The Trophy Case

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Chapter Three

She lay against him and cried. Just cried and didn’t stop, because she didn’t want to. He held her, just held her and didn’t stop, because he knew that’s what she needed.

“You forgive me?”

“If I’d treated you the way I should have, it wouldn’t have happened.”

“How should you have treated me?”

“I guess I should have shown you that I was in control, that I could protect you and satisfy you, and love you. You needed to have that, and because you didn’t trust me to do it, you needed to assure yourself that you could.”

“Oh Christ!”

“What’s the matter?”

“I am so hot I could burst.”

He put his hand down between her legs and she came almost as soon as he touched her.

“That goes on for about a week is what they said.”

“Who says?”

“Arlette and Katie.”

“This was done to them?”


“You forgive me?”

“I already said I do.”

“I could hear it again.”

He looked down into her eyes and kissed her.

“I forgive you.”


She grabbed his hand. “Not yet, it starts in my left tit, the one that stayed sensitive after the operation.”

“That was the one thing I couldn’t understand when I met you.”


“Why a woman as beautiful as you are had to go out and get such an obvious boob job.”

“It’s obvious?”

“You have a dancer’s body, lean with muscle development, beautiful and it all fits, the boobs don’t. They look almost pasted on, at first I thought they were falsies.”

“Men don’t like big boobs?”

“You have the prettiest legs in the world, and you have the most wonderful eyes in creation.” He stroked her legs and looked into her eyes. “I’d like you put back the way you’re supposed to be, I think you’ll be beautiful beyond words.”

“It’ll cost a fortune in clothes.”

“And worth every cent.”

“It’s gone south,” she said.

This time he pulled her on top of him entered her. She was so wet and open that it was a slipping together. She came as soon as her clit hit him.

He pulled her legs forward forcing her to sit on him and getting her sensitive breast off of his chest. He massaged her legs.

“Oh, that’s good, can you keep it up?”

“For a while.”

“I did everything wrong. Everyone must think I’m a total cunt. Lied, cheated, and yet here I am protected, loved, forgiven. God takes care of fools.

“Would you bring your hand up my leg and touch me please?

“I hope that slows down.”

“I think we’re sort of stimulating it.”

She fell forward and used kegel to squeeze him into a performance. Then she put her face between his neck and shoulder and cried and didn’t stop, because she didn’t want to, and he held her, and didn’t stop, because he didn’t want to.

The gift box from Cupid’s Cradle arrived the next morning. It contained a vibrator and a note.

Become a football fan today, sit on his lap and keep his hand handy on your thigh. Tomorrow arrange an armchair in front of the TV and apply this as necessary. Katie says go for the quiz shows. I agree, I did the soaps and if they hadn’t cancelled the damn show I’d still be wasting an hour a day. Arlette

She took the advice, kissed him a lot and cried a bit. Monday, she arranged to lose her implants. She was told it was a simple in office procedure, what she found out was that it was an incredibly expensive, simple in office procedure. She arranged it for a week from Tuesday.

Katie took her to the surgeon. Monday, she explained it to everyone.

“The truth is Arlette and I hated her because she was a younger version of us, and we knew it. The difference was that we were true trophy wives, our husbands didn’t love us, in fact I don’t think they even liked us.

“Craig is in love with her. He left someone who was better in every way because he did. “

Sherilyn blushed. Rick reached over and held her hand.

“Brassy women are insecure, I was. I hung on to Jerry and prayed every moment of every day, he’d see through me, and love the me I could become with his love. Alexandra is no different, so now, instead of hating her, I’m going to be a friend, because she needs friends. I know, because I did.”

The procedure was completed in less than an hour.

“You really do look a lot better, you know,” said Katie.

“I think it’s going to take a while before I realize that. I’ve spent seven years attributing everything good that has happened to them.”

“When, in actuality, they caused everything bad. Watch your husband’s eyes when he comes home. I would bet it’ll be good-bye and good riddance before midnight.

“Arlette and I set you up with a catered dinner tonight. Figured after the procedure and all you wouldn’t want to cook or go out.”

“Thanks, but actually, it feels fine. Can’t abuse them for a couple weeks is all. Really tiny incision, not much more than a flu shot.”

She was setting up the dinner in the oven and microwave when he came in. She was a bit afraid to turn around. When she did she took Katie’s advice and looked in his eyes. Katie’d been right.

He walked up to her and looked into her eyes. “God you’re beautiful,” he said, and kissed her.

He was very careful that night, very gentle with her. He sat her up on him and massaged her legs to keep her breasts from contact. He had her shivering with the strokes on her legs, before he came.

“We can’t abuse them for a couple weeks, then you can go wild, really looking forward to it,” she said.

She glanced up at the clock, ten-thirty. Good-bye and good riddance, well before midnight.

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