The Trophy Case

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Chapter One

Victoria joined the club and pressured Ed, so the distaff group contained Arlette, Alexandra, Katie, Sherilyn and Vicky. Vicky fell easily into the group and when Ed proposed, she went with Sherilyn as Maid of honor and added Sheila and Didi to complete her wedding party. Vicky’s term as the assistant to Alexandra was drawing to a close and would coincide with her marriage. After which she would become a vice-president at Caltrop. Her position at Katar was going to be filled by her niece, working off her year. Madilyn, Maddy, had shown up a couple times and the group was filled in as to her background.

“Maddy was a drive-in indiscretion,” said Vicky one afternoon as they were working out. “Mikey was just seventeen. Being rich and good looking probably elevated his sexual maturity, however. I was seven at the time, so my information came by way of the heating ducts. In any case, from what I gathered, he was damn lucky that Maddy was the only one. The mother was just fifteen. A willowy natural blond he’d surfed with since she was in junior high. She wasn’t exactly the Lone Ranger, seems my dear brother crawled up the leg and into the snatch of most of his better-looking high school girl classmates.

“They weren’t star-crossed lovers and the parents had to roll out the checkbook to save the life of their first grandchild. Maddy is only a little more than two years younger than Thierry, and they ended up being raised as if they were brother and sister. Her father, who didn’t see her that often, tended to spoil her as a child, but Mom got him to back off a bit in high school. She picked up a lot of genes from Mom. Petite, only five one and barely over a hundred, naturally blond with the family trademark blue eyes, and a surfing champion before she left high school.

“She goes to Columbia and lives with her Dad in New York since high school, but can’t wait to get back to the coast to surf with her Grandma.”

“In other words,” said Arlette, “a healthy gorgeous young lady to show up all the old bags at the health club.”

“That’s the way it lays out,” said Katie. “And once Sheila gets settled in at State, we’ll be sunk. Thank God Didi’s staying in Santa Maria.”

Vicky and Ed got married in the Vineyards, the Silicon Valley contingent being flown in on company planes, a skill set Didi had mastered. The Caltrop contingent of the squadron, pushed on to Hawaii with the honeymoon couple.

“Ever hear of the mile-high club?” said Vicky as the plane reached the coast and settled into its cruising altitude.

“Wouldn’t it be cheating to do it on a private jet? I thought it was only sneaking it on a commercial flight. However, not being an expert in the field,” he said as he moved his hand beneath her bra, “it may be a good idea to try it out, I mean I could be wrong.”

“That would be one way to approach the problem,” answered Vicky as she went to work on his shirt and chest.

When they were both topless, Ed licked both her nipples and pulled her into his chest.

“They taste the same,” he said. “Feel just as wonderful up here as down there.” Escalating a bit by running his hands down her back sending shivering little messages down between her legs.

They lost the bottoms rather quickly after that leaving two people a garter belt and a pair of nylons to slip beneath a much larger blanket than you usually get on an airplane.

He got his fingers inside her and stroked the inside of her cervix while gently rolling his thumb over her clit. This combination was her G spot and it didn’t take long for her to inform him that that also worked at altitude.

She rolled him over on his back, straddled him and just barely let him in, kegeling the beginning and rocking back and forth a couple times before letting go and impaling herself.

Pinned he took a while to cum, minutes she loved. Then he lit her up like a Christmas tree.

She lay there, panting softly. “Was it any better?”

“Better? Well, it definitely was not a misfire. But better? Hell, I can’t rank them with you, and no, it didn’t top Tommy’s house, when I knew I’d stalk you the rest of my life. Nice of you to agree.”


“So, I call up Didi when we land send the plane back and book us home in first class with sleeper seats.”

“That would be the next way to approach the problem,” she said and laid her breasts across his chest and kissed him before putting their cheeks together and sighing contentedly.

Maddy didn’t trust men. Well, most men. Thierry didn’t count, but he was her technically uncle, in reality brother. The reason was simple; she had daddy issues in violet spades. She knew who she was, a mistake in a drive-in movie. Her “biological” mother met her exactly twice, and neither worked out well. The world thought she was Connie and Michel’s last, late life child. But she was never lied to. She knew.

She actually wondered if she was American. When her mother started showing, she took a trip with Connie, and Maddy had been born in Zurich. Signed sealed and delivered, literally, she didn’t see her “mother” again for eighteen years. Of course, she didn’t learn that rich, attentive older brother Mikey was her father until she was sixteen.

Four years with her “bachelor” father, while he bedded the rich and celebrated was hardly a cure. But when push came to shove, no man she ever met could hold a candle to her grandfather, she really doubted that any man alive could blow that candle out.

Elliot Majors didn’t know the story. A software designer for Katar, he met her on Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz, surfing. They wiped out together, next to each other, got caught in the undertow, grabbed each other and popped up together laughing. When two people get caught in the same undertow they grab each other to prevent banging together and injury. The curious thing about this particular case is that, for some reason Elliot did not want to let go. They didn’t speak, and Elliot did let go.

Four days later, Maddy turned around in Katar’s cafeteria and there was Elliot.

“I know you, don’t I?” she said.

“Hasn’t even been a week since I held you in my arms.”

“Steamer’s. We rode the undertow together.”

“That would be us, a few people on shore noted that we made a cute couple. I’m Elliot by the way.”

“Madelyn, well…Maddy, nice to bump into you again. Obviously, we work together.”

“Rather amazing in that I didn’t recognize you. I’ve been here five years and all it would have taken is a glance. You’re rather unforgettable.”

“Even without my boobs in your chest?”

“I think it’s a little too public to test that here.”

“I started Monday.”

“So, has anyone taken you to dinner yet?”

“Not that I recall, is it traditional?”

“Haven’t you read the employee handbook? It’s mandatory.”

“I see. So, you’ve been delegated with the responsibility?”

“Memo this morning.”

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