The Trophy Case

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Chapter One

Maddy ditched her blouse and bra walked into the living room and confronted Elliot. “Lick my nipples,” she said.

He did and she sort of lost her train of thought. “I ah…well, I mean how, how do they taste?”

He licked again, which was not what she intended and she felt them beginning to harden.

“Slightly salty, quite nice actually,” answered Elliot, as he leaned forward to confirm.

“Whoa boy, oh what the hell.”

She sat down and in no time at all had her back on the couch with her tits getting the full oral treatment. Since he wasn’t using his hands, he put them to good use between her legs. Slipped inside her and she came; then, since his hands were already there, slipped off her skirt and panties and pinned her to the couch. With that much foreplay, the result was short and massive.

“What was that about?”

“I was talking to the Fredrickson girls,” said Maddy. “Elle said that Mikey claims to be addicted to the taste of her nipples and Chloe confirmed that Eric nibbles hers and it’s a real turn on.”

Elliot then ducked back down to her chest and lightly nibbled, then licked her nipples. “Is it?” he said.

She found it hard to answer.

“Decided she’s your sister in law? Am I right?”

“Right now, the truth would hurt. So, what’s the point? Vic will be pissed, but she should get to know Elle too. Thierry’s right, it’s a skeleton that doesn’t really mean much. Mikey was never my Dad, Michel is and always will be. Connie’s my mother and that’s that. If it comes out later we might even have a laugh over it.”

The Wednesday cool down was fairly serious, as was often the case because Lady’s Day excluded the men and allowed for serious discussion.

“What do you know about your biological mother?” Arlette asked Maddy.

“Aside from the fact she actively, shall we say… ‘dislikes’ me, not a whole lot.”

“Want the story?”


“Well,” continued Vicky, “You know we’re backing Chloe Fredrickson’s project, and that Rosemary is Katie’s niece. As part of that we did a background check on the other one, Kathiah. Turns out she’s your half-sister.”

“You’re fucking kidding me.”

“Not really, you want to hear or do we file it away the same place we filed Mikey.”

“Does she know?”

“I doubt it. Your Mother never had custody of either of you, but you were the only two who escaped Planned Parenthood.”

“How did she manage? I had Michel and Connie and a rich Daddy. “

“She replicated the Daddy, Owen Collier of the packing house Colliers. Owen paid and bullied Valerie to have his daughter, buried her in lawyers to get single custody and raised Kathiah for the first two years as a single Dad. Then he married Peg Westcroft and from what I can gather Kathiah thinks Peg’s her mother. She’s got two younger brothers, or half-brothers.”

“And this involves us how?” asked Maddy.

“The Fredricksons, Katar, the Rosellis, the Perez’ and the Colliers all have a piece of this,” explained Katie. “And it seems Momma Valerie wants to be a problem.”

“What can she do?”

“Forced to have two children out of wedlock, one of them when she was severely underage, the other when the age could be fudged, but still pregnant at seventeen, Kathiah arrived when she was eighteen. More than one lawyer would take that on,” explained Katie.

“Valerie sort of made getting pregnant a cottage industry,” continued Arlette. “Your grandparents and Owen where the only ones to step up. So far, we’ve documented nine abortions. Valerie has never worked and yet has a pretty extensive portfolio.”

“So, she’s expanding into extortion of her living children?” asked Maddy.

“She’s threatening.” Answered Arlette.

“Are we doing anything about it?”

“Mikey and Owen went to the family lawyers who led them to a pretty high-powered firm in Frisco,” answered Katie. “I think the question will be whether it will be cheaper to pay her or try to win the lawsuit.

“We were sort of delegated to see if you knew anything. And also, to get your cooperation.”

“On what?”

“Kathiah,” said Vicky, “Owen is telling her today.”

“And she needs a big sister,” continued Maddy, catching on.

“Both you and Elliot have vacations coming. Caltrop and Katar are throwing in the rest of this week. An apartment over the boutique is vacant and the girls are decorating it today. The excuse is that you’re coming down to help plan Chloe’s wedding,” continued Vicky. “And there’s another potential problem on the horizon. Far be it from me to say, ‘I told you so,’ but Elle flew in with Mikey, and she is going to have to be told.”

“It’s sort of funny,” said Maddy. “I have never been ‘big’ anything. Little sister, little girl, short girl, and all of a sudden, I have to be a big sister. Seems that somewhere along the way someone should have trained me in big.”

Didi had the plane waiting in San Jose, and Thierry picked them up in San Luis. “Pretty rough situation,” said Thierry, “but with one major surprise.”

“What’s that?” asked Elliot.

“Elle is coming up all aces.”

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