The Trophy Case

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Chapter Two

“So how did little Roddy work out?” Katie asked as they rode side by side absolutely nowhere, Monday afternoon. Arlette was in red, the outfit she wore when she wanted to be noticed, Katie just wore her dusty pink Danskins, because Jerry once made a comment about how good she looked in them.

“He had a friend named Tony, so I sort of arranged a threesome. They’re both in their twenties and busted their nuts twice each before I got to an orgasm. Little Roddy three times, thank God when they cum that fast their refractory period is short, I almost gave up on an orgasm. It was next door to impossible to keep at least one of them hard. I actually think I’ll concentrate on Tony, at least for a while.”

It wasn’t really hard to pick out Tony, Katie tried to remember whether a lean and hungry look was Biblical or Shakespearian.

“I played with them for half the night after that, God can Tony use his tongue. Had I known I would have started with his face in my cunt and sucked him off. I could have beat off Roddy on the side. It was too bad they both had to go in to work on Saturday or I’d still have Tony’s face tickling my bush. Want a taste?”

“No, I’m not up for that much work. Maybe two in their thirties, but with twenties you have to teach them where your clit is or they stick their tongue up your ass and then expect a kiss.”

Katie made excuses because she had once tried a threesome and it had been a disaster. They’d cum, wham bam and she’d spend half an hour getting them inside her again and wham, bam before she could get restarted. Sexually she talked a lot better game than she played. She played the fetish games, her ex expected a blowjob whenever she had her period, and she dutifully sucked him off. The fact that he occasionally ate her wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. It wasn’t nearly as bad as the three-minute fucks she got most of the time from him before he rolled over like a beached whale and started to snore. He at least ate her pussy like he meant it.

She liked what she taught Jerry to do, satisfy her and then let her squeeze him into a hot shot that ran through her like quicksilver. She talked like she was keeping up with Arlette, thought she was expected to, she was, after all a partner in the Sunnyvale settlement. She let the pig Arlette married eat her out, suck on her tits and fuck her, while smiling for the cameras, so she went along with Arlette and the cougar creed, at least verbally.

Monday and Friday were coed days at the Health Club, Wednesday was lady’s day and the men took the rest of the week except for the fact that it was closed on Sunday. Arlette only did Mondays and Fridays. If there were no men around to appreciate her hard work sculpting a body that made them hard, she didn’t have the time. Katie was a bit less secure and used Wednesdays to be sure she kept up her body to cougar-like standards, which kept her license in force.

Monday and Friday Jerry always joined her, took her to dinner and, unless she begged off, home for the night. This Monday Arlette suggested a foursome, at least as far as the restaurant, Tony had joined them in the juice bar and Katie was getting a bit of a kick out of the mental vision of Tony as a deer caught in the headlights. Arlette could subtly touch a man to near orgasm in a crowd and if you didn’t know what to look for you wouldn’t notice anything. She’d saved Jerry from it once, which became a challenge to Arlette, so Jerry had to save himself. He did, admirably. When they got out of the club, and earshot of anyone but Arlette’s pick up and the three of them, he squared Katie around to face him and said:

“Did you change your perfume or something? God are you turning me on tonight.”

Arlette didn’t try again with Jerry.

The men picked them up at their homes and they did Harvey’s Steaks. Tony drank a martini, his share of the wine and a brandy, so Arlette piled him into his car and took him home to spend the night with his tongue between her legs.

“He’ll probably cum all over his car before they get to Arlette’s,” said Jerry.

“You know what she was doing?”

“She did it to me twice. You stopped her the first time. The second time I came in my shorts when I kissed you in the car.”

“But she was doing it.”

“She was making me hot, just not for her. You’re too much prettier than she is, and I was with you, not her.”

“I’m prettier than Arlette?”


“She used to dance in Vegas.”

“That I believe, she’s got dancer’s legs, no tits and narrow hips. Except for her legs there’s no reason to look and once you’ve seen them you realize that they leave nothing to the imagination. Furthermore, the dancers I’ve known are hard and athletic, and that doesn’t make them good sexual partners. You, on the other hand, look and feel wonderful.”

“Next Saturday my family is having a picnic,” she said. “Can we make an appearance?”

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