The Trophy Case

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Chapter One

Sheila applied herself to being an intern. As it turned out Didi’s intern. In June, she’d start San Jose State, Dr. Rick pulled the right strings and everyone agreed. Until then, she was the right hand of the right hand of the director of Charity contributions for Katar. Sheila was a curious mixture of sophisticated adult and innocent child. College would be her first experience interacting with people near her age. She grew up among adults. Didi became a fast friend, the only person she knew and interacted with who was anywhere close to her age.

Truth be told it was Sheila who got her to lose her implants.

“Dee, C’mon, I didn’t think I could be loved, because of what I was. I could have lied, been something I wasn’t, but then could I believe in the love? You leave those two sacks of plastic there you’ll always wonder if he loves you or two sacks of plastic, when Tommy held me I knew, he loved me, no fantasies, no lies. You’re walking around with two lies on your chest, you can never be sure?”

“If he’s rich enough, do I need to be?”

“When I was in the hospital, when it was really bad, I wanted to be loved, I didn’t even consider being rich. Lose them Dee, find the man who loves you without them. Then, ask him if he’d like them. “

With the makeover, Didi was actually more attractive without the breast enhancement, and the reactions she was getting from men validated that. She was being treated like a pretty woman, not a sex object. For the first time since sometime in High School, with the single exception of Terry, men did not reach between her legs on the first date.

Didi had been dating a software engineer when she lost her ‘rack’ and him simultaneously. By the third week in April, two high profile dates, after business was completed, left her a bit confused. Alexandra noticed.

“Different world when you are treated like a woman and not a whore, isn’t it?”

“Is that it? I’ve got two dates over the next week, both are men who have only kissed me before walking away, and who haven’t seen my bedroom, actually living room, and I haven’t seen theirs.”

“You were stuck in High School, I was until almost thirty. Boys need to explore; men have finished. With a man if you come on brassy, he’ll try to bed you, if you don’t, he’ll try to get to know you. Love is a lot more complicated than sex. If he doesn’t like you, but you’ve got big tits, he’ll take you home anyway. If you don’t come off easy, he’ll talk to you, and if you’re smart, funny, quick, then he wants to be with you and sex comes along eventually.”

“Like that happened with you.”

“What happened with me was that I siliconed up and went hunting. I found a guy who saw through it all and fell in love with me. I had no idea what love was. I broke up his marriage, in fact his marriage to Sherilyn, then cheated on him, because I needed to be in control. Dr. Rick taught me what a sham that was. When he saw me after my implants had been removed, he told me that the beautiful woman who hid behind them was finally free. You’re finally free Dee, I merely noted the fact that you are realizing the benefits.

“Now, I need your attention on this. R and H Vineyards is one of our biggest supporters across the board. You take the company plane from San Jose tomorrow. They put you up in Santa Maria, their house is in the middle of acres of vineyards, really beautiful.

“The family is both Italian and French and the viniculture has been in both families a millennium or more. Last year, Michel had a heart attack and his son Thierry, had to come home to handle things. We don’t know where we stand with Thierry. Last time we talked he asked for certain conditions. He is about as good a manager as it gets, my hubby may be better, but I’ve actually had that discussion with Thierry, it’s your turn. He’s single, eligible, and beautiful and it’s time for you to meet him.”

Terry picked her up. He’d been raised with these people and Michel’s heart attack called him home, as it did half a dozen other children of servants.

“Mikey,” said Terry, “the older brother stayed in New York. He’s like Michel the fourth actually. In any case Thierry had to come home to take care of the agricultural end of the business. The vineyards range from here up to Washington and also parts of France and Italy. Recently a vineyard in Austria was acquired and I’m slated to go there to check it out in about six months.

“You know agriculture?”

“Viniculture, raised to it.”

“So why Katar and charity work?”

“Old family tradition, you do your time feeding the poor. God gave us all the land, it is held in common, no matter what the deed says. Ideally no child goes to sleep hungry that is done, before profit is taken. Can’t work out perfectly, but we try. Every family member, every servant, since about the fifteenth century serves at least a year in charity.”

She had been clued into a formal dinner and dressed appropriately. She was seated at the right hand of the chair at the head of the table. On the other side of the chair a strikingly beautiful older woman sat, she smiled at Didi as she was seated.

Since Didi had taken German in High School, because her grandmother was German and taught her a lot, she was clueless that Thierry , if he wanted to pass as just an ordinary American guy would call himself ‘Terry’ she got a bit of a shock.

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