The Trophy Case

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Chapter Five

Katie didn’t spare any expense for the wedding and the reception. To bug her family her wedding dress ended an inch above her knees, was cut low enough in front to reveal a bit of cleavage and the fact she wasn’t wearing a bra, with bare arms. It was a very pale pink, white from a distance.

Led by Arlette, her bridesmaids had similar outfits in blue and since the only women she knew worked out at the club, a lot of male relatives had their tongues hanging out before Jerry kissed her.

For their honeymoon, they took a ski chalet in Big Bear, near the one she sold, since it was summer it seemed the best solution to the fact that she planned to spend a good deal of the time moaning and squealing. They drove down in Jerry’s Mercedes, taking one oh one to Paso Robles and cutting down to Lancaster through Gorman, then up the mountainside on the Pearblossom Highway and Bear Valley Road. This allowed them to shop the farm fresh places from Paso Robles through Apple Valley, along with some San Luis Obispo wines.

The chalet was a one bedroom it had a great room with a kitchen in an alcove and two futons in front of a stone fireplace. Since they had provisioned themselves on the way down and had a week’s worth of groceries, a case of wine split between pinot noir and pinot gris, three boxes of fireplace logs, and seven sets of full size sheets, they wouldn’t need to leave the chalet.

Katie made up one futon, then sliced a plate of melon she had gotten at a farm stand on the Pearblossom, added a mixed wheel of sharp cheddar, Monterey jack, provolone and asiago, a container of mascarpone with Cadbury water crackers in a bowl. Jerry laid and lit the fire, opened a bottle of the pinot gris and spun it in ice in a wine bucket. Then they sat down on the other futon put everything on the coffee table and fed each other by hand.

It was an effort of will to eat enough as with every bite, he got harder and she got wetter. Finally, he licked her fingers and continued up the inside of her arm and had her shivering. She stood up and took off her clothes, straddled his leg to take off his and threw him onto the made-up futon. She backed into him and felt his hands on her breast and her stomach. He always teased her a bit at this point, this time it was a bit different. He moved his hand down to a point where she could feel it in her bush, but off to the side a bit, at the joint of her leg with her crotch. He very gently stroked her there, on one side and then the other, several times stroking across her stomach below her belly button. God, he might not even make it to her clit before she exploded. Had it been winter they’d have heard her on the slopes, even the big one on the mountaintop. She came as soon as he touched her.

She turned over slowly and got on top of him and him inside of her. She didn’t have the energy left to pull her legs forward and sit up on him. “There has got to be some of those goddamn chakras that work on guys. Jesus Christ I’m surprised I didn’t cause an earthquake with that. This is California after all.”

He started to move, and she stopped him. It just felt so good; she started to cry, and then to kiss him bathing his face in her tears. “I waited my whole life for it to be this good, let me have it for a while.”

They didn’t leave the cabin even once during the whole week. Needless to say, they left it a mess. Jerry left a note for whoever had to clean it all up:

Damn honeymoon couples

And put it under a magnet on the refrigerator door with a hundred-dollar bill.

Back in Silicon Valley, she kept up with the health club, stuck thermometers up herself, counted the hours between periods and helped Roger with his startup. Arlette started making the Wednesday workout, and remained pretty much Roger’s girl, which was definitely out of character. She also worked with Roger, and, if nothing else impressed the hell out of anyone who came to the office by playing the prettiest secretary around.

Katie’s one sad spot was her inability to get pregnant. In December, she ran through a battery of tests and had Jerry do the same. All they found out was that they were two vital virile people who just hadn’t hit it in the right moment.

“There’s nothing for it but to keep on trying,” said Jerry, rolling his eyes trying to get a laugh out of her.

* * * * *

Roger’s dot com hit the jackpot and they were as Katie said, gazillionaires. It went public and started making money as if it was coining it. Jerry moved over as the Chief Financial Officer of the company because his degree was in accounting. Roger became a Silicon Valley CEO. Arlette had a face-lift and Katie had twins, a boy and a girl. A & K had to incorporate as they had the contract for the new corporate center that Roger’s company was putting up on the San Jose, Cupertino, Campbell border. Roger was also building a house above the old Paul Masson vineyards in Saratoga.

Arlette’s face-lift worked out well, it looked natural and she looked a lot younger. Roger started going grey at twenty-seven, which consequently aged him and he and Arlette didn’t even look mismatched anymore. So, when he proposed a merger of two of the three leading shareholders of his company, she accepted, exchanging her hunting license for a California Marriage License.

III. When You Reach September

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