The Trophy Case

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Chapter Five

She lay there in the afterglow. He’d gotten up, which she never cared for. She felt him get back on the bed and she rolled up to face him. He handed her a jewelry box. She prayed quickly and fervently it was what she dreamed about. It was a beautiful, large, antique engagement ring.

She started to cry. “I was so afraid,” she said. “So afraid I was too young, or you were too old or some such nonsense.” She straddled him, “And then I knew I’d never be happy again. Makeover or no makeover I was Sherilyn Dunphy and all that Sherilyn Dunphy would ever be is unhappy. The only way I could be happy was to be Sherilyn Crown and now I will be.”

She felt him behind her, raised up on her knees and backed into him. She lay there with him inside her, took the ring from the box and put it on her finger.

“I love you,” she said, and then kept repeating it in her mind like a mantra and it put her into a new state of consciousness, her orgasm was a kiss, a folding together of the both of them, his ejaculation felt by every cell in her body : ‘I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you……..’

Arlette and Katie went to work on the wedding. They brought in Alexandra to help them. It was similar to the ceremonies that Katie and Arlette had. Very little tradition, a wedding dress that showed off the bride’s body, and of course as the bridesmaids, the three of them showed off theirs. They sent to Hawaii for custom made tone on tone Aloha shirts for Rick and the three groomsmen who, incidentally were married to the bridesmaids. There was no bouquet to throw; it was a lei.

Rick had not seen Alexandra since the meeting when he met her at the wedding rehearsal. He stared pointedly at her chest. She blushed scarlet.

“So she’s finally totally out of the picture and the elegant, poised, beautiful woman who was always hidden behind her is free,” said Rick.

She took his hand and kissed it, leaned toward him and whispered, “thank you,” so that only he could hear.

The ceremony came off well; family and friends enjoyed the luau that took the place of the reception. The mother of the bride was a year younger than the groom, the bride’s father a year older, but, surprisingly, no one seemed to mind. Ralph, Sherilyn’s father told his wife, Carolyn that when he looked into his daughter’s face as she told him about the man she was going to marry, he knew that nothing on the face of the Earth could be more right.

They honeymooned in a boutique hotel on Waikiki, the whole of ‘Spring Break’, which, before the age of the politically correct was known as ‘Easter Recess.’ The room was very small, and considering it had a Cal King bed, was about the perfect place for a honeymoon couple.

They came back from the beach on Wednesday. She was wearing a bikini and as soon as they closed the door, he threw her on the bed, made a show of ripping the fabric of the bikini rather than untying in and started by burying his head between her breasts as she laughed. He gently touched, licked, kissed every erogenous zone she had. Her neck, her ear, behind her knee, inside of her thighs, her calf, her back, her breasts, her mouth, he ran his tongue down her spine, and up across her breasts, nibbling at her nipples. By the time he paid any attention at all to the area between her legs she was practically gushing. Then he brought his hands up on both sides of her bush, in the area where her leg joined her crotch. He did this four times before came down on top of her and into her.

As soon as her clit hit him she had an orgasm that shook her head to toe.

“Son of a bitch,” she said squeezed her breasts into his chest and proceeded to kegel him into a minor nuclear incident.

“What was that?” she said, when her power of speech returned.

“Katie likes it,” he said. “She showed it to me years ago shortly after Jerry did it to her and scared the wild animals throughout the San Bernardino Mountains. It enhances a woman’s orgasm.”

“One of Roger’s chakras?”

“Yeh, one of those.”

“Well Katie didn’t tumble California into the Pacific, so we probably can rest assured that a killer Tsunami isn’t headed for the California coast, though my whole body is telling me something else. This isn’t one of those hangover things is it?”

“Not that I know of.”

“Then please feel free to do it often. You realize that you destroyed my only two-piece.”

He opened a bag that was on the floor and handed her a new bikini.

“A yellow polka dot bikini?”

“Itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny.”

“I can just hear Arlette when I tell her.”

“So cutsie poo,” they said together “that you upchuck.”

Katie helped put a little muscle behind a Katar couple, Tom and Claire DeAngelo, who fell in love with their fourteen-year-old foster child, Sheila. The high-powered lawyers she hired handled the adoption quickly and Katar sort of adopted Sheila. Dr. Rick put together a tutoring program, as her birth mother put her on the streets as a hooker instead of sending her to school. Sheila, as it turned out, had an IQ in the stratosphere, and after about a year of attitude adjustment, became something close to a model child. She called Arlette, Katie and Alexandra ‘aunt’, she would have extended it to Sherilyn, but Mrs. Crown was one of her principal tutors.

VI. The Waif

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