The Trophy Case

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Chapter One

“She’s just what I was. Right down to the fact that her tits are as phony as mine were.” Alexandra said facing them on the elliptical.

“We know she’s a brass plated bitch, dear,” said Katie, “the question before the board is what to do about it.”

“Well I’m not lending out Rick,” said Sherilyn.

“Wouldn’t help,” said Alexandra, “All you’d do is cause a suicide, I know, I spent a day and a half thinking up painless ways to do it. Craig saved me. He was able to do it because we were in love. I didn’t fully realize it through all the insecurities, so I needed to be the bitch, and to know that, if push came to shove, I could find a man and sexually dominate him into taking care of me. That’s where she’s at.”

“So basically the short cut is to get it done by the man who loves you?”

“That’s the way it works,” said Arlette. “Neither Katie nor I needed a third party.”

“Neither did I,” said Sherlyn.

“Rick did it to you?” said Katie.

“After I forced the issue. It’s a bitch. I told him to stop at one, and over the next half hour it was four or five.”

“Please don’t talk about it,” said Alexandra. “As far as it goes having Craig hold me and touch me off for a day and a half has it beat all to shit. And I don’t need the memory.”

The object of this conversation was a young lady named Didi Cartwright. Who wore skirts that were too short, blouses that showed off a forty-two inch silicone enhanced cleavage, hair bleached almost white blond, too much make up and way too much attitude. This offended the powers that be at Katar, and so had to be dealt with. Of course both Arlette and Alexandra, former dancers, wore shorter skirts, that wasn’t the point at all.

“What did you do?” said Katie.

“Told Terry to bring her to the cool off,” said Alexandra.

“I just knew we shouldn’t trust you with a young handsome assistant,” said Katie.

Terry introduced her around, and she was thrilled.

“Alexandra, you know, Craig’s her husband, then Katie and Jerry, Arlette and Roger, Rick and Sherilyn. Rick and Sherilyn are friends, school teachers, the both of them. Rick is known as Dr. Rick, he’s a PHD and teaches at San Jose State as well as John Muir High School. Katar exploits them as ICs like they exploit us, but they pay for their own Insurance, well California does which is the same thing.”

She was embarrassed and blushed, charmingly. She was in-group; these were the people who ran a major Silicon Valley Firm. What was the step up from Terry?

Terry took her home and they ended up in bed.

She kegeled him into an ejaculation as most as soon as he got inside her.

He was on top of her, rolled off of her and the faced each other side to side.

“What about loving someone scares you?”

“What are you talking about.”

“We’ve been in bed three times, and you do everything to make it fast.”

“I thought men liked that.”

“You know they don’t.

“Alexandra said it was because either I frightened you or love itself does.”

He put his hand down between her legs and was gently massaging what was, for her, all the wrong places. Usually after blowing it off inside her they didn’t press it. Which was good because feeling them cum inside her made her hot. And his hand on her was making that worse.

“You discussed me with your boss?”

“I’m falling in love. It is a good idea to discuss that with someone who knows what it is to be in love. The group you met tonight, they are all like super in love. Alexandra and Craig are the only ones that aren’t really unconventional. Craig used to be married to Sherilyn, and, well, you’ll sort it out if you want to.”

As he kept talking she kept getting hotter. Then he got hard enough and slipped inside her.

He did it like Rick had instructed, pulled her leg up and reached around behind it, he knew he hit the right place when she stiffened.

She was just about to squeeze him into an ejaculation that, at this point she really wanted to feel when she had the second orgasm of her life, then the third, and the fourth as he rolled over her. He pumped himself into cumming and she had her fifth.

Her first had been a miscalculation at sixteen, when she failed to make Artie cum in his jeans fast enough.

She made it all the way to twenty-three for number two, but, as an average, she was only two short of one a year.

“Was that better?” she said.

“A lot,” he answered. “It’s the first time you acted like we were making love and not just fucking.”

“Fucking isn’t enough?”


“That’s so final. Isn’t what all guys want? To fuck.”


“Then why do they always try?”

“I kissed you on our second date. We fucked on our fourth.”

“Why did you wait? You could have pushed it the first time.”

“Oh, I could have fucked you on the first date. If I had it would have been our last date.”

“You are confusing the fuck out of me.”

“I want to fall in love, to make love. Half the reason we are in this bed is that you wanted to meet the people you met tonight. I know that, I’m not as dumb as I look. But I’m falling for you and I want to actually make love to you, before you go after trophy status.”

“What does that mean?”

“You know, it’s in your head, your bleached blond hair and siliconed tits. Arlette told me I didn’t have a prayer, you were a trophy wife in training. She should know, she was one, as were Katie and Alexandra, though Alexandra fell in love with the man whose trophy she aspired to be.

“You know everything that I don’t like about you. If you ever want me, change them.”

By then he was hard enough to let her get a year ahead on her orgasm average.

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