The Trophy Case

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Chapter Three

On Monday they usually went to Saratoga, on Friday to Los Altos, it was easy and worked out well, but occasionally the routine was varied. Both Katie’s family and Jerry’s expected some family participation, weddings, funerals and such things as reunions and picnics. They brought each other, were treated like dog meat because of their age difference and left early. He tried to tell her it wasn’t that great, seven years at the time didn’t cover the difference in life expectancy. No one seemed to buy the argument.

The Friday before the picnic, in Saratoga, it took Rosie and her sisters over an hour to get that little cry that allowed him to relax and be squeezed into satisfying himself.

“What’s going on?” he asked her, gently massaging her breast and looking into her eyes.

She teared up and turned her head away. He brought her head around and wouldn’t let her turn away.

“Don’t turn away from me Katie, what’s going on?”

“I don’t fit. “

“What in hell does that mean?”

“I don’t fit in my own family. I bring the man I love to their parties and I’m treated like crap. My best friend takes home children and molests them, and the children go out and brag about that and more children show up and stand in line to get molested.”

“They aren’t children. They are in their twenties and thirties, I’m thirty Katie, only thirty and you know that’s only been for a month. I’m not a child Katie. Could a child make love to you like I do? Please, you’re beautiful and desirable and wonderful, just because your family doesn’t understand that yet doesn’t mean they won’t. I love you. And it’s just too god damn bad your parents got so fucking hot that they fucked each other and had you seven years too early. Your parents were too goddamned horny and it’s all their fault.”

He lowered his hand slowly down across her stomach, and it only took Rosie about twenty minutes. It took her maybe two minutes to do him, and they woke up Saturday morning with her on top of him, and unwilling to surrender the position.

”I actually like your family’s functions,” he said as they drove up to Alum Rock Park.

“Why? You’re a masochist? They treat us like dirt. “

“I’m with a girl in bike shorts and a sports bra…”

“I do it to bug them.”

“I’m with a girl in bike shorts and a sports bra and sandals who is about as beautiful as a woman gets, and it is about the only place we go where she shows it off, struts it, tells the whole goddamn world I am the greatest stud there is. How do you know? Look. Look at the woman I’m with, you’re that good? Let’s see her.”

“You think I’m that pretty?”

“I think you’re Katie, and pretty is too weak a term to describe Katie.”

“Okay, let’s not leave early, let’s match them insult for insult, stare them down and make them accept us.”

“If we do it right, it’ll be the last picnic we’re invited to, weddings and funerals will be the limit. “

“Oh yeah Jerry, that would be a disaster.”

“Only if you promise to do it with my family.”

She spit on her palm and offered it, he took his hand off the wheel spit on it and offered it, “deal” he said.

“By the way, did you tell me last night that you loved me?”

“As I recall, I did. Women are so damn dense. You need to be told the obvious. Is the sky blue? Do I love you? Yes, and that preceded last night by a long long time. You haven’t said that you love me yet. Do you?”

“You don’t know I do?”


“Pull the car over.”

She dug her clit as far as she could into his thigh. She stuck her tongue as far as she could into his mouth, rubbed herself into an orgasm on his thigh.

“I pretty much love you, and I think I just proved that, I already smell like I fell in a vat of fish, you want to smell too, you bet I can’t jack you off before you get to the park?”

He dropped his pants put her hand between his legs, his mouth over hers and said, ’’hurry up, we’re late.”

They successfully matched her family insult for insult, and added a few because before, they had been unfailingly polite. For example, her cousin Caroline was feeding an infant from a bottle and he said pointedly, “Is that what you have to do if you don’t have any tits?”

“Apparently,” she answered.

It hit home because Caroline was flat-chested and had been self-conscious about it since high school. Nor was Caroline the only target, by the time dusk fell and they packed up nearly every relative Katie had had been the target of at least one insult, and most had been skewered more than once.

’That was fun,” he said as he put his hand on the bottom of her bike shorts and slowly started to climb her leg.

“Tell me they didn’t deserve it.”

“We have been very bad and I think we need to be sent to bed without supper.” He reached her crotch about then and rubbing her through the thick nylon was starting to give her chills. Then he reached up under her sports bra and started on her nipple.

She pulled him toward her and kissed him. Everyone could see them as the filed out to their cars, which is what he expected to happen. He climbed up to the top of and then down inside the bike shorts, the material was made to stretch and he used it to his advantage. She kept her mouth on his because he was getting to her big time and she would be squealing in no time at all if her tongue left his mouth.

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