The Trophy Case

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Chapter Four

“I thought it was going to get ripped off,” said Sherilyn as Rick pulled down the zipper and kissed her between the shoulder blades eliciting a chill that ran down between her legs.

“Well,” he said, “it would be hotter, but as good as you look in it, I figured it deserves better.”

As he had been doing he left her garter belt and stockings on massaging her legs in a way that pushed all her buttons.

“Do it to me,” she said. “Just quick, an orgasm, just one. I want to feel it once.”

“Trust me, you don’t.”

“Trust me, everybody’s done it but me, I need to feel it, just once. Arlette said the backlash is only if you go at it a while.”

“Did Arlette recommend it?”

“They both did.”

He lifted up her leg got inside her reached around and stroked her quickly.

She pushed him on his back, squirmed against him and tried the kegel exercise Katie taught her to make him come.

“Jesus H. Christ and twelve little catfishes,” she said. “I came again when you did, and I think that was three, or four. I see what it does. I want more.” She kissed him. “Somehow it sets your body up to orgasm. I am going to cum like gangbusters when you’re ready again.”

“Would you want it done to you all night?”

“I don’t want it done to me again. It’s one of those experiences that you wouldn’t take a million not to have experienced, but wouldn’t take a million to do again.”

She cuddled against him. “It’s also a bit frightening. The man is so in control, dominates you so completely that you tend to lose a bit of yourself in it.”

“That’s what I did to Alexandra, hoping she’d lose the worst part of herself.”

“And what was that?”

“Insecurity, the need to dominate because it was the only way she felt safe. If she finds that security in Craig, they’ll be fine.”

“Do you really think they’re in love?”

“It’s the only conclusion that makes sense. I know all of you. Alexandra, especially with a raft of insecurities and that phony rack was half the woman you were. You have to ask yourself why he’d leave you for her. The only possible answer was that they fell in love.”

“Sort of leaves me out in the cold.”

“Well, you’ll just have to fall in love.”

She felt he was hard again. She reached between them and guided them together. She was right about the effects. She barely moved and it hit her so hard she shook.

“Luckily,” she said squeezing her breasts against his chest. “I managed to do that.”

He took the Tupperware, put it on the dresser and opened it

“She’s thirty, I’m fifty-four,” said Rick. “Marrying her wouldn’t be fair to her, she needs someone who won’t be an old codger while she’s still a young and vital woman.”

“She’ll be thirty–one next week,” said Arlette.

“And I’ll still be just a few months shy of fifty-five.”

“Roger is thirty-two and I’m just a few months shy of forty-five,” said Arlette, “and if you repeat that I WILL hire a hit man.”

“Let me explain a woman to you,” said Katie. “We’ll fuck just about any mighty hunter that returns with the best chunks of mammoth meat. But no matter what, at some point we meet someone, and it sort of sets something off inside us. If you believe Darwin there is something natural to it that improves mankind. If you believe astrologers it’s the position of some stars. I you believe in fate, it was destined from the beginning of time. The point is whatever you believe in, it happens. A woman knows the one. Some of us settle for the choice chunks of mammoth, but we know it, and I have never met anyone who ended up happily doing that, and I’ve met dozens. The only happy people I know let her choose her one, and Sherilyn has chosen you. You can leave her to the mammoth chunks, especially after her makeover, she’ll get USDA Prime. But she’ll never really be happy, only you can do that.”

Rick went through an agony of indecision. He didn’t really feel old. He was in good shape and always figured to stay right where he was until he turned seventy and they made him retire. He had actually checked at State, and not only could he stay on after seventy, he could get a faculty post. He got a full physical and took President’s Day weekend to drive up to his mother’s in Redding.

He got Arlette and Katie to get Sherilyn’s ring size and sized his grandmother’s two carat Harry Winston to fit.

He marinated a nice brisket and, on the second Friday following the meeting made sauerbraten in his slow cooker.

He touched her up a bit in the juice bar. Again, after she came out. Since her makeover she took more time, brushing her hair around her face, making up and being more careful about her dress. Mostly she was the prettiest girl everywhere she went.

She praised his cooking and they had an Absinthe with sugar before he took her into the bedroom. She was in a sundress and sandals, and when she didn’t have on stockings he tended to excite her through her neck and breasts. It seemed to push the right buttons it just took a bit longer. Either way he could tell when she was receptive by the way she wiggled and squirmed against him with her hips. With her breasts, he always had her on top, giving her the option of sitting up or falling against him. She fell against him to be excited by his hand on her butt and back moving her against him and his mouth on her neck.

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