The Trophy Case

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Chapter Four

Ed and Vicky hired Maddy away from Katar to head Caltrop’s Charity division when her charity year ended. It would have been a major trauma if Katar and Caltrop’s charity divisions weren’t pretty much in collusion to produce the best possible write-off profiles for both companies. In other words, Maddy got an executive salary for doing pretty much the same thing she had been doing, with the same group she had been doing it with.

While Maddy’s professional life was climbing, however, her personal life had acquired a major thorn. Elle Fredrickson was about to become a relative. The kicker there was which relative she was going to become, and the family had just recently decided that Maddy should make that choice.

Legally, Elle would be her sister-in-law, that wasn’t in question, what was in question was whether or not Elle would be told the truth. The truth being that she was actually becoming Maddy’s stepmother.

Those who knew the problem were pretty well divided on it, which was no help at all. Sister/Aunt Vicky headed up the ‘truth must out’ group, while her husband, Elliot, the Katar trinity of Arlette, Katie and Alexandra and her brother/Uncle Thierry favored a proper burial for that particular family skeleton. The holdup was really that Maddy detested Elle. It was the trinity that changed her mind, with a bit of help from Sherilyn and Sheila.

They had a girl’s night out, picking a special buffet at the Top of the Mark. Alexandra started as soon as the cocktails hit the table.

“However bad you think Elle is,” Alexandra said, “she was a piker compared to me,” and she pointed to Sherilyn to continue.

“Craig and I were married. I taught school to pay to get him through grad school. He got his first decent job, and started working nights, I thought,” said Sherilyn and pointed back at Alexandra.

“I followed the trades, and fucked more than a few older execs. I had silicone 40-inch double D implants, bleached blond hair and I knew who was slated to rise, and where. A few of my men friends took him out for a drink. He didn’t seem interested at first, and I thought I was working at it. We sort of accidently fell in love, but I didn’t realize it, nor that he hated the silicon boobs. “She pointed back at Sherilyn.

“One day I came home from school to a note, and an hour later, at my door, a process server. Craig was divorcing me. I saw him with MS I’ve got longer legs, bigger tits and blond hair over there and just crawled into a hole,” and Sherilyn pointed back.

“Married him, he got the COO job at Katar,” said Alexandra. “At the time Katar was a friends and family concern, and the den mothers were not Alexandra fans.” She nodded toward Arlette.

“She was a brass bound bitch,” said Arlette, “and that’s being polite because I don’t want to say cunt in a high-class establishment like this. Then something dropped in our lap. Dr. Rick, Sherilyn’s husband found Sherilyn,” she nodded at Katie.

“Dr. Rick was like Mikey before Elle,” she pointed back at Sherilyn.

“They’d both been hurt badly by a woman who was after, well, let’s say trophy status. So, they became master lovers, bent on revenge. Never really thought about love, and they used sex to destroy women and relationships they thought needed destruction,” Sherilyn turned it back to Katie.

“We made over Sherilyn until, in comparison, Alexandra looked like a big titted trailer trash cow in comparison and then convinced Rick to sexually dominate and destroy her.” And everyone looked at Alexandra.

“I was on the verge of suicide. My security was sexual domination and it crumbled. Then Craig came home. He forgave me. And his love showed me that deep down; I loved him. I threw my plastic boobs in the garbage and Arlette and Katie helped me along, became my best girlfriends.

“Sheila, what can you tell us?”

“My mother prostituted me at twelve, I got VD and child protective services took over. I got fostered and adopted, and my foster parents worked for Katar. VD took my ability to have children and I didn’t think I was a woman, or that I could be loved. I think Alexandra felt the same, I’m sure Elle did, because I talked to her before Mikey. I got some excellent tutors, I started real school at San Jose State. And I’ve never wandered below an A. So, Tommy was a bit bent, at thirty-one teenagers attracted him. I met him at seventeen, actually your sister-in-law Didi put me together with him when I was seventeen. He says love at first sight. In any case I blubbered out all my problems to him and he just held me. And I knew that this was the love I’d been blocking, because I didn’t feel right about me.

“Elle was Alexandra, me, probably a bit of her new stepmother. You asked and he reduced her to tears, broke her and took the only security she had. Probably, at first it was just conscience, but then she changed Mikey, like I changed Tommy, like Craig saved Alexandra and vice versa with all of us.

“She isn’t the Elle you hate anymore Maddy. And, if you are honest with yourself, you’ll figure out that because of her, your father isn’t the monster you think he is.”

“So,” said Arlette, “Elle’s sister is graduating next weekend, we’re all invited, and there’s a party at the Fredrickson’s afterward. I think you need to talk to Elle, maybe Mikey. You need to get to know the new her; her after Mikey and decide what you need to tell her. Decide what your relationship will be.

“Hell dear, I’m the Queen of Mean, I can figure out a dozen ways to hurt her and Mikey through you. I just wouldn’t advise it.”

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