The Trophy Case

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Chapter Three

“This is a pretty amazing extended family we’ve got here,” said Elle, taking off her blouse and bra.

Topless had become pretty normal for them in the evening. Elle had insisted on the two of them because she had to have somewhere to wipe the slobber off her tits and his chest was super absorbent.

“Today was a super emotional overload,” she continued, “even Maddy teared up and you know what a tough little cookie she is.”

“The little girl, Kathiah, was hit the hardest. That’s why I’m glad we told Maddy at sixteen, and why I’m glad I told you. Things like this have a nasty habit of refusing to stay buried.”

“You weren’t afraid I’d bolt?”

“You never would have come to New York if I thought that. We broke through a lot together. We sort of melted together, you crying in my arms afraid you’d lose the only love you’d ever have, and me finding the only love I’d ever want. Two pretty damaged people who found salvation in each other. No, I could have confessed to being the Zodiac killer and you’d still be here.”

“Are you?”


“The Zodiac killer?”

“That happened before I was born.”

“The reincarnation of the Zodiac killer?”

“The reincarnation of the man who loved you in your last life.”

“Was I a bitch then too?”

“I certainly hope so,” he said and licked her nipple. “The spice involved in flavoring a bitches’ nipple is so much hotter.”

“Super slow tonight?” she said. “You don’t usually give me crotch thrills with the first lick. Emotions must still be running pretty high. I am going to hug you so hard you might need oxygen.”

He reached up and rubbed her cheek. Then turned her around. Stripped her and laid her face down on the couch. He went to his bag and pulled out the talcum powder, put some on his hands and started kneading the tension out of her body. Slowly he came up her legs, kneading and smoothing, trying to feel the tension leave her firm muscles as they rippled slightly beneath his touch. He pressed down on her spine, trying to avoid the light touch that carried erotic sensations, rolling the tension out without creating more. He kneaded her biceps one at a time with both hands before moving up to her shoulders. With a fresh handful of talc he started slowly bringing his hands together behind her neck, and leaving her muscles slack as he made his final move, circling her temples with his forefingers.

Sometimes this put her to sleep, so he always waited for her to turn over before proceeding.

When she turned over he stripped and the massage changed direction. Starting with her feet he concentrated on her erogenous zones. After a thorough kneading behind her knees and up the inside of her thighs her crotch started to glisten. On his insistence, she stopped shaving between her legs, as he said it made him feel like a pervert molesting a child, so her dark hair glistened with her excitement. Her tits got special attention and she just luxuriated in it. After several licks and a couple nibbles, he lightly brushed her arms and the inside of them. His hands came back down over her tits and stomach out to the junction of her legs and up, into her. He rolled her clit with his thumb and teased her a bit before hitting her G spot and listening to her soft exhale.

As had become the rule with them, she spread her legs, inserted him and pulled him in. Sometimes she put her hands on his butt cheeks, that night she pulled him tight against her breasts and rotated her pelvis and clit against him. This rarely produced an orgasm on her part, but that night proved an exception and produced two before he flashed through her.

“Whew,” said Maddy , “physically drained and emotionally exhausted. Like your new sister in law?”

“Well she sure fits the role to a tee,” answered Elliot. “Delicate, broken, any man would just fall at her feet before getting up to slay her dragons. I want to see your mother. Two absolutely beautiful daughters and she’s got a group plan at Planned Parenthood? How much beauty was lost to the world?

“Take your blouse and bra off.”


“Flash of intuition.”


“I want to see if your nipple tastes different.”

“You’re crazy.”

“The hypothesis is that your body chemistry changes with stress, emotion. If that’s true your nipple should taste different than the last time I tasted it.”

“Whack job,” said Maddy, but nonetheless went topless.

Elliot leaned over and licked Maddy’s nipple, backed off, looked thoughtful, then licked the other nipple. “This deserves further investigation,” he said as he laid her down on the couch, pinned her hands and proceeded to nibble and lick both her tits.

After a while he asked: “Is it a turn on?”

“If I was any more turned on I’d slide off the couch.”

He let go of her hands and reached under her skirt, continuing on her breasts. He rolled her clit, but just teased with the rest, brushing her with his fingers until she couldn’t help but vocalize her excitement. He finally moved off the tits and up to her mouth while sliding his fingers into her and then taking his time finding her pelvic bone.

She opened his jeans and was applying herself to lowering them when he ‘found’ the spot, freezing her for a second, and eliciting a whimper as he pulled his hand out to lower her panties and then his jeans.

She grabbed him and replaced his fingers with something more utilitarian inside her. He went back to her tits for as long as he lasted, which wasn’t long.

The recovery, however, lasted quite a while.

“Well,” she finally managed, “did it?”

“A bit more salt with a slightly acidic aftertaste,” he answered.

Then he gently licked it again.

“I think Mikey’s right. That is definitely addicting.”

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