The Trophy Case

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Chapter Three

George Fredrickson was her first test. He was older than most Silicon Valley execs; having begun in the sixties with a company producing wire bound resistors and working his way up to silicon. He was also a bit of an anomaly in that he married his high school sweetheart, who was not exactly a raving beauty, and stayed married as well as faithful to her. He was hand-picked by Alexandra to be sure Didi could control herself. Since Alexandra had made a run at George, some years before, in fact before Craig, she knew he wouldn’t be impressed.

Didi passed her first test with flying colors. George actually called Alexandra to confirm his donations and praise her new assistant. This having been accomplished it was decided to throw her into her first lion’s den.

Tommy Laughlin bordered on letch, and would graduate to that status in due time. At thirty-two, lechery isn’t considered lechery quite yet. Of course, he did make it a habit to hire right out of high school and promote the shortest skirts to cubicles that opened toward his office windows. He was a CFO who could tell you the color of the panties of every one of his office girls on any given day, before four o’clock. He needed a trophy and was looking. Unfortunately, the age range he preferred hadn’t gone any further than Didi had before the group took her in hand and he didn’t fancy arriving at a grown-up cocktail party with what looked like a teenager in tow.

Alexandra arranged for a lunch meeting to start. Very few people turned Alexandra down, especially among the men. The Valley had a few movers and shakers, and her husband as well as her friend’s husbands qualified in violet spades. She had Didi take him to one of the last two Burger Pits left in the Valley, knowing it was a favorite of his. Once there were five of these open pit steak and burger places, but over the years they’d dwindled due to fast food taking their bread and butter take-out business that was based on a “Family Bag” of burgers. They both ordered the 10-ounce steak, rare, a glass of beer, the only alcohol available and built a salad at the salad bar.

“So, you’re the new Terry? Do you think you can con us out of as much as he did?”

“I’m hoping for a bit more actually,” she answered. “I’ve been told I look better in nylons than he did.”

“I can’t argue with that, there are very few people who would look better than you in nylons, can’t think of any off-hand.”

“So, you’ll get on board with the animal shelter? It’s sort of a new concept. We’ve taken over two bankrupt pet stores and we’re converting them into adoption centers, one in Valley Fair. We’ll compete with the puppy mills directly, hopefully see them cut back.”

“I thought the subject was nylons,” he answered.

She blushed charmingly. She always had that knack, a blush on command.

He was considering her seriously already. She was young enough for his tastes, and yet polished in a way a woman as young as she was rarely are. Either she was raised rich, or the crew at Katar, Alexandra, Katie and Arlette were coaching her.

“Why don’t we do this?” he said, “Put it all together for me and I’ll get it to the right people at Caltrop. How soon can you do that?”

“By the end of the day,” she said, “I have it all back at the office, just have to organize it and apply a bit of cosmetics.”

“So, dinner, tonight? They just opened a prime steakhouse between Saratoga and Los Gatos that I am dying to try. Monday should be easy to get in, say seven?”

It had worked out pretty much as planned. They dressed her carefully, a straight skirt with a three-inch slit paired with a Liza Bruce striped silk top. A somewhat refined look, yet a bit kicky and certainly sexy without being overt. They all knew Tommy, of course, and sort of fit Didi’s look into his preferences.

Tommy bought her a dinner that would have broken her piggy bank. She had a martini and half a bottle of second growth Paulliac, which left her a little looped and made it back to his house above Saratoga off of Highway 9. She wasn’t fully tracking until her skirt dropped and Tommy was trying to figure out her blouse.

She kissed him, with her tongue for the first time and stepped between his legs. Then she unsnapped the bottom of the blouse where the knit came down between her legs, “It unsnaps in back” she whispered, and turned around.

He finally relieved her of the blouse when she turned around again and tripped him onto the bed. She frenched him again and then whispered’ “You’re overdressed.”

When they finally managed to both be naked, and in the same bed, he turned her on her back, spread her legs and slammed himself into her so hard it hurt. She thought to herself, ‘wham, bam, thank you ma’am,’ and she was nearly right. He pumped three times and came, then rolled off her and away.

A few moments later he suggested drinks, got up and moved into the bathroom, dressed and out to the bar located at the end of the living room.

She got dressed and joined him, feeling vaguely that she had been raped. She liked it fast, but she also liked to be in control and this wasn’t that at all.

“That bad?” said Katie. “Really, I’d have thought better of him, but then he goes after the young ones who don’t know any better.”

“Terry was better?” asked Alexandra.

“Way, lots, scads better.”

“So, now you had a taste of it, do you still want to be a trophy?” said Arlette.

“That’s pretty much the way it works,” continued Katie. “Three pumps is about the average.”

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