The Trophy Case

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Chapter Four

“Ran though the forty fives that came with that estate buy in Oceano,” said Kathiah. “You’ve got to hear this.”

“Does it go with wine?”

“Why not?”

Rick decanted a bottle as Kat cued up the record on a stereo console that was too old to do anything other than play records.

The recording was “Close to Cathy” by Mike Clifford, it starts: “I’m so close to Cathy, I know just what she’s dreamin’ of. She always calls me up to tell me, every time she falls in love.”

Rick hugged Kat from behind and nuzzled her ear. Kat’s ear turned out to be rather sensitive, and his hands across her bare stomach had started things and it was not quite noon. Kat had started working nights so that she could practice with Rick during the day, and leave the evening for Rose, who she knew had business to attend to.

“When was that?” asked Rick.

“Record says 1963.”

“I guess we’re not as unique as we thought we were,” said Rick.

“I’m so sorry,” said Kat. “Me prattling on about how some guy was so hot, to the guy I should have been telling that I loved him”

“I don’t think it’s bad at all,” said Rick. “You were trusting me with something nobody else knew, and it was your inner feelings, at least for the moment. You were sort of telling me you did love me. Is love getting all fantasy hot over a stranger or telling someone your innermost secrets.”

She put her arms over his and hugged herself. She only had on a bra and panties. He had on briefs. This amounted to their ‘practice’ attire.

Despite her height, Kathaih was a tiny girl. However, she was so well shaped that she didn’t come off skinny, just tiny and delicate. Even Rick was very careful and gentle when he touched her. Her ears and her breasts were especially sensitive, and as they explored each other and read, some things, like her breasts were explained. She had A cups. Now women’s breasts, no matter what their size all have the same erotic hot spots. Bigger breasts spread the hot spots out and it takes a lot of exploring to hit them all. Smaller breasts are often stimulated totally by a single touch.

When Rick relaxed she turned around and sat down on the couch. It was a sixty’s sectional actually, fabric covered by clear plastic fitted slipcovers. They had draped a down comforter on it to make it palatable. Rick took off her bra and stimulated her breasts slowly. Kathiah was one of those rare people who had orgasms stimulated by her nipples alone. As they discovered the week before, if Rick were slow and gentle, it didn’t take a lot.

They had hit about the perfect breast massage to stimulate her, and she signaled that by rubbing her hand down his stomach and under his shorts. He then moved his hand down her stomach and into her panties. His fingers always slipped into her easily and their touch gently rubbing the back of her pelvic bone drove her wild. She’d learned to cup her hand of the tip of his cock and her gyrations when he hit her G spots gave it a workout. It always seemed that they were close together when they came. They wanted to go to bed together but decided it was unwise and it had become custom to go to bed a little after noon.

Rosemary needed some advice about Alan so she called her aunt Katie, who was, at least by reputation the one in her family to go to. Katie asked Arlette and Arlette called back with some unexpected news.

“Alan, apparently, was dumped more than vice versa,” said Arelette. “He’s a wham bam lover, kisses you, lifts your skirts and slams you. If he were rich enough there would be gold diggers willing to put up with it. He isn’t and there aren’t.”

“Can I fix him?”

“You like him a lot?”


“Okay, you call him on it. Let him do it then call him on it. He’s actually using you to masturbate, tell him so.

“Then strip and go through it with him, step by step, the way you want it done. Take your time because he is going to have to recover. Make him touch you where you want to be touched. And definitely teach him to masturbate you. Cowboys like he is tend to be quick on the trigger, and you need to be sure he knows that if he comes, you do too, no matter how hard he has to work at it.

“You know what kegel is?”

“The exercises?”

“Can you do them?”

“Tried a few times, I think so, I thought they were for bladder control.”

Arlette chuckled. “They’ll control a lot more than that if you do them right.

“So, you give Alan his first lesson, by which time he should be good to go again. You get on top, give him half a chance and you’ll be bruised for a week. Get him inside you and tell him he hurt you, so he has to be very gentle for a while. Then pop a couple kegels and he’ll cum like Niagra Falls.

“This usually turns them into puppy dogs, if you like that sort of thing.”

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