The Trophy Case

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Chapter Three

Elle came by shortly after Chloe left. Both Alana and Connie had come down, in beach attire. Both women had bikini bodies, and that was why most people found it hard to believe that Connie was in her sixties and Alana pushing fifty.

Michel was pleading his case to be allowed a couple rides so Elle just went upstairs and picked up her last suitcase. When she hit the bottom of the stairs she said:” Dad, remember that old trunk Mom used to take on cruises? The one you could hang stuff in?”

“It’s down in the basement, don’t know what’s in it though, why?”

“I’m going to New York with Mikey and we can take it on his plane. It’ll be a lot easier to pack.”

Connie and Alana looked at each other and headed for the door.

Connie was well aware of her son’s reputation, and extracurricular hobby. And Alana knew the reputation, the hobby and from fending off his advances.

Elle started to follow, but her father brought her up short. “You don’t want to follow them,” George said. “You might learn a few things you really don’t want to know.”

“But they’ll screw us up. And I just couldn’t take that.”

“This is very unMikey,” said Michel. “I’d actually like to know what’s happening myself. But I’m sure if we wait all will be revealed.

They both heard the yelling from inside the house when they hit the front yard. Apparently, Elle told Maddy as she was going out.

“We told you to seduce her, not fucking fall in love with her. What’s the fucking matter with you, shit she’s only three years older than I am.”

“You misread her.”

“Misread what? She’s fucking bagged half the damn senior staff of two companies. She’s not a fucking slut?”

“No, she’s not.”

“Well, I for one would like to know what you think she is,” screamed Alana.

“A scared little girl trying to insulate herself. You should understand, hell you’ve done it all your life. Excite the men you make love to until they are fast and rough, so you never have to deal with intimacy. Then use the idea of sex to dominate them. She was only emulating you.

“What is she? A beautiful, frightened young woman who, right now is terrified of losing the only real romantic love she’s ever had. I am both ashamed of that and happy as hell it happened. Elle is a sweet and beautiful woman, I’m damn lucky to have the chance to love her and to get to know her better, because I’m sure it will only make me love her more. And if it doesn’t work out between us, she’ll be a lot better off than the sad man-eating machine this will make of her if I walk away.”

“Well, Connie,” said Alana, “he’s your son; your turn to yell at him. I’ve got at least one near future step daughter I need to talk to.”

Alana walked in, and looked at George. “Tell her,” she said.

“Alana and I are getting married; in fact, in Vegas probably next Thursday. But you need her now, so I’m telling you.”

Then Alana just looked at Elle. “Upstairs, now.” She said.

Elle sat on the bed. Alana paced.

“What did he do?”

“Made love to me. He didn’t squeeze my tits. He didn’t jam himself into me before I was ready. Didn’t slam me so hard it hurt the next day. He touched, gently, slowly until I wanted to be touched more. It frightened me. I was out of control, everything was. Twice yesterday, the second time was heaven and hell, because I started thinking that it would never happen again.

“So, after he went to sleep I just started to cry. He woke up and held me. He made me look at him, then he told me we were going to New York.”

“Told you or asked you?”

“Shit I don’t know. Does it make a difference? I was just so damn happy it’s a fucking tear-filled blur.”

“I’m sorry Elle.”

“For what?”

“For being the broad who excited men into mauling her tits and slamming her. Your father was the first man to actually make love to me. I’m happy for you, because you could have been me. You could have waited almost thirty years to be loved. So, what happened after that?”

“I asked him why, and he licked my nipple and told me he was addicted to the taste. Then he kept it up. Then he licked me and touched me all over. Between the orgasms and the thrills, I just lost myself in him.

“He held me the rest of the night. And in the morning, I said ‘I love you’ and he said, ‘love you more.’”

“Wait for Connie to get back. Pack maybe a week, travel light; I’ll be in New York Monday, both your Dad and Mikey will go to work. We’ll go shopping. Tuesday I’ll be busy, but you give him a fashion show. Wednesday you’ll know how to dress for him, and we’ll exchange, return and fine-tune your New York wardrobe to fit your man. Sound like a plan?”

The tears started dripping off of Elle’s face. “It’s going to be OK?”

“OK? You just dodged a bullet. Who do you like better, the person you were Friday morning or the person you are now?”


“Then when Connie gets back you go tell him that.”

Chloe didn’t show until early evening. Elle had already left, so Alana filled her in.

“Wow,” said Chloe, “and I actually envied her. I guess cool isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Can we talk?”


“What’s an orgasm feel like?”

Alana looked at her fairly hard.

“No, I’m still a virgin. All that came off was my sports bra and frankly it hurt when my nipples got hard.”

“OK. Like holding a sneeze all day, then sneezing.”

“Maybe like holding a piss all day?”

“Probably more accurate.”

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