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I WOKE UP With warm sunlight brushing my face . I stretched my arms and legs as I stared blankly up at the ceiling . Memories of last night rushed back , I remembered someone holding me up when I lost consciousness . The rest after that was a huge blank. Was that Finn? If yes ,then did he do something to me... I sat upright and checked myself anxiously , I wasn't sore anywhere I shouldn't be , but surely my head did hurt a little.

I knew it was wrong to think that low of him , but I've learned from a young age to always be careful when it came to men .

The floor creaked outside the room and my mum rushed inside . Her forehead furrowed in worry and her blond hair tied up in a messy bun .

Tears glistening her eyes , she embraced me in her arms.

" how are you?" she sobbed .

" if that's how you're gonna react whenever I come home drunk in some stranger's arms then I'm all up for it "

She looked at me incredulously. " you don't remember anything?" she questioned.

" Remember what" . Now I was worried .

" there was an attack last night ....on the gathering , there were ten vampires . Those creatures killed some of our kind ."

It took me seconds to process what she said , but as soon as it did my eyes widened in shock.

Kate. It was the first name that landed on my lips , I looked around wiping a tear that escaped from my eye. I wanted to know if she was okay , but I couldn't bring myself to say it out loud perhaps I was afraid of the answer. Please don't be dead Kate .

"Kate?" I said finally. My heart was accelerating .

" she's alright , dear" She smiled .

I sighed with relief , the most important person in my life was okay . If something would have happened to her ..... I might have killed myself out of guilt . But still I felt miserable , miserable for being helpless when they needed me. It had made a difference if I was conscious , someone would be breathing if I was awake.

" We were lucky that Finnegan Wiley was there, he handled the situation pretty well . But sadly he lost his beta Jenkins ; moon goddess bless his soul"

I hugged my knees together as tears spilled from my eyes. Though he was rude to me he didn't deserve that , no one does. My mom left after telling me that It was not my fault , that I'm just a young girl and it contributed in giving me a lifelong lesson.

I admit my mom was happy with me being alive but I guessed she didn't approve my recklessness.


I decided to see Finn after I showered and got ready . My mum told me the entire incident while I nibbled on a sandwich , though sandwich was my favorite, I barely finished it . She said that when I fainted , Finn grabbed and landed me safely in his car, that I was inside it when those blood leeches entered out territory . All of them shifted in their wolf form and handed those vampire to death . Well, not all of them , they killed some of us with the element of surprise

She was inside unaware when he brought me in , his white shirt bloodied and torn in some places.

I owed my life to him .


I stopped in front of a huge villa that belonged to Monroe alpha and luna . The walls of the villa were made up of white marble with modern texture to it .

Pine trees surrounded the pathway that led to main road . The guards recognised me and let me go inside without saying anything .

I had called Kate as soon as I pulled myself together , she informed me that she was perfectly fine . Also she mentioned that Finn and his pack were staying with them for some weeks . So here I was.

I opened the door without ringing the bell or knocking as it was something rarely did. I spent a lot of my childhood here so this place felt like home , more than my house ever did.

His smell hit my nose before any other's . Finn.

That minty and soapy smell with a hint of masculine sweat was stronger than before. It pulled me towards it like a starving person to food.

He sat on the black leather couch , his long legs stretched out . He had wore a black suit , with white shirt and a grey tie . I guessed he came from the funeral. His curly chestnut brown hair looked messy and soft . My hands longed to touch them, to grip them as I made out with his full pink lips. Wait , what? . Where those thoughts came from? He sensed my gaze and his blue eyes stared right into mine. They were beautiful yet filled with pain, so much pain. I again felt guilty for thinking that he took advantage of me when perhaps he was the reason I was alive in the first place.

He gave me a faint nod that I returned.

" have we met before?" a blond haired boy stood up from the couch near Finn . He raised his hand to shake my hand . I took it , his large palm almost covered my entire hand .

I didn't know that he was there the entire time.

He scratched the back of his neck , his pale cheeks reddened . He appeared to be nervous.

" she's the daughter of Jamie and Isabelle Monroe, you must have seen her in our dad's records."

Finn broke the awkward silence . So this boy was his brother , that explained their simi«lar features.

" I've heard a lot about you "

I wondered what exactly he had heard. For I was kind of infamous for many stuff, like punching guys like a punchbag , making out with a stranger in a bathroom ,recklessness, troubling teachers etcetera.

Most of them even weren't true.

" I see that you two already met " , Scott , the alpha of Monroe pack appeared from the kitchen . He had a tray in his hand with two tea cups and a coffee mug in it. He gestured me to take one .

The coffee was hot ,dark and bitter just how I liked it . Both Finn and the blond guy sipped tea.

When everyone were seated Scott introduced us once again " Mr. Dave Wiley this is Coralline Monroe , Cora meet Dave Wiley ; younger son of alpha Anderson . I'm sure you have heard about him," I nodded though I have not . To be honest I never wanted to be closer than a mile with Anderson's pack.

But oblivious to my feelings Scott was trying to patch me up with Dave , I could tell by the way he bragged on stuff about me that necessarily weren't true . I wondered why he even bothered considering beta weren't given choice .

Because a beta has to mate with beta of the alpha chosen by his/her alpha.

I knew this law was important and essential , I couldn't help but feel hatred towards it . It's being followed for hundred of years by us werewolves.

It's because an alpha and beta share a special bond , something like a mind link but it only works when we're feeling something really strongly. It's helpful when we are in a battle or something. Moreover intercourse of beta and alpha was somewhat sterile, even if the female gets impregnated ,in that too there is like five percent chances of a child's survival.

And say if he/she survives , they are thought to be an abomination and are forbidden from our society including their parents.

Three pairs of eyes were looking at me expectantly as I came out of my daydreams.

"Sorry I wasn't paying attention " I apologized .

" it's nothing, I was just wondering if you want to show Dave around the town" .

I understood what was he doing , he wanted me to get to know my possible future mate. For the past twelve years(or more but I was too young to remember) I've been hearing Scott bragging about arranging his daughter in Anderson's pack. And now that he got an opportunity he was not going to loose it.

However it was not that easy because last time I checked many girls were drooling over him I mean not literally. I was well aware that my friend Kate was hot but sadly she didn't had 'the hottest girl' award.

'May the odds be in our favor' I mumbled as I tried to look interested and left with Dave.

You know when you feel like doing dishes and are about to do it , but then your mom yells up and orders you to do the dishes and now you're sitting there thinking 'nah I don't want to do that anymore.

That's what I felt at that moment because hey ! , I should be blushing like a fourteen year old would for I sat beside Prince charming with his blond hair and mesmerizing blue eyes but I couldn't help but feel that no matter how good he looked , I was still forced to be with him. Am I making any sense?

I drove Mr Prince charming through the streets of sandalwood , in every five minutes he would give me sideline glances or fidget with his phone or look outside the window.

None of us started the conversation. I played music to break the awkward silence - The Weeknd's 'or nah' blazed through the speakers. Oh no! Not that one.

He recognised it too and avoided my gaze before turning face towards the window. But not before I noticed an amused smile over his lips.

I changed the song..

" um...you have good taste in music" I felt my eyebrows raise , he hadn't uttered a word since we left -and now he chose to speak only to taunt me!.

"I have good taste in other things too" I decided to play along.

He cleared his throat -his cheeks reddened for the second time in a day. I couldn't blame him because I seemed to have that impact on men.

When we reached our destination- 'Hugs with mugs' (cafe') , I asked Dave to book a table for two while I parked the car. This was my favorite place in sandalwood cause they made delicious burgers and the fact that really cute waiters worked here was just a bonus. As soon as I pushed the door open , mouthwatering smell hit my nose -my stomach growled reminding me that I barely ate a sandwich since I woke up.

It wasn't hard to figure out where Dave sat in spite of more than hundred people around because every now and then, my fast reflexes noticed eyes of girls landed where he was. One even went to the extent to drop her purse near his chair so that he would pick it up -which he did by the way. I recognised her-

Mackenzie Smith , daughter of alpha Smith. I'd be lying if I said that I liked her . She was like Regina George of mean girls and what's a mean girl without her two minions so there came her beta Annabel and gamma Sydney. I took sluggish steps to overhear their conversation.

"I'm throwing a pool party at my place this weekend you should come" she smiled sweetly , she used him like a pawn to get her hands on Finnegan Wiley.

I blinked, why I didn't realize this before? -that if I make Dave like me then he might convince his brother to mate with Kate....

"Sure-" he began "careful Dave she charges a lot" I cut him off.

She flipped her long soft black hair and looked straight at me. Dave chuckled but disguised it as laugh when she narrowed her eyes at him.

She seemed as she had no clue about what I just said.

" no...I do it for free..." she blurted, her face twisted.

Somehow her choice of words made the situation even more hilarious.

" You must be so desperate" I tsked.

"What-" she started but soon she realized. She gave me murderous glare and left with her minions .

Dave and me laughed guilty seeing her embarrassment.

"You're amazing"

It felt like winning his heart wasn't going to be that hard. It was Finn whom I needed to convince.

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