The Trophy Case

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Chapter Five

Valerie’s vineyard was east of town along the road that led to Coalinga. It was a jug wine vineyard and Valerie had nothing to do with running it. Guild wines took care of it and of making the wine. She lived in the vineyard house and contributed her expertise in check cashing.

Valerie had been pretty, in fact Katiah took after her in many ways, the willowy build, natural blond hair. But the fact that she never took care of herself, had two children and eleven pregnancies to take their toll left her a bit South of presentable. She had a ring of droopy fat over her middle, cellulite that even moved around to the front of her thighs, and breasts that drooped halfway to her waist. Her diet consisted of take out fried chicken and pizza, those being the only fast food outlets close enough to deliver, and she started a new bottle of vodka, with her cold chicken or pizza breakfast. She rarely got out of her housedress and ratty old slippers.

Valerie’s first clue that she had visitors was the Rolls pulling up outside her door. Guild preferred the gate be kept open. It was early enough that she wasn’t wobbly yet, but her stomach wasn’t quite been settled by enough hair of the dog. She opened the door and they trooped in. She recognized Maddy.

“What’d you want here bitch,” Valerie snarled. “I told you to keep away from me. I’m not into the Mommy thing, I dropped you, never wanted to see you again, and you keep turning up.”

“So, I’m your favorite mother dear?” said Kathiah.

“What’s this a fucking family reunion? You must be Owen’s little bitch. Hope he raised you right, he certainly paid through the nose to keep you out of Planned Parenthood’s dumpster. And he’s going to pay again, and again, just like that bastard Mikey.”

“What’s your perfume called,” said Alana, “Smirnoff number nine? God you’re a cow.”

“Yeah,” said Arlette, “Look at those fucking udders. How hard do you have to beg for a man to touch you? Or do you have to pay them? You’re fucking disgusting.”

“And who are you two?”

“Curiosity seekers,” said Arlette. “We heard you were a fucking pig. Looking at your daughters we didn’t believe it. So, we came by to see for ourselves. God what happened? You look like a sixty-year-old former hooker who begs for it from field hands. You know what a bath is?”

“We want to pay you have you sign some papers and we’ll go. What you should know is that nobody is going to pay and pay. One time, one payment and you can buy some new mud for your sty,” said Alana.

“Maybe you can buy some farmhands to fuck you,” Said Arlette, “no one is going to do it willingly.”

“I’ve about had it with you bitch,” said Valerie, drawing back her hand for a slap.

Now Arlette was a Vegas dancer for a while, and catfights weren’t exactly strange occurrences to her. She balled up her right fist and drove an uppercut right into the nipple of Valerie’s sagging left tit.

Valerie let out a cry of pain, cradled her damaged mammary with her hands and sat down on the couch.

Alana laid out the papers and laid one stack of bills on the table. “Sign,” she said, “You keep the money and we go.”

“Ain’t signin’ nothing,” said Valerie.

Then something surprising happened.

Peg Collier had the reputation of being a sweet and quiet woman. Also of being a devoted mother, which, it is to be supposed, caused it all.

Peg walked up to Valerie, grabbed a handful of dirty blonde hair and pulled Valerie down on the couch, spread her legs, pulled up her Armani designed dress and smashed her knee right between the other woman’s legs, twice using her entire weight. “That actually felt good,” she said, “I do hope you give me the chance to do it again.” And then she did it again.

Valerie yelped in pain with each blow. Then Peg put both hands in Valerie’s hair and yanked her upright.

“Here’s a pen,” she said handing the pen to Valerie, and pointing to a line on the paper. “You sign right here dear.”

Valerie signed, and Peg dutifully notarized each signature, as well as had Valerie sign her book.

“Thank you so much dear,” She said. Then she took a hundred from the bundle.

“I’m so sorry dear, I don’t have any change. Such a nice tip, thank you so much.”

Then she grabbed Valerie’s hair, pulled her back down and spread her legs again.

“If you ever bother either of these girls or their fathers again, I’ll come back and kick it closed. Do you understand?”

Valerie was half out of it and didn’t respond. So, Peg slammed her a fourth time with a little extra vehemence grinding her knee into the sensitive area and as she did came down with a fist to Valerie’s Arlette damaged tit.

“I asked you a question cunt,” Peg growled.

“I u..I understand,” Valerie blubbered out.”

Peg reached down and patted her cheek. “Thank you so much dear.”

Valerie curled into a ball on the couch, and they left her there crying.

“I hope that doesn’t leave any marks,” said Alana once they were seated in the car.

“No more than a little rough sex,” said Peg.

“Mom?” said Kathiah, “Where did you learn something like that?”

“In my sorority no one got through pledging without a couple cunt busts, hurts like hell, but really doesn’t do any damage. Once applied you could be sure that all directions would be followed. The tit punch was new, always eager to learn.”

Alana gave Mikey and Owen each a bundle and handed the hundred to Chloe. “Make up a bill for the clothes and take that off,” she said handing Chloe a Platinum Amex card.

She gave the documents to Mikey and Owen. “If she gives you any more trouble tell Peg,” she said. And that was as far as anything was ever said about what happened in Valerie’s vineyard house.

XIII. Saint George and the Valkerie

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