The Trophy Case

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Chapter One

“You’re twenty-six,” said Arlette at the meeting convened by the three of them to find out what Roger knew and how he knew it. “How do you know all this stuff, I mean what woman taught you how to do this to women?”

“You actually,” he said. “It’s partly the Kama Sutra and partly two other Oriental sex manuals, I read them in comparative religion years ago but never tried them on anyone. The most common term for how they work is chakra I guess, but both the Chinese and the Thai have different words for it. It works like acupuncture or acupressure works. You stimulate one part of the body to draw a reaction from another part of the body. Continued stimulation of a certain group of nerve endings can draw a prolonged reaction from another group of nerves. For example, there is a nerve bundle behind your knee, you can actually get some women to orgasm if you stimulate it long enough. If you spend all evening brushing it with your fingers and covering that by brushing the inside of the thigh which, in turn brings blood to the area to further stimulate the nerve bunch behind the knee most women will be ready to orgasm before you touch them, much less get inside them. There is another group under a woman’s breast. If you keep it stimulated long enough it will replay a sex act through those nerves repeatedly for quite a long time.”

“Shit,” said Katie. “We need to put a warning label on you, like cigarettes. I thought I was going crazy.”

“See what I mean about this. It has potential disaster written all over it. I really didn’t want to try them out on anyone I knew. If they didn’t work I’d come off like an idiot, and if they did I’d have an even bigger problem.

“Then I saw you and I knew I had to try them on you.”

“Why me?”

“You fit all the criteria I guess. I mean you’re gorgeous, I see you and I want to touch you, especially your legs. Good lord Arlette, you have the prettiest legs in creation, and one whole technique is all about touching legs. You are wonderful to touch, you feel wonderful; and there is really no prayer of you becoming a clinging vine type. You’re older, experienced. Imagine if I’d done this with a college girl.”

“You didn’t figure this would hurt the old broad, that it?”

“Did I hurt you? Do you want to marry me?”

“No and no in that order.”

“And with a girl anywhere near my age the answer would be yes and yes, don’t you see that? There is no hope for us as a couple, Jesus can you imagine how we’d be treated?”

“I can,” said Katie, “it isn’t really hard to imagine at all.”

“I have a startup company, when I’m not in the gym or with you I’m working my tail off. I don’t need baggage, and a girl who is hooked on my lovemaking would be baggage, both monetarily and time wise. I can’t afford distraction. I don’t have a girlfriend, I have a woman who is a friend. I can’t really afford a girlfriend and yet here I am with this gorgeous woman on my arm, fucking like a bunny and all without baggage, complications or explanations. Well, except for this one. In fact, everyone my age thinks I am a super stud, and frankly there are times I catch a glimpse of the two of us together in a window or a mirror and I have trouble believing a woman as beautiful as you are, is out with me.

“I mean look at you, this got to you, did you ever even think a man could do that? And I was doing it. Ask Jerry, first time we went to Harvey’s he was amazed. Arlette, who leads men around like she has a ring in their nose, nodding an answer because she’s too turned on to talk? This is an Arlette nobody knows, no one’s ever seen. This is the only sex you’ve ever had where you weren’t in control.”

“I was young once, you know, but generally, at least for the last ten years, you’re right.”

“So, it’s been fun, it’s been great, for both of us?”

“You’re saying it’s over?”

“Not unless you want it to be. As I said, you’re a gorgeous woman that I love to touch. You’re everything I want right now, everything I can handle. I don’t want to stop. I can’t do it with someone else, the risk is too great, with you the risk is gone, we can be friends with benefits as long as you want that. And I want that to last and last. We’re not soul mates, not star-crossed lovers, we are friends with benefits, I hope forever.”

“I’d like that. You won’t go getting jealous or possessive, will you?”

“I’m here because I don’t want that, I don’t want the baggage, the problem or the responsibility.”

“So, to open a whole new subject area, have you tried everything?”

He walked over to her and put his arm around her with his hand exploring her back, then he kissed her hiding his hand on her breast. Both Katie and Jerry tried to see, but it really didn’t look like any more than any other couple making out.

“We’ll be leaving now,” said Arlette as she pulled Roger out the door.

“Stop learning from him,” said Katie.


“Because he’s right. It’s perfect for Arlette, for him, but if you keep doing it to me it’ll be a constant reminder that all we can ever be is friends with benefits, and there are times that I really want to believe it can be more.”

She started to cry and walked away. He started to go after her, but decided against it. In fact, he made a decision that he had been holding back on for a while.

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