The Trophy Case

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Chapter Three

“Elle Fredrickson is becoming a problem,” said Katie. “She’s pretty much seduced every single senior employee we have, and it isn’t giving workplace harmony a big boost.”

“I could have Roger weaponize one of them,” said Arlette.

“We could mention it to George,” said Alexandra, with a shiver of remembrance.

“Jeez,” said Maddy, “she’s only twenty-four. I work with them all the time and they’re like ancient. I mean…ick.”

“Ancient? Thanks for the ray of sunshine, Barbie,” answered Arlette.

Then Maddy erupted with a brief squeal of laughter.

“Way to pile insult on injury Blondie,” remarked Arlette, slowly edging up on a temper outburst.

“It isn’t that,” said Maddy, “I just got a wicked idea.”

“Please don’t keep us in suspense,” said Arlette.

“Well, my brother Mikey’s coming to the Beach Bash in two weeks. Suppose I set him up with my good friend Elle. Mikey deflates celebrities, fucks them blue, plays with their emotions, and when he’s totally stripped them bare, shows them the door.”

“You’d set up your father?”

“Oh, that’s right, you know. Then you know why I would.”

“I think George always gets invited, but never comes. He and Michel go back a ways,” said Katie.

“If he has an invite,” said Arlette, “I believe I can procure him.”

“Alana?’ asked Katie.

“She owes me for Harold.”

“I’ll check on the invitation,” said Maddy.

Alana found it rather easy to get George to agree. It was actually the first place she had asked to be taken in almost a year and a half. He’d actually been hoping for more social contact with her. She was his hostess and escort, but ever since the evening at her house, he wanted a bit more. He knew that Adele had thrown them together on purpose; hoping to develop something for the two of them and the family. He took it slow, well over a year before he made an advance. Her reaction to that surprised him.

Alana’s reputation, aside from the rather obvious gold digger stance she assumed, was that she was an ice-cold bitch. Both her husbands testified to her lack of prowess between the sheets and lack of affection generally. What he found is that she was great between the sheets, if he treated her gently, and extremely affectionate with him once he did. From this he concluded that her husbands liked their sex rough and fast, and she hated it.

In other words, George had come to the conclusion that most of their friends had already arrived at: Alana and George were headed somewhere…together.

The private beach was cordoned off. Connie always made sure her private parties stayed private. Three barrels were set up, Zinfindel, Merlot and Pinot Gris. The party began on Friday evening when the pig was unearthed from the fire pit and the barrels tapped. Guests stayed at the Pines or the Castle, both three star hotels which is about as good as Central coast hotels ever get, a few had houses in Cambria Pines and some guests shared them.

The Rossellis had two beach houses, Connie and Michel used the smaller one while Thierry and Didi took over the other. The Fredricksons stayed with Michel and Connie, George and Michel beginning the cribbage game which would last the weekend on and off. Maddy, Mikey, Vicky and Ed shared the larger five- bedroom house with Thierry and Didi, however, by the time it was time to tap the kegs, Elle Fredrickson had taken the fifth bedroom. Mikey was both that fast and that smooth.

Elle was an impressive looking girl, five-seven, one twenty, leggy with 36 inch breasts, she could pass for anywhere between twenty-one and thirty, at twenty- four she had too many hard lines in her face to look her age. She grew up around Alana and, as much as possible, tried to emulate her mother’s best friend. Since she took both a brassy and ice lady stance, rarely smiled or blushed, her sexual experience was much like Alana’s, wham, bam, thank you ma’am. The fact that sex wasn’t all that good also helped her maintain both the ice maiden poise and control of the opposite gender everywhere but on the bed. She was just the type of woman Mikey liked to take down a peg or two and so his daughter had little trouble arranging for just that.

Chloe, at twenty, was a major contrast to Elle and people often had a hard time believing that they were sisters. Five-three, a little heavy in the hip with wide thighs, one-twenty with impressive 38 Ds. Her sister overshadowed her all her life. She was a virgin just in pure rebellion to her brassy, slutty sister. However, she had a flat stomach, and in a bikini drew a lot of looks. She took after her mother; she was Momma’s girl and took her mother’s passing harder than even her father.

The early arrivals caught some nice waves, and the party started the inevitable pairing off, which was when Mikey arranged for Elle to change residences. Elle had started to stretch before taking to her board and Mikey offered a massage to make sure she was really loose out in the surf. Then he lit up her erogenous zones, inside her elbows and knees, using her back to draw blood between her legs. He barely arranged for the address change when she noticed her yellow bikini bottoms were showing her excitement and her bikini bra was displaying two rock hard points, so she grabbed her board and hoped the surf hid everything.

Mikey had a lot in common with Dr. Rick Crown, who was staying at the Pines with his wife Sherilyn. A very controlling gold digger type made his last year in grad school memorable, before she dumped him for a football star who made it all the way to a start, as reserve wide receiver for the Chargers, before being knocked onto injured reserve on his second play from scrimmage. Like Dr. Rick, he learned how to seduce them, and was on a campaign to eliminate them through humiliation. He’d slowed down over the last four years, but Elle was just too archetypal to pass up, and his daughter cum sister had asked.

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