The Trophy Case

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Chapter One

Chloe drove up Friday night, patience was not a virtue she currently possessed. She brought a bag upstairs and loaded a rack of ribs, a corn beef, cole slaw, onions, eggs and a homemade batch of bourbon laced barbeque sauce into the refrigerator, leaving a rye/pumpernickel marble loaf, a can of hash, English muffins and an unopened bottle of Russian dressing on the counter. Then she turned around and kissed him.

“Can we talk a little salary advance?” she asked. “I am on the pill, but the doctor said to be safe I should wait until a new cycle starts. That’s about two weeks. That OK?”

“About that,” he said, “I think I should probably tell you something.”


“Well, remember when you told me you were a virgin? I should have told you that you weren’t alone. I’ve copped a few feels over the years, if that counts as second base, never actually made out topless before. Third base, just once, and it was really expensive.”

“And I was so counting on your expertise,” she said, “but then all we have to do is practice what we preach. We read in and out of the store and there is a whole section to read, with the added advantage of an overstuffed, really comfy old couch to experiment on. Come on, I’ve got an idea.”

She had him open the store and walked to the bookshelf alcove that he kept gated, opened the gate and looked for what she remembered. There were five copies, two of The Sensuous Woman and three of The Sensuous Man. She left the first editions and grabbed a set from the reading copies. Then watched him lock up again, and they climbed back up to the top floor.

“Okay,” she said, “We should probably start at the beginning, just first base. Read, and if it’s on first base, we try it.”

Eric found the first erotic zone, and it didn’t make a lot of sense to him. Ears just weren’t especially sexy. There were a couple things to try, so he tried. He blew lightly into her ear, and then stuck his tongue in. She felt it in her crotch and returned the gesture. Then she went after her first discovery, the neck below his ear. So they returned to reading a bit shaky.

“It says here,” stated Eric, “that French kissing is most sensuous when you lick the roof of the other person’s mouth and that licking their lips also has benefits attached.”

Well all that was apparently more information than they needed. Once they started kissing and necking and earing, they only broke for air.

Finally Chloe had had enough and pulled Eric’s tee shirt off of him, unbuttoned her specially chosen yellow blouse with the peter pan collar, unhooked her bra and threw them in a corner. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, Eric had just read three things to do when faced with a naked breast.

Chloe had dressed carefully. She wore a poodle skirt with bobby sox and saddle shoes. This, of course left only a skimpy pair of cotton panties to replicate her bike shorts. Eric finished with her right tit and started on her left, when she undid his jeans and forced his hand under her poodle skirt and cotton panties.

This textile free exploration of third base was as successful, if not more successful than the textile inhibited one.

She felt him cum in her hand, which actually pushed her over the edge, leaving the two of them embracing and shaking.

“Maybe those are a little more advanced than we are equipped to handle,” she finally got out.

“Two weeks? Jesus, I want you so bad,” Eric said. “So, which ceiling would you rather stare at in frustration all night? Living room or bedroom?”

“Well sleeping in the same bed definitely would be both unwise and unsafe,” She answered. “I almost stuck something else under my skirt.”

“I almost did too. You still think this is a good idea?”

“Well, what you did to my tits was fucking amazing. God, they’re still tingling.”

Chloe cut the ribs in half, threw them in the slow cooker, covered them with Barbeque sauce and set it to low. The hash was nearly done when Eric walked in. Chloe was in a long woolen granny nightgown, loose enough to show everything below her ankles.

“Thank God,” he said, “I was scared to come in and find you in baby dolls.”

“Well you could close your robe. That’s a two-way street and with your abs my nipples are already getting hard.”

After they ate Chloe went in to change telling him: “Yesterday I went fifties, today and tomorrow sixties.”

She came out in a black dress that draped out over her shoulders and bosom, showing at least half her thigh. She added bright yellow panty hose and black go-go boots.

Eric just ducked into the bathroom reminding himself that he could masturbate in the shower, which he did.

Sex apparently sells, because Back Story Books had its best day ever. Good enough that he had to go to his storage unit and bring back a couple boxes of books. The drawback was that he spent the day wanting to punch out half the men in downtown San Luis Obispo for the way they looked at Chloe.

Sunday was better, and they had managed to limit themselves to third base again.

“Can I change my assessment of you?” He asked before they retreated to bed and couch Saturday night.

“From what to what?”

“From pretty and sexy to drop dead beautiful.”

She just blushed, put on her granny nightgown and hugged herself to sleep.

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