The Trophy Case

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Chapter Five

“You want to do what?” Tom DeAngelo erupted. “You sick son of a bitch.”

“Cool down Tom,” said Katie. “It sounds like a perfectly good idea to me. She’s special; we all know that. Tommy is special in a way too. Tommy sees something in her, gets past her insecurity. He may just cure that last little thing she cries about. However it turns out, I think she’ll be the winner.”

“My eighteen-year-old daughter goes to Catalina with a thirty something year old guy and that’s fine with you?”

“He hasn’t even kissed her,” said Arlette. “She’s just his dream. She doesn’t think, because of her past, a man can honestly love her. This man does. It works out Tom.”

“She needs help, support, she was abused kicked around and has problems by the bucket load,” said Tom.

“And this will help, not hurt, Tom,” said Katie. “Don’t keep star-crossed lovers apart, that’s always a tragedy. Check it out first, before you get judgmental. Tommy could have taken her home, bedded her, and moved her in before you could stop it. He didn’t, we’re here discussing it. That should tell you a lot.”

“She needs all of you,” said Tommy, “and eighteen everyone accepts as being a grown woman. Look, if there is such a thing as love at first sight, it happened. Doesn’t being here, discussing it rather than me all but kidnapping her prove that? I’ve got to do what’s right for her. And that includes the waiting.”

Sheila walked up to Tommy, put her arms around his neck and kissed him, when he started to back off, she said “No! Now you kiss me.”

Then she looked around. “No SWAT team, no lawyers, not even a reporter, I guess kissing me is Okay.” Then she turned to her foster father.

“Dad, you’ve got to understand. When I started to cry in the car, and Tommy held me that was one of the best moments of my life. It was like when I finally realized you and Mom loved me, and that I had a family, a real family. I never thought I’d ever be loved by a man, I mean I wasn’t really a woman, I wanted to be, and to be loved like a woman. I felt that from Tommy.”

“What if it doesn’t work out?” asked Claire. “You’re not as tough as you make out little one, what if it all blows up?”

“I’ll still know I can be loved Mom, I’d rather cry because I’m lonely than because there’s no hope.”

They got off the seaplane at the pier in Avalon. Tommy arranged for her bags to be sent to his condo, which had a golf cart waiting for them. She had three large bags, everyone planned on it being more than a weekend.

“It’s only six blocks,” he said, “I thought we’d walk.”

“I’d like that,” she said, taking his hand.

She wore a light sundress with a halter-top that fluttered around her knees in the breeze. She wore sunglasses and was still striking enough that every man on the street stared as she went by.

She unpacked into his closets and an empty bureau. Then she walked up to him and kissed him. Then untied her top unzipped her dress and let it fall, leaving her in panties. She started on his shirt and stopped him when he tried to help.

“I get to unwrap my own gifts,” she whispered in his ear.

When he finally got inside of her she was on top of him and holding him tightly.

“Don’t move yet,” she said. “It’s been a while so nothing’s going to last long.”

She sighed when he came and rolled off facing away from him.

“Put your chest against my back and move your arm under my neck to hold my breast. Put your other hand across my stomach. Hold me like that.”

He held her, smelling her hair and kissing the back of her neck. He felt her tremble and moved his hand off her breast to catch a tear.

“You’re crying,” he said.

She took his hand from her face and hugged it to her breast with both her hands. “I always cry when I’m held like this.”

“It happens often?”

“Almost every night, I imagined it, and cried because I didn’t think I’d ever feel it. Sometimes I’d dream it and wake up crying. I never thought I’d ever meet anyone who would accept me, and hold me like this, so warm and safe and loved. So, I’m having a final, good-bye cry out of pure happiness, because I was so wrong.”

Getting hard again wasn’t an ordinary thing for Tommy, nor was the fact that she took the lead and lay on top of him. When she was twelve she learned to basically give herself an orgasm from this position and doing it with Tommy was about as wonderful as it got.

She left her suitcases and clothes in Avalon. The only thing she took back to Silicon Valley that she hadn’t brought with her was a rather expensive diamond ring and the box from Tiffany’s he gave it to her in.

Sheila asked Didi to be her maid of honor, because Didi introduced them and because she didn’t have any other friends anywhere near her age. Her friends were her ‘aunts’ and Sherilyn.

“Try it,” said Alexandra, “one year, we pay both ways if you want them back. I didn’t miss mine, and I guarantee that, in a year, you won’t want them back.”

The three of them spent a couple months trying to get Didi to lose the implants. She finally said yes in April.

Sheila was going to be a December Bride, so the plan had to be set in motion in November.

VII. Dionysus

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