The Trophy Case

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Chapter One

Alexandra had heard of Dr. Rick and his skills, several times. She had asked Arlette for an introduction a couple times, but Arlette, knowing Rick’s aversion to siliconed tits just filed it away. And then this came up. She sent Craig out of town and Alexandra up with a date.

Alexandra was thrilled with the invitation. She was proud of her power over men, and married or not, she needed the occasional reinforcement.

He made her a London broil with a teriyaki glaze and a side dish of fava beans, pearl onions and peas with bacon crumbles. He had cut down on the carbs years before. Over fifty the potato part of meat and potatoes tended to produce a spare tire.

He took her over to the bar after dinner and started a touching routine over two absinthes with sugar. He had bought the absinthe spoons in Paris, years before. He originally used them with Pernod, but when absinthe became legal in Oregon, he drove all the way up to Coo’s Bay for a case.

Absinthe, the green fairy, packs a pretty good punch, as well as some aphrodisiac qualities. It only took two to prepare her.

He led her into the bedroom and slowly stripped her. As he had done with Sherilyn, he left her garter belt and stockings. He noticed something else. When she had her implants, her left breast became sensitive; she had a shield in her bra to prevent accidental stimulation.

He used her left breast to excite her and when he reached down between her legs he found her wet and willing. He lifted her leg up on his side and inserted himself in her. He was having a bit of trouble because the feel of the silicone sack under his hand was a turnoff to him. He gratefully took his hand off her tit and reached around her finding the right places.

The suddenness shocked her, and the next couple orgasms rocked her. The orgasms continued and mixed with the absinthe were putting her in another world. He kept it up until she was totally out of it. She was a dead weight and it was hard to ejaculate. The silicone was a turnoff, and so was fucking a dead weight that wasn’t even participating.

He managed and rolled her over and spread her legs. She’d sleep. And he dozed. At one he carefully and gently reached over between her spread legs and stimulated her in her sleep. He woke her by putting his mouth over her tit, which seemed to help a little. He lifted her leg up on him, stuck himself inside her and waited until she was fully awake before he reached around and started the train of orgasms again. Once again, she went limp and he laid her out and spread her legs.

He started again at three thirty. Stimulating her in her sleep and waiting until she was awake to start.

Shortly after he started again, something inside Alexandra broke. She was being totally dominated, violated by a man who had her completely in his control. She would never be sure of her ability to control men again. She thought about trying to stop but she couldn’t move. She had dominated the opposite sex since puberty. The boys, then the men, and that was over for her, she had been broken.

When he felt her tears on his face he knew he had succeeded. She would never be sure of herself again. She had been totally dominated, a man had defeated her domination and her arrogance came apart in shreds all around her. He pumped himself into an ejaculation and she rolled away. He heard her sob herself to sleep.

He got up showered and got ready for work.

She had turned on her back and her legs were spread again. He looked at his watch, he had about fifteen minutes to waste, he thought, why not?

He stimulated her in her sleep again, then woke her with his mouth on her tit.

He had his thumb on her clit and three fingers inside her as she climbed up out of sleep and orgasmed. Her eyes went wide with fear.

“Use the front door,” he said, “it will lock itself.” And then he kissed her.

She made the Katar crew wait until after ten and even then, she was shaky. The damn tit that remained sensitive was screaming, even with the shield in front of it. Her crotch was lubricated like it had a cock in it.

The crew retrieved the equipment after she left and assembled it into an acceptable triple X feature by two o’clock.

At four Arlette and Katie delivered their review to Rick and Sherilyn as they were doing their ten miles.

“I think I’ll watch you from a distance for quite a while,” said Arlette. “That last shot, as you were leaving for work, the look in her eyes, told the whole story. Jesus, Rick.”

“Isn’t this what you asked me for?”

“I think it’s a case of us getting nosy and watching it,” said Katie. “Such things don’t need that kind of in-depth examination.”

“So, what goes on now?”

“Four thirty we go to the salon, she goes home with me, and she shows at the meeting drop dead,” said Katie.

“Sunday Craig gets a memory stick with his trophy wife acting like a twenty-dollar hooker,” continued Arlette, “and I have every confidence we will be rid of her.”

“Craig gets in tonight, why not just give it to him then?” asked Rick.

“Haven’t you been paying attention?” said Arlette. “The point is to have our girl here outshine her tomorrow. The two of you will be at our table, so will they.”

“That’s the real charge here. You took her down a peg or two in private. Now, we do it in public,” said Katie. “She’s been acting like the Queen at this meeting for quite a while. Off with her head.”

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