The Trophy Case

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Chapter Five

Eric was a bit of a black sheep. His father ran the Ford agency in Santa Maria, as well as the Toyota agency; both were owned by his family, going back to his great grandfather. His brother was heavily involved; he was not. He graduated community college with a degree in literature, and talked the family into a used bookstore in San Luis Obispo that barely supported him. Well, ‘rich relations give, a crust of bread and such’ so he always got an invitation to his aunt Connie’s Beach Bashes. He liked to read, and to surf, so he always showed. He drove in, his apartment over the store usually made that easy. The two other apartments in the building barely made the mortgage, and when they were in transition he lived on peanut butter sandwiches.

He went to surf, maybe cage a buck or two from people he talked into book collecting. So, on Friday he left the store in his clerk’s hands for the weekend, figuring he would be cheated and started to surf early. He rode easily, when he was eighteen the family financed him to Macaha with his cousin Maddy. Both of them had gathered a trophy or two and he regretted they were so closely related.

His fourth ride he got too close to another rider. When they hit the pipeline, she tumbled back into him. He grabbed her and kicked his board forward while diving backward into the wave and under to miss the falling boards.

Maddy and Elliot retrieved their boards and waited as they body surfed in.

“Funny,” said Maddy, as they walked up and took their boards. “Elliot and I met the same way, although we did catch an undertow to cement the relationship. Anywhoo, Chloe meet my cousin, Eric Perez. Eric, the person you just saved is Chloe Fredrickson.”

Both Eric and Chloe blushed as Maddy and Elliot walked toward their boards.

“I’m really sorry,” said Chloe, “it sort of caught me off balance.”

“I’m not,” answered Eric behind a blush. “Holding onto a pretty girl is a plus in my book.”

All of which goes to show that the socially inept shouldn’t paraphrase pick-up lines they read in romances. When that happens, you get two people turning a lovely shade of red and too embarrassed to say anything for a while.

When they finally turned flesh color again Eric asked: “Are you from Silicon Valley? Don’t recognize you as a local.”

“My Dad’s an old friend of Michel and Connie, the family owns American Micro.”

“Fredrickson. George Fredrickson, your Dad?”

“Uh huh. You’re Maddy’s cousin. Viniculture or cars?”

“Well, I’m on the car side of the family, but I have a used/antiquarian bookstore in San Luis.”

“Now that’s cool. Are you a typical bookseller?”

“What do you mean?”

“Sit behind the counter and read all day, and don’t want to sell any of your treasures.”

“Not really, I have a desk.”

“Maybe you’ll show me sometime.”

“How about tomorrow? Saturday is usually a bit slow at these things. The wine comes out tonight so the number of hangovers generally slows down Saturdays.”

“I’d like that,” she said.

Mikey caught the last set of the day and stayed close to Elle. His massage spun her around a bit. She really wasn’t used to getting hot without some pretty heavy groping going on. The fact that Mikey did it with a seemingly harmless massage wasn’t really computing. Did he mean to? Did she have a subconscious thing for him? She didn’t like being turned on with no way to do anything about it, even though that thing might be her vibrator.

Mikey sat her in front of him on the ATV that pulled a trailer to carry the surfboards back and forth from the beach. His arms went around her, putting his biceps along the sides of her breasts, the action of the ATV forcing a sort of massage. It did the same thing down her back as the seat forced her back into him. When he talked, he did so lowly, blowing the words across the sensitive side of her neck. When he finally got off, she was in pretty much the same state she was after the massage.

He followed her into her room and shut the door. She turned to him and he kissed her, the second time adding a bit of tongue, which she responded to in kind. She sat on the bed and he removed her top while gently brushing her exposed skin which was beginning to come up goose bumps. He lay her back, putting his thigh between her legs and orally stimulating her breast before coming up to kiss her again.

For Elle, nothing was computing. Her bottom was still on, nothing was getting mauled, his fingers just lightly brushing her tit and nipple, and she was about as hot as any man ever made her.

Mikey kept this up for quite a while, rolling his thigh on her and feeling her get hot and damp against it.

After a while he rolled his leg off of her and undid her yellow bikini bottom. Her first thought stiffened her a bit. She pretty much expected to be slammed, and usually it was a pain/pleasure experience. Instead Mikey brought his hand up the inside of her leg rolled his thumb across her clit and slipped his fingers inside her. He found her G spot rather quickly, the one she didn’t really know she had, and she experienced her first orgasm that wasn’t mechanically created. She got two more before he pulled her up on her side, entered her and spun her on top.

She was ready to go wild herself but he kept his hands on her ass, massaging it deeper and deeper into him. He moved her in a circular motion, rubbing her clit against him and building another orgasm. He came shortly after she did and she felt it to the tips of her toes and fingers. When he pulled out, she whimpered softly.

“Come on,” he said. “We’ll shower and we should be ready for the opening and the buffet.”

X. Pillow Talk

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