The Trophy Case

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Chapter Two

He picked her up, literally when they got to his car. He brought their chests together and lifted her off her feet. She chuckled figuring out why.

“It’s all coming back to me now,” he said as he deposited her back on solid ground. For the second time, he didn’t want to let go, for her it was the first time she didn’t want him to.

Sometimes two human bodies know they want to be together. In the natural state that usually resulted in children, in the civilized World it crystallized into a frustrating, ritualized dance around the fact that nature was demanding to be furthered and society demanding a large and impressive set of rules be applied. Love at first sight happens all the time, the Beatles mentioned that somewhere. Actually, any sense will do. Here were two people who met in an undertow, and the sense of touch provided the impetus (pompatus?).

Society won the first night by a nose. Or maybe it was the shoes. She wore one inch heels and making out while standing, after prime rib and a bottle of Pinot Noir was a bit wearing as Elliot was six two, and Maddy was a short girl. So, it ended up a few kisses and two gropes short of an invitation inside. Three-inch heels and it would have been a slam-dunk.

Elliot was surprised by the memo, a ten o’clock with the COO, Craig Roberts. He was mid project and there really wasn’t much to discuss.

Craig threw a membership card across the desk and handed him a schedule.

“Your last physical showed you’ve gained over ten pounds and your cholesterol is too high. You’re no good to us if you drop dead of a heart attack mid-project,” said Craig. “The first year is paid for, you work out with us, and you get back in shape. Be ready after work.”

Whether Elliot was aware of it or not, he just joined the real board of directors, the one with bi-weekly meetings at Sunny Vale Fitness. Alexandra made the same appointment for Maddy that same morning. Between Alexandra, Arlette and Katie there were no secrets at Katar except the ones the three of them only told each other.

Elliot was surprised to see Maddy at the club. And it was actually a bit surprising how a two-hour workout could involve so much physical contact. The end result of which was by the time they showered and went to the juice bar, she had her arm around his waist while his was on her shoulders.

Arlette almost made a “cute” comment but Sherilyn stopped her.

“It’s premature,” she said. “Wait until Monday, it’s scheduled to get cuter.”

“I have a rack of ribs in my slow cooker.” Said Maddy as they walked out into the parking lot.

“A whole rack?”

“I was planning on asking this big, strong man to come over and cut them up for me.”

“I don’t recall that,” Elliot said.

She spun him around to face her and threw herself grabbing around his neck, he was surprised but managed to get his hands on her butt to hold her up.

“How about now,” she whispered, throwing her breasts against his chest and blowing the words into his ear.

“This new memory technique is amazing,” he said releasing her behind and allowing her to slide down him.

Across the lot Arlette raised an eyebrow at Sherilyn.

“I told you it was slated to get cuter,” she said.

They got in the door and he was focused on ribs. She spun him to face her stuck her tongue in his mouth and her leg behind his to trip him onto the sofa. She ripped open his shirt, lost her top, without a bra and just buried herself in him.

“There is only so much contact a girl can take,” she said, rubbing her chest against his. It’s Friday and I hope you realize that you’re not leaving here until you might be late for work on Monday.”

“I really don’t think this is wise,” he said. “This happens and you won’t have a lot of time to consider whether or not you want me underfoot.”

“Yeah, right,” she answered. “Don’t do it, it’s too heavy? Heard it before. Actually, it’s Daddy’s line. I need to touch you; you need to touch me. If that’s still true tomorrow morning, yeah, it’s heavy if it’s mutual, and we’ll deal with it tomorrow morning, right now you’re the mighty mastodon hunter and the best mastodon chunks are in the slow cooker and you need to feed them to me because I’m the prettiest cave girl in creation, at least that’s what Darwin says.”

Elliot sliced the ribs and they fed each other, topless. They also wiped their hands off on their chests and had the other one lick off the barbeque sauce. With her last rib Maddy wiped her hands on the inside of her legs from her knees up to the bottom of her Daisy Dukes. Elliot knelt down in front of her chair and licked her legs clean, his tongue occasionally tickling her panty line under the cutoff jeans.

In bed, Elliot went right for the back of her pelvic bone, having found that it was the best shot at producing a quick orgasm. She hid the first two orgasms successfully, but the third was overkill and she couldn’t help but vocalize it a bit. She rolled him on his back threw her leg over him and slid down onto him. He turned them on their sides pulled her leg over him which allowed him the massage her around the back of her leg. This effectively stopped her from getting to her knees and whipping him into a climax. His hand inside her was sending out little messages of pleasure and she drifted with them for a while. Then he rolled her back on top, put both his hands on her behind and messaged himself into an explosion that she felt all the way to her fingertips. Then she just folded up in his arms.

She dozed a bit but came wide-awake when she felt him hardening against her thigh. She felt a bit dominated the first time and her turn was coming up. She rubbed the rest of the stiffness into it, flipped him on his back and got the tip inside her. Then on her hands and knees she whipped back and forth really working over his most sensitive part, and then she relaxed and fell on him. She repeated this three times before he came, amazingly almost as strongly as the first time. Then she kissed him, lay her leg over his, put her hand on his stomach, her cheek on his shoulder and went to sleep.

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