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Coraline , a beta wolf ,was never scared of getting into trouble , whether it was with boys, friends, parents , teachers anyone -she always managed to get herself out of it. But this time it was different, she was in trouble with her own damn heart and it's desire to be with someone she can't have, not even in her wildest dreams. That's it . She only wants Finn because she can't have him....right? , or so she convinced herself that it was nothing but physical attraction because LOVE was not something she did, ever. However when she tries to bring her friend/alpha Kate closer with  Finnegan Wiley - the head alpha's son - she finds herself pulled towards him. This thing could never end well , worse it could get her killed for breaking the old laws.

Romance / Mystery
Livvie Ray
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“If we are not mistaken then there has been massive awakening of vampires since the past couple of years . We ignored it before but now the situation has gotten out of hand , these unholy creatures keep on increasing . Our sources tells us that there are six of us against fifty of them in other words if they keep this pace then it would in less than ten years when they take upon our world . Undoubtedly it would bring our species to an end .

To bring the situation in control ,

We're afraid that it would result in changing of some of our laws that follows:

1. Mating age has been reduced from twenty to now seventeen for the alpha's children .

2. It is compulsory to attend gathering for all unmated female and male alpha's children who come into legal age .

3. The novice will patrol on the weekend basis with their assigned pack by the respective alpha.

4. Alpha blood children will become alphas after being mated and would be soon shifted to the respective patrolling areas as suitable

To conclude we have held this year gathering in sandalwood town , owned by alphas : the James , the Wedgwood , the Smiths, the sherman and the Monroe.

Head Alpha

Anderson Wiley”

I blinked my eyes , and stared again at the square sheet of paper in my hand . I have read it straight for ten minutes again and again but the meaning remained the same , oh how I wished what I read was a lie.

This was the part that I had been dreading since I was a little girl . Just before those awful ten minutes I was wondering that I still have three more years to live my life to the fullest. But it looked like the moon goddess wanted to make my life as miserable as she possibly could.

Not even once in my seventeen years of life did I had vicious thoughts about being a werewolf, serving an alpha pair, saving humans and killing vampires . In fact I was always ready for that .

But along with the desire to serve my alphas , the idea of being mated with an unknown beta haunted me.

You see, my parents were beta of the Monroe alphas,

so indeed I had beta blood.

I knew there would be the gathering one day in which daughter of our alpha would choose her mate . But I was not ready for the gathering, the fucking gathering to be today!.


I woke up to the sound of knocking on my room's door. “come in” I half yelled sleepily .

Kate emerged from the door . She looked pretty as always but now with silk dress that hugged her petite frame ,she looked like a goddess. She blinked her blue eyes, an incredulous look took over her pale face.

“ oh no, is this the moment you come out and say that you had a crush on me since eighth grade.”

I faked an horrified expression.

She rolled her eyes .“ you do realize this is a big day for us..... and we should be together in it . I know you're terrified with idea that you'll spend you're entire life with a beta whose alpha I will choose. And I would hate myself forever for that. ” she admitted. Her eyes were shining with unshed tears . I opened my arms and she walked a few steps and hugged me tightly.

“ I will not let you cry , you know how bad I am with fixing make-up” at that she chuckled remembering something , I smiled.

“ I have been playing with an idea around my head since I heard the news” She mumbled as she let go of my arms and sat on the bed with folded legs.

I gave her a nod.

“ I... I've been thinking that if you could choose a beta and I'll marry the alpha of your choice ” she gave me a kind smile.

My breath caught in my throat. “No......no it can not happen Katherine Monroe.” no matter how much I loathed the idea of living with a stranger I could never do this to her to save myself.

I was her beta , and I took an oath to protect her , to keep her above me.

“ No one will have to know that . You were there for me when guys would stalk and you punched them for me because I was too shy to speak up. You held me when my mom passed away . You made chits for me the night before an exam when I was too anxious to think straight. You were there for me and I can't remember a single minute I were useful to you in some way . So .... Please let me do this ”

She clutched my hand and looked at me with pleading eyes.

“ let's just go to that stupid gathering and we'll talk about that later ”

After an hour or so I found myself in the parking lot. Kate was parking her car in a suitable spot , so I waited for her standing awkwardly with my hands in pockets of my denim miniskirt while there was happy charter around me . I recognised some youngsters from our sandalwood town, they gave me nods in acknowledgement , whereas some people whom I didn't recognize looked me up and down as if I was something to eat . I appreciated that as long as they don't mess with me.

I was lazily looking around when suddenly a luxurious car entered the lot . I could not take my eyes off the beauty , it was a black coloured Jaguar certainly the person who owned her must be very fortunate. It moved with ferocious speed , and I realized I was about to get hit by it in a couple of seconds.

I froze , even if it hit me , it couldn't kill me given my werewolf healing powers. But sure as hell it was going to ruin my dress which was basically a denim skirt and a thin strapped black silk top and my long brunette hair were left loose though I had not put any effort to wear a dress I still looked good considering the way everyone stared at me.

I stood my ground , I could have stepped aside but so could that black car . I turned my back to it and waited for Kate . It was a brave thing to do yet stupid, I felt it stop behind me . I smirked, whoever the driver was he had same egoistic problems as me.

I made an innocent face and turned as I heard the horn . I gestured them to move the other side , I rolled my eyes when I heard the second horn.

I always had bitterness for rich people , they believe that everything revolved around them . They're used to people kissing their assess , but not me , I liked showing such people where they really belong.

I raised my middle finger at them and sat on the hood of their car . I saw Kate approaching , she had a look of uneasiness on her face .

“ Cora , what's wrong?” she observed.

“ nothing just bunch of arrogant teenagers that's all ”

Doors opened and five guys emerged from the car .

Now I felt intimidated , I supposed they were in their early twenties . They towered in front of us .

I looked around and was not surprised to see that we had a big audience. Some wanted to see the drama whereas some had a look a damn lust on their faces .

I took notice of a man , his ocean blue eyes were unreadable . In other circumstances I would have thought he was hot but right now adrenaline was rushing through my veins. The way he stood , back straight and the ways the other guys looked upto him I guessed he was their alpha .He had like eight inches on me and I should have cowered down but no I looked him right in the eyes ,weird.

Kate squeezed my hand , “ He looks important, just apologize and let's go.” she whispered in my ears.

Though werewolves had fast reflexes, strong body, better eyesight and healed faster ; but we were not immortal. And he needed to apologize for almost knocking me off the ground.

I squared my shoulders . “ Who the hell do you think you are huh? , just because you're rich doesn't mean you can hit whoever you want ” I sassed.

“ We did not hit you exactly, we just drove like normal people and expected you to be normal and get out of the way ” he said calmly in a silvery voice.

I was taken back, did he just insulted me?.

My face flushed, for the first time in my life I ran out of comebacks or so I thought

“ Right you are normal , you saw a pretty girl and thought about a way for her to notice you . But I have to admit I didn't like your approach though .”

He blinked, but after an amused smile played on his lips .

“ Jenkins apologize to the young lady” . He said to the boy that stood beside him. I suddenly felt guilty for taking out my anger on the hot guy, but why should I, he was the alpha and it's his job to keep an eye on his pack members.

“ but .....Finn-” Jenkins scowled.

“apologize” Finn's jaw tightened . His eyes blazed with alpha authority.

Jenkins muttered something under his breath.

“ I'm really sorry lady ” I chewed my lip. I didn't expect it to be over so soon .

“ we accept it ” Kate said . Everyone looked at her like they didn't knew she was there . No one should ignore my alpha like that , something like resentment clouded my mind . Maybe if you would have acted more like a beta , they would have noticed her . You make her look small, a voice said in my head . I brushed it aside.

Kate pulled me through the crowd , who were giving me evil eye.

We stood in front of a small bar , drunk girls and guys stood near the counter to get a refill . Music blazed in a loud volume and people jammed to it , coloured lights were decorated on the bushes that surrounded the clearing expect for a small archway that was too covered with golden lights. To be honest I didn't imagined it to like this .....to be fun .

And somewhere , an irrational part of my brain, was thinking about Finn and it wanted him to be here .

“ you have no idea what Mess.You.Have.Made .”

She was on her second shot when she said “ He could be Finn Wiley for all we know.”

“ you can't be serious”

“ I'm like ninety nine percent sure that it's him , he even looks like Anderson”.

My heart began to race , what was I thinking?. I mentally smacked myself for even wanting him to be hear, now that I know what he is capable of .

And don't get me started about the scary rumours about them that they were ruthless and things always worked in their favor. It felt like calm before the storm for he acted like a gentle man in front of audience only to kill me in my sleep.

The floor seemed to sway under my feet , I took a couple of deep breaths And put my weight against the counter table. It was the only thing that kept me upright.

“ Cora ,are you okay?” she gasped.

“ No.. I think I'm having a panic attack” I mumbled as my vision blurred. And suddenly out of nowhere,

strong arms lifted me , I felt hard ,muscled flesh near my cheek. My unconscious mind recognised him , it liked his smell: soap and a hint of mint.

“ what happened to her” he said in his silvery voice, it sounded like music and I fell asleep with the sound of that.

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