The Trophy Case

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Chapter Four

By Saturday afternoon with a couple hours of surf’s up and the rest of the wine barrels the party shook off the Saturday morning lethargy and resumed with a vengeance.

Elle freed from packing and hanging on to Mikey actually was a changed person. Smiling freely and flirting a bit, she surprised everyone she knew.

Eric actually joined the party, when he normally would have left as soon as the surf died and he overate. Throughout most of the evening some feature of his anatomy was being placed in intimate contact with a D cup.

Connie relented and Michel actually got to surf a set with the strict understanding that if he had a heart attack and died he couldn’t expect Connie to forgive him.

The weekend party effectively changed the Fredrickson family, which came as a major surprise to the only member who didn’t attend. Kevin had a lot to deal with including a brand-new stepmother and a very late life Oedipus complex.

One person was decidedly not enjoying the evening and also for reasons Sigmund would understand.

“She’s only three years older than I am, damn it,” said Maddy, with a heavy undertone of anger.

Elliot who had noticed her upset had his arm around her sitting at the Katar and friends bonfire.

“And it’s all my damn fault,” Maddy continued. “With my luck he’ll fucking marry her, and where would that leave me? I’m ambiguous enough without taking a giant step towards being my own grandma.”

“Well, friends we choose, relatives are inflicted on us by God and in-laws are our relative’s opinion that life is not to be enjoyed,” quoted Arlette from somewhere she had forgotten.

“Alana has really mellowed out,” said Katie. “She’s actually a nice person now. Maybe Elle will follow the same path.”

“Well she certainly went to school on Alana’s bitch side,” said Maddy with an implied sneer in her voice.

“This is a brand-new side of big brother,” added Vicky, “and I don’t hold out a lot of hope for it. Mikey hasn’t stayed true to one woman since he left Mom’s tit. You wanted to punish her? Well you ain’t seen nothing yet. She’s just another toy he’ll play with until she breaks then he’ll chuck her out with the next trash pick-up.”

Tommy hugged Sheila a little tighter. “You can’t discount love at first sight,” he said. “You’ve seen it with a much larger gap.”

“And if she got frightened, cried, and he made it better?” continued Sheila, “she’s gone, over and out.”

“She’s only half the equation,” said Maddy. “Like Vicky said, this isn’t the Mikey we all love and adore.”

“Men change,” said Roger. “Take me for example.” He reached around Arlette unobtrusively. “Started out with the idea that she was safe, no entanglements possible. Friends with benefits, then inseparable friends, and now I wake up each morning, look at her and realize she’s prettier and I am more in love with her than I was the day before.”

While he was talking, he was touching, something he was very good at, and Arlette felt it too late to respond in kind.

Arlette got up, looked at her watch, “Well, if I don’t get my beauty sleep, I won’t be prettier tomorrow.” She reached down and hoisted Roger to his feet. “Come young Lochivar, I crave kisses between the tears and the wine.”

“So daring in love, and so dauntless in war,” quoted Jerry with a chuckle.

“Deserting me now?” said Maddy. “They’ll revoke your snarky bitches’ license.”

Elliot pulled her over on her back and stuck his tongue in her mouth. Then moved his hand under his body so he could get under her bra with his fingers undetected. She tried to talk, but each time he got his tongue back in her. When his free hand hit her knee, she gave in.

“Going to bed, aren’t we?” she whispered.

“We are,” he whispered back as he simultaneously brushed her nipple and behind her knee.

Two by two they wandered off until only Ed and Vicky were left. The night wind was playing with the fire, and they had appropriated some of the blankets left by the others. Under the blankets Ed had taken off her bra and was gently brushing her nipples.

“Ever try it by a bonfire on the beach in a crowd?” he asked. Joining the mile-high club somewhere over the Pacific in a darkened first-class cabin had turned them both into thrill seekers.

Vicky reached down in his trunks and pulled the string that tied them. “Love or war?” she said.


“I’m trying to decide whether to be daring or dauntless.”

“Let me get a little nibble first,” said Ed, ducking under the covers and applying himself to some serious oral stimulation of her bare breasts.

Vicky’s tits where major with her and she lay back luxuriating in Ed’s licks, touches and occasional gentle nibbles.

After a while he untied her bikini bottoms and slipped into her favorite spots. This was the biggest challenge that always waited their more daring encounters. Vicky loved to moan out her orgasm. Stifling it held up the proceedings a bit. However, this night Ed’s stellar work upstairs smoothed over the waiting time.

She pushed him on his back, got on her knees and teased him a bit before dropping on him impaling herself. She wanted to get on top because her tits were super sensitive and she wanted to rub them over his chest, sending all those little thrills that had her shivering down between her legs. And pinning him beneath her, he couldn’t move that much, so they lasted quite a while, which was perfectly all right with her.

Finally, he blasted her, and they slowly separated under the blankets so as not to give anything away. They dressed and walked back to the house.

“I really felt like moaning tonight,” she said.

“It’s not skydiving, we can try again,” he answered.

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