The Trophy Case

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Chapter Two

“Sheila says you’re in love with me, true?” he said as he sat down.

“You know Sheila?”

“Because of all this, I speak French, German, Italian and Spanish. We decided on French for Sheila. When Dr. Rick set her up with tutors, I was ordered to teach her French. Now it’s mostly German, she mastered French, but it’s been a while. We speak for an hour, minimum, three days a week. Lately about Dee, and what Dee has to say.”

“And she says that I love you?”

“Actually, that I have to love you because you love me. Sheila finding Tommy was a bit of as miracle, she expects that we are that.”

“Are we?”

He stared pointedly at her chest.

“Okay, yes they were in the way, a lot of things were. Now that it’s turned upside down they’re one less problem. But it’s still upside-down Terry. I was falling in love with someone who was, I thought as broke as I was. Now I’m sitting next to someone who isn’t Terry. Terry never existed, Okay the silver blond, forty-two-inch chest Dee doesn’t either. Thierry and Didi just might be in love, Terry loved Dee, and Dee was really hurt when he left without even a goodbye. You were a lie and I was a lie, now Didi is seated next to Thierry and the lying is over, right down to the plastic lies that used to live in my chest. Love? We have to find out. Your girlfriends at Katar taught me that I didn’t really want to be a trophy wife. And then made that the probable outcome. And the one I didn’t know about spied on me while becoming my best friend. It’s a bad romance novel and I want to meet the author so I can slap him silly.”

After dinner, he led her out into the garden that surrounded three sides of the house. In the early evening it had a distinctive, smell and she asked what it was.

“The statutes of Greek goddesses hold flowers; the statues are called caryatids and they hold white flowers, mostly tuberose and jasmine. Both these flowers seem to be more prominent in twilight. The gardens have different scents at different times during the day. The caryatid flowers hold sway in twilight, as it gets darker they will fade a bit and the night blooms, like the orchids begin to take over.”

He leaned toward her and kissed her. She put her hands around his neck as he drew back and pulled him in for her kiss, which she didn’t end until her new, smaller breasts, were rock hard against his chest.

“I missed that,” she said. “You are a world class kisser and lately, well let’s just say I was in the minor leagues.”

“I thought that’s what you wanted.”

“And you couldn’t eliminate the middle women and just tell me I had a shot at it?”

“Then I’d never be sure. Actually, I was going to have you down here but Craig stopped me. He said he made that mistake with Alexandra, and I shouldn’t make it with you. We should be sure first, and not wait for some disaster to make us sure. That was a week before my father had his heart attack and I had to come back.

“Our last date I was trying to be sure, but it didn’t seem you were. Katie had a plan, and here we are. I’m sure, you have to be.”

She kissed him again, and didn’t really want to let him go.

“I’m still a bit insecure. Katie’s plans didn’t really end that. Tommy was quite attentive until I brought along my intern and then I was yesterday’s old clothes. The thing was that what was happening to me was what I was doing. What I did to you.

“And I got a big peek into that world. The women who were successful at it are vain and so insecure that they need affairs to validate themselves, to prove that they were desirable and that they could control men. Trophy wife is a full-time job, and a lot of work. I met one woman who has had eighteen surgeries, and she’s only thirty-three, to try and maintain looking twenty. The men don’t love them, may not even like them. And they are terrified of getting older. That’s the world I was looking to get into, now, I’m a little frightened I might have.”

“With me?”

“Not really, more losing you than with you.”

“They didn’t teach you everything then. All three of them are happily married, and in love.”

“And Alexandra told me what made that possible for her. What you did to me our last date, and yes, I know because Al told me, Dr. Rick did to her all-night long. Totally dominated her to the point where she was on the verge of suicide. Craig saved her by loving her and getting her past the insecurities.

“In a way, I’m still the white blonde with the big boobs. If we don’t work out, I’ll settle. I’ve had a taste of the rich life and I can’t go back. I’ll become one of them, my principal doctor will be a plastic surgeon, I’ll need to grab men and dominate them to prove I can. And I won’t like me very much.”

“I’m relatively sure we can avoid that. In fact, I think my mother has already decided that.”

“Your mother?”

“Yes, you see when it came to deciding which room to put you in, she insisted on the guest room across the hall from my room. My mother has a thing about rich marriages, her father came here as a picker and ended up married to the daughter of the man who owned the Ford agency in town. Sort of why the family speaks Spanish as well as the other languages.”

“Your father wasn’t at dinner, is he that ill?”

“No, just absent, he’s with Mikey in New York making that a smooth transition to Mikey’s management, like he did here with me.”

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