The Trophy Case

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Chapter Three

Alan drove in Saturday with two weeks of cooking clothes and a suitcase of executive attire. He made the building at one in the afternoon, parking in front of the boutique.

Rosemary felt her heart take a leap. ‘This early! I must have gotten to him.’ Then she told herself, ‘calm down girl, let him touch you first.’

The boutique girl used the boutique. Both Rosemary and Kathiah modeled an outfit when they worked, so did Chloe and her assistant Mary in the antique store, Nikki the first shift bartender and Beverly, Eric’s new clerk. Usually it was Katiah’s replicas, as she could tailor them perfectly. Rose had on a outfit Kathiah partially designed and made. The hot pants were a Mary Quant design in blue with white danskin tights and red go go boots. The tie on halter-top was backless in a British Union Jack pattern, cotton synthetic blend that shimmered slightly.

Used to Rose in business attire, Alan almost melted into a puddle on the street as she came out to get him.

“Leave your stuff in the car,” she said. “The boutique right now is a one-person gig and I can’t leave. Both Chloe and Eric saw you, or rather me come out to you, so when they’re free, one of them will come to collect you.”

“Will I have time to catch my breath?” he asked.

“From what? The drive down here isn’t exactly the Indy 500.”

“You aren’t exactly in a business suit.”

“Au contrare mon frer, this is one of my usual business ensembles. We’re not in Silicon Valley anymore Toto.”

“Are nitro pills over the counter here?”

“You like it?”

“I’d like to get you alone and out of it.”

“You like it then. I’ll tell Kathiah, she designed it, she’ll be thrilled. She made the halter originally for Chloe and me. Very few women with D cups keep in shape well enough to go without a bra. Both Chloe and I do the health club three times a week, you will notice that the backless design allows easy access to this fact. Most of the ones we sell are to A cups, a couple Bs. Here comes Chloe. Settle in and I’ll meet you for dinner, in the restaurant incognito, sixish. We’ll have an hour, Kathiah will take over the boutique until seven. Then I work until eight on Saturday. Chloe has a small party planned after that to introduce you.”

Kathiah made six copies of the Granny Takes a Trip dress for Chloe, then gave them to Eric for his Twenty third birthday. They had become Chloe’s standard business attire, and had Alan wondering if over the counter nitro wasn’t a necessity.

Alan’s first week was strenuous and he worked fourteen-hour days for the first nine. He revised every recipe and every dish started getting complimented. He worked out the schedules with Anna, Blanche and Brittany, the waitresses, Nikki and Doug on the bar, Jose was the cook and got a title upgrade to sou chef, Juan was the busboy/dishwasher. He also organized the books and arranged for ordering and readjusting his pants whenever he was around Rosemary, who had taken extra care to wear her most seductive business ensembles.

Monday night was the only night the bar didn’t stay open to the legal last call. After the doors were locked at ten, Rosemary came in the side entrance from the boutique and sat at the bar. Alan came over to join her. She was wearing the union jack outfit, and Alan was finding it a bit difficult not to mentally take it off her.

“Like it here or too much work for you?” asked Rose.

“Love it here,” he answered. “I’ve wanted to be a chef since I was a kid. My parents didn’t think you could make a living at it. Can this be permanent?”

“Well, the benefits are the same, we actually piggy back on Katar’s policies. You get the first available apartment, which may be the end of the month, the rent is deducted and the restaurant has to do well enough to pay the rest of your salary.”

“Thank you, this is sort of heaven.”

“Valhalla,” she said.


She undid the top tie of her halter-top with promptly bloused under her breasts. Then wiggled a bit.

“Do those belong on an angel or a Valkyrie?”

He was shocked speechless. She tied up again.

“How long before you’ve screwed half the staff, and gotten on the Don’t Date list of the rest?” said Rose.

“I was thinking about something else,” he said.


“No, half assed commitment.”

“Half assed?”

“Sleep with the same girl more than once.”

“Anyone in mind?”

He put his hand on and behind her knee gently kneading a nerve bundle that started sending out little impulses that stuck between her legs.

“Faithful while you’re doing it?” Rose pressed.

He just nodded.

She was getting turned on, and was gritting her teeth. ‘Slow it down girl! Hard to get, hard to get! Keep it in your head.’ She kept repeating to herself.

She leaned over and kissed him while brushing her hand up the inside of his leg. “I’ll take it under advisement,” she said. “You know it is supposed to be shockingly bad management practice.”

Her plan wasn’t all that devious and it had started well. He touched her first, made the first approach. At the end of the month, when the top apartment over the boutique became vacant, if it all worked out, she’d get him to take it with her, Kathiah and Rick wanted her apartment. However, she would have to sell it pretty hard, without following her natural tendencies to make that happen. She just wanted to clinging vine all over him, but she knew that, if she did, long-term commitment was chancy. Keep him guessing; keep him on a slow sexual boil until you boxed him in.

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