The Trophy Case

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Chapter Five

Victoria Roselli added her father’s size to her mother’s figure and at five-eight, one hundred and twenty-five pounds was the girl who got watched when the boys and then the men were girl watching. She skipped over her mother’s natural blond for a deep, almost black shade, made strikingly obvious by her blue eyes. She was single at twenty-nine, because her fiancée drove his Corvette into a concrete abutment at about eighty, seven years earlier, and she was barely out of black.

Ed Kaiser was Tommy’s boss, CEO of Caltrop, along with being its founder. He had been a classmate of Victoria’s through high school, though he doubted she’d remember. He had been a nerd, in fact, if they voted for class nerd in the Yearbook, he’d have probably won. Besides, she was involved with the quarterback, who went on to Southern Cal, and eventually the Bengals, before trying to occupy the same space and time as a concrete barrier on the one oh one. He graduated from Cal Tech, then went to work founding a major company. Still the connection put them together at the reception, as neither had a date.

Ed could be very dynamic in a business meeting, but over twenty years of social marginalization made him a bit reticent around women who he didn’t consider gold diggers. He thought he should say something, but blushed instead.

“You could say something Ed,” she said. “We didn’t get seated together because we’re strangers.”

“You even remember me?”

“World History, American History, Algebra one and two, Trigonometry, Physics, Chemistry and four years of English, did I miss anything?”

“No, I just didn’t think anybody noticed me.”

“There were four guys who got discussed in the girl’s locker room. Hank, I had him. Carl Jessup, who might have made the Olympics in swimming; Davey Collier, whose family owned the packing plant; and you, because we all knew you were going to make it big time. The only thing that amazes me is that you are still single. Every girl noticed you Ed, because we knew that someday you’d be CEO of something, and probably the richest member of the class. Intelligence, leading to a substantial bank account is about as sexy as it gets.”

“They’re around, but mostly brass and glass, about half with an added silicone veneer. No woman seemed interested in me until I could only suspect that it was my bank account and not me they found attractive.”

She laughed, “Peggy Westcroft tried so hard she swore that you had to be gay.”

“I just helped her with her math homework.”

“And she always had a problem with it right before a dance, or a Prom. You were a genius in the classroom, but apparently, outside of it you found one and one an elusive answer.”

“Peggy liked me?”

“Can you dance?”


“Well they’re playing our song.”

Ed was not as retarded on the dance floor as in the middle of small talk. An extensive course in gold digger technology made him a very good dancer, and recognizing this, Vicky made the most of it.

When they got back to the table, Ed was a little more settled, and a little more terrified. Vicky didn’t dance like the ice queen he expected. She took every opportunity to rub her thigh across his crotch and ended with her breasts firmly against his chest. Maybe, just maybe, they weren’t all gold diggers, maybe this one was for real, and if that was so, what was his next move? He did a lot of dating, but never seriously. He’d been in bed with Didi actually, when she was white blond and siliconed. It seemed somehow horribly off base to treat Vicky the same way.

Vicky was a bit fascinated. Ed wasn’t movie star material, but he wasn’t anywhere near plain. He dressed well, actually looked good and the fact that he lost every ounce of poise in her presence was flattering beyond belief. She had fended off a lot of proposals in the past couple years, mostly from pretty boys, the male version of his gold diggers, they shared that actually. She found herself wondering what it would take to get him into bed, without being too overt about it.

“Tommy mentioned that you have a studio apartment.”

“It’s in a single’s only complex,” he answered. “Pool, exercise room, and about a three-star restaurant on the ground floor, work takes up a lot of time, and my office is almost livable, actually has a better bathroom and a bigger closet, so all I really need is a bed.”

“Not into the big house, CEO entertaining mode?”

“All my execs have the showplace places. And I really don’t like playing host.”

“I know, I’m house sitting for Tommy. Sheila wants a honeymoon on Catalina, if you can believe it.”

All of this ended up with Sheila being held from behind in Avalon and Ed giving Victoria a ride ‘home.’

She invited him in for a drink, pulled a bottle from Tommy’s ‘cellar’ behind the bar, and decanted the wine. They had a couple sips, when she told him to hold still.

“You have a drop in the corner of your mouth,” she said, and wiped her finger over the corner of his mouth, then licked it.

“It goes very well with the Sangiovese, let’s see if it stands up on its own.” And she leaned over and kissed him.

A few moments, a couple of sips and kisses later she took his hand. “The guest room’s this way,” she said.

Neither one was a fumbling lover, both had had plenty of practice. They undressed one another slowly, sensually, so that when they slipped between the covers everything was slow and natural. She pulled him on top of her and into her and the orgasm came, and a few moments later the rush.

She laughed, lightly and pulled him into her breasts. “I had the feeling that we’d be good together,” she said.

VIII. Short Girl Appreciation Day

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