." He ordered.

That moment, she had forgotten about her hunger as adrenaline pumped through her. The men came and untied her feet.

Wrong move, boys. She swung her feet at the first one, twisting him as she rammed punches on his head. The next one ran towards her with a plank and she used her current victim as a shield.

Few minutes passed of her fighting and she had the men on the ground, drained, bloody and unconscious. She smirked. Don't mess with the queen.

Suddenly, she heard claps behind her.

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