The Trophy Case

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Chapter Five

Katie met Roger, who she had mentally dubbed “Stud Muffin” on Friday. Arlette had on a skirt that barely covered the subject and with naturally long legs tended to focus attention on them. She made up as young as she could, but the dozen years they were apart in age couldn’t really be handled by Lancombe and DKNY. He was twenty-six and she was thirty-eight and while she could have passed for early thirties, he was aggressively twenty-something. They did Harvey’s together, but unlike Tony, Roger stuck to a glass of wine.

Arlette was working her routine on Roger, but seemed to be taking as good as she was giving. Roger wasn’t the least bit shy about touching her, and with her touching him, answered in kind. When they were seated in the restaurant Arlette’s legs came in for quite a bit of attention. She’d worn danskin tights because with the length of her legs nylons were too short for her skirt, he rubbed the inside of her legs several times throughout dinner and had her shaking so badly twice that she had to put her fork down,

“You were a dancer, weren’t you,” said Roger.

“Well,” she answered, “they called it ‘showgirl’ I actually had taken ballet, but I got a job with a Vegas revue at eighteen and that sort of settled the career direction.”

At that point, he overtly ran his hand down the inside of her leg, behind her knee and back up again. And she had to put her fork down.

“You can always feel a dancer’s legs, the muscle development,” he said and reprised the gesture by way of demonstration. “It’s quite a turn on.”

Jerry ran his hand up the inside of Katie’s leg and back down again. “A turn on for who?” he asked.

Roger did it a third time and turned to Arlette, “Are you turned on?” he asked.

She just nodded a yes, so he did it a final time leaving his hand just above her knee, “Both parties,” he said.

Jerry laughed as they drove up the Peninsula to Los Altos. “I never thought I’d see Arlette that out of control. He has her so turned around he could have taken her on the floor of the restaurant.”

“That isn’t the half of it. She swears he’s a love machine, three and four times a night.”

“C’mon, nobody can do that.”

“According to Arlette, he can.”

Jerry got to a third time that night. Lasted quite a while and she considered faking an orgasm, but didn’t really want it to end. She loved him inside of her, the feel of him, and could have lived with it forever.

“Friday night he played with my legs all night,” said Arlette, recapping things for Katie. “I never realized how turned on you could get by someone playing with the inside of your legs and behind your knee. He kept me in goosebumps all night and when he finally fucked me it blew me apart. Saturday, we spent the day together and he did the same thing with my tits. He had me leave my bra off and it felt like he kept my nipples hard as rocks all day long. He hid it well, but he was constantly brushing my tits with his fingers. It got so I could actually feel it in my crotch when he did it. Then he did that thing on our sides where he reached around me and stroked me inside from behind. I’m too old for this Katie, if I keep it up I’m going to have a heart attack. “

“So quit.”

“Are you insane?”

The four of them went out together again and Roger and Arlette played, who can turn on whom again. Jerry got a kick out of watching it and then doing it to Katie. The result of it all was four people who were ready to go nuclear as they left the restaurant because Jerry got turned on by the fact that Katie was.

Jerry had asked Roger about the trick on the side. He switched gears and tried it on Katie. He pulled them up on their sides, pulled her leg up his side, reached around and found that he could indeed get his fingers inside her, this led to getting her fingernails in his back because she really hadn’t expected it to work and when it did it took her pretty much by surprise. He played around inside her and she was ready to burst when he finally came. She had never been the multiple orgasm type, this was only the third time Jerry had managed it and the first time it wasn’t just two, she thought five, but she wasn’t sure.

That Saturday, Jerry told her to leave her bra off, and took her to a movie. By the end of the double feature she was ready to strip him and do it in the theater. He concentrated on her breasts all through the normal routine, she’d experienced the super sensitivity in her breasts before and went with it, feeling the little thrills that would open and gush through her when he came. It happened just that way and it took her breath away.

“Arlette described that so you got it from Roger, Oh Jesus!” she said when he gently rubbed her breast.

He put both hands on her breasts and she was speechless. The sensitivity was still there, but instead of little thrills they now replicated him cumming again and again. She tried to hug him and her breasts thrilled her against his chest and she hugged until it stopped.

II. What 10 People Understand Digitally

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