The Trophy Case

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Chapter Five

Friday Rosemary pulled Alan out of the restaurant at eight, Kathiah and Rick went to work in the basement then. Her cover was to sign his new employment agreement, which didn’t take long. The problem was that nothing else did either.

She’d touched him in a few places Arlette had taught her, and rubbed his crotch as they started to make out.

She had on an Ossie Clark copy in a psychedelic print, garters, hose and panties. With the mini there wasn’t a lot of space to traverse and he just pulled her panties off, dropped his trousers and when after it. It was so fast she didn’t even have time to build up a good frustration, let alone he slammed her twice and it hurt.

He had rolled off to sit next to her. Puffing a bit.

“Are you serious about this?” she asked.

“Yes, I agreed. Faithful.”

“Then you never do that to me again.”

“What? Sex?”

“That’s what you call it? You just used me to masturbate yourself. I’m a woman, and I deserve to be loved, not be a living sex toy.”

She stood up, unzipped her dress and laid it on a chair. Then she took off her bra and sat down next to him again, taking his hand and putting it on her breast.

“Gently, very gently massage it. You feel how the nipple gets hard? Just brush it softly, gently. Now kiss me.”

She just kept it up until he was responding again. She finally led his hand down between her legs.

“Put your thumb here and gently roll it back and forth,” she said showing him her clit. “Now slide your fingers inside me. Make as much contact as possible. Now curve your fingers so that they are over my pelvic bone…a little higher. There, now gently roll you thumb and gently stroke with your fingers, yes, whoo, whoa.”

She let the orgasm pass through her, pulled his fingers out and stripped him. She lay him on his back and the half an hour/forty-five minutes that had passed actually exceeded his refractory period, rather glaringly. She lowered herself onto him slowly.

“Right now, you don’t move. Maybe in a couple of days we’ll move on, but right now I hurt down there. You slammed into some rather delicate lady parts so you’re going to have to be very, extra special gentle for a while.”

Arlette had explained the kegel exercises to her and she knew she could blast him off whenever she wanted, but she needed to let him feel more of it before she did. She lay her tits on his chest, rubbing them and seesawed her legs to massage him. Then she finally kegeled him and the explosion startled him.

“Whew,” she said. “Now that wasn’t half bad. We’ll make you a lover yet.”

Kathiah’s period showed up on Saturday. Her periods were rather short; about four days but the third was pretty brutal. Rick slept with her for the first times and him holding a hot water bottle over her cramps on the third day was one of the better things about the experience.

Rosemary led Alan through it every night. She didn’t change the sequence and he was actually getting good at it. She started touching him in public and he actually seemed to like it. Actually, he was becoming the clinging vine (puppy dog) and Rose loved it to death.

Thursday morning Kat and Rick took a shower after work; soaped, washed, rinsed and dried each other, even managing to masturbate each other, before slipping into bed. He started on her tits, and expanded outward, while she explored him, slowly, gently. She was on her back but Rick didn’t roll on top of her. She wanted him on top, especially the first time.

“I’m not a china doll,” she said, “I won’t break. I really want you on top of me. It will make me feel safe. Please?”

He eventually, really slowly and gently, fell into and on top of her and she sighed contentedly. She moved him with a hand on his back and the other on his butt, moving beneath him so that their favorite body parts connected, while they kissed.

Her sensitive nipples lead to an orgasm in the middle of the whole thing, but she didn’t stop to let it wind down and another one showed up from somewhere. When he came it was an entirely new sensation for her, and wowed her.

“Okay, that’s fucking amazing,” she said. “I hope no one expects me to get up for a long, long time.”

He lay half on her with his hand across her stomach.

“I think we go to sleep now,” he said, “I think that’s why they call it sleeping together.”

“Well I, for one can’t imagine doing much else,” said Kat. “I love you.”

“Rosemary, Chloe and Kathiah drove in on Thursday to attend an auction sale which consisted of twenty-five lots taken from an old estate in the foothills of Saratoga. The old lady who had lived there alone for the last forty years died at ninety-eight, intestate, without heirs, so Santa Clara County and the State of California were the only beneficiaries.

Friday, they joined the workout.

“So,” said Arlette to Rosemary, “how’s Alan working out? Responding to my treatment plan?”

“Nicely, and thank you, I think I have him almost perfectly pussy whipped.”

“Don’t count your chickens,” said Katie. “Men are notoriously difficult to adequately train and like any undomesticated animal are unpredictable and a threat to revert to a natural state.”

They picked up some nice Queen Ann furniture and took a flyer on a mystery box labeled ‘Bedroom 1’ for a thousand. With no heirs to arrange things, mystery boxes in government auctions are major grab bags. Civil servants just fill them at random and their contents, over the past few years had run the gamut from dirty underwear to a Picasso.

“Bedroom 1 turned out to be a treasure trove; fashions from the twenties to the forties, with two jewelry boxes. The second one contained eighteen gold, silver and platinum rings, a few diamonds and some other impressive gemstones.

“So here’s the deal,” said Chloe and she told the story of her Alexandrite.

“Alan and Rick put up five hundred each and the company breaks even on just two rings. You chose the rings, size them and give them to your intended for ‘whenever they’re ready.’”

Kathiah chose a platinum set with a solitare super pale pink emerald (Morganite) flawless that looked for all the World like a three-caret diamond. Rosemary grabbed the Alexandrite, surrounded by diamonds, because Chloe’s ring wowed her.

They got back home Saturday in the late afternoon, however both Rick and Alan were apparently ‘ready’ because Kat and Rose wore their rings to dinner.

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