The Trophy Case

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Chapter Five

“He didn’t even fuck me,” she said. “And I was crying and screaming, I hope his shoulder’s okay. Sunk the fingernails in and ripped, three of them broke off.”

“We’ve both done Dr. Rick, before we were married” said Katie. “In fact, I called him Dr. Rick before he became Dr. Rick. The year before Stanford wised up and gave him a doctorate in English, I gave him a Doctorate of Love degree DoL. I think, at one point, I tried to pull his hair out, it’s a bit dim. Shit the man could give an orgasm to a stone statue.”

“The dresses.” Said Arlette. “This is a rush job. But just so you know, you’ve had the best sexual partner possible, now what do you like give us three to choose from.”

“Explain it to me again, it’s a bit fantastic, and since I’m a major player, I need to get it, she said Wednesday evening at Eviane, a fusion restaurant in Willow Glen.

“Tomorrow evening Rick has Alexandra over for dinner, said Arlette. “He fucks her up and down right and left. Hell, you explained the shoulder scars, you know how good he is. It doesn’t stop there. She will never have another sexually fulfilling experience unless she runs into a Greek God. “

“The best techs in creation will give us a digital recreation of the sexual destruction of Alexandra, the bedroom’s set up for it,” continued Katie.

“She’s going to get fucked into heaven, she’s going to get half of what Craig’s earned since the divorce, doesn’t seem like revenge somehow. “

“You’re forgetting that if you apply yourself, she will also come off second rate,” said Katie.

“Thank anybody you want, but the government gave you the health club and when you spend the time a dancer does in exercise you’re built better than a dancer, and right now, for your age, no woman has a better body,” said Arlette.

“Tomorrow you get your hair cut and colored.” Said Katie, “then we play with the makeup. You’ve spent six years hiding from any place that Alexandra might go, how about we make Alexandra afraid to show up if you might?”

“That won’t happen,”

“Sweet little girl,” said Arlette, “It is inevitable. Your problem will be handling Craig and Rick, and I hope you make the right choice.”

“You think I’ll get that choice?”

“Well for anyone but you it’s a no brainer. On one hand, you’ve got a guy who used you to get ahead, then dumped you for a silicon titted cow first chance he got. And a man that can give you an orgasm with a little more than looking at you. I’m sure you’ll have to mull it over.” Said Arlette. “Finish your coffee, we need a man’s perspective on the dress.”

The dress was black with thin straps over the shoulders, a partially open back, showed a bit of cleavage and ended an inch above her knees.

“That’s the one,” said Rick. “Too bad it has to have such a short useful life.”

“What does that mean?” she asked.

“He means that Saturday night, after the dance it’s going to get ripped off you,” answered Katie.

She blushed, it was something she hadn’t done in years until lately and it was now something she hadn’t done in minutes.

“Take the dress off, box it before he does something he’ll regret,” said Arlette.

“I’ll give her a ride home,” said Rick.

“I’ll just bet you will,” answered Katie.

He brushed her hair back with his hand on her cheek and kissed her. She’d taken the dress off but hadn’t put on anything to replace it.

He undid her bra and gently massaged her breast, kissing her again.

“What are you going to do to Alexandra tomorrow?”

“Nothing I’d do to you. Something Arlette’s husband Roger came up with. There is a spot behind the pelvic bone that if touched simultaneously with a spot just inside a woman never fails to produce an orgasm. If you continue to massage both places you get multiple orgasms.”

“Why won’t you do it to me? It sounds good, really good.”

“The girls found out that, if you kept up with it, it became exhausting and that kind of complete mastery by the man a bit insulting. Also, they found it had a nasty little habit of boomeranging for about a week, all of a sudden, without any outside stimulus, they’d get excited, and wet.”

“And you’re going to do this with Alexandra.”

“Several times, so she will look and feel her best on Saturday. Also, a woman having multiple orgasms is rather photogenic which is the object. George Jean Nathan said that pornography is whatever gives an aged magistrate an erection, if a woman is shown like that, her husband will probably get a break on his divorce settlement.”

He pushed her backwards on to the bed and took off her panties, leaving her with just her garter belt and stockings. He continued to kiss her massaging a breast and with his other hand stroking her legs through the nylon until she was shivering with it.

He got up and undressed, getting back in the bed and resuming his stroking and massage. He pulled her against him and she grabbed him and put him inside her. “Oh God that’s good,” she said.

He pulled her leg up his side and massaged it from her foot to her crotch, up and down kneading her firm muscles through the silky fabric. He moved his other hand down into the small of her back and with a circular motion was rubbing her against him.

After a while her breath got ragged and she started making little involuntary sounds. He hugged her closer with both hands on her back, rubbing her against him until she sighed with the orgasm. Then he turned her up on top of him massaging her butt to stimulate him and she sighed again as he came.

IV. Kama Sutra

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