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" looks like everybody here knows that Finn Wiley is staying at your place" I could tell by the jealous stares girls gave her; even humans who had not a single clue about our kind, little did they knew that having sex with a werewolf can kill them because you know things gets a little intense with us.

" I wonder how your dad managed to do so?" I asked Kate.

" he's friends with Anderson apparently" she mumbled, not liking all the attention.

It felt good to be in school after a week since there was a curfew in our entire town. Not only us but humans also suffered from that tragic incident hell they didn't even knew what was killing them much less defend themselves.

It had been a breaking news not only in sandalwood but in whole America. Cops were clearly confused about the bodies drained of blood , but Kate's dad( who also happened to be the head minister of this town) tried to cover it up saying that it was some kind of animal attack; obviously the police found that pretty hard to digest but they needed to cover up the story whatsoever.

The thing that I found interesting was that many insane people (specially girls) were visiting our town in hopes of finding their Edward Cullen or Damon Salvatore. They were closer to truth than we would have liked and that's why the elders feared that this could lead to those people being brainwashed by blood sucking vampires.

Unfortunately that wasn't a new thing, I have read records of some humans working for vampires from the past decades. It gave me chills that there might be some person around me , visibly harmless who consistently gave our whereabouts to vampires.

I shivered.

" don't you think it was weird that those creatures attacked us the same night as the gathering ?" I said as we walked in the hallway , our heels clicking on the floor in sync.

"Cora ,I think we both agreed to never talk about that sickening incident ever again" she winced.

"Just hear me out for onc-" my words came out muffled as I clashed with someone -I landed on my ass in a very unlady like position . Good thing I wore jeans today!. But that didn't stop some kids from giving snarky comments and whistles -I managed to stand as gracefully as I could taking Kate's outstretched hand.

One ferocious glance from me and the crowd started thinning . I took notice of the girl -who sat a few feet away against the wall, her hands clutching her abdomen as if she was in excruciating pain. The impact of the force must have been ten times worse for her fragile human body.

I heard soft sobs coming from the girl , I sniffed her smell , it was Sabrina's. No...It can't be her unless she went crazy in a span of week ; now she looked as if she didn't take a shower for days nor did she brushed her hairs . And to add to her asylum look , she wore pajamas , a very loose white full sleeved t-shirt that could fit two of her size and a scarf around her neck.

She stood up ; her legs wobbly that she almost lost her balance , I reached out to steady her but she staggered back .

" are you okay Sab ?" She nodded - looking anywhere but my eyes- grabbed her bag and left .

Although biology was my favorite subject I couldn't quite focus on the class today . I sat in one of the lab chairs and a book with a random chapter was opened on a mahogany desk . The teacher paced around before she scraped the chalk against the board-it triggered goosebumps over my body-I bit my lips too hard that I tasted blood. My breathing became shallow and fast, adrenaline rushed through my veins. I knew that if I did not control this irrational rage , I surely was gonna shift . In front of everyone.

"Cora, can I talk to you for a minute?" I practically dragged my body outside of class. There stood Dorothy -with being a teacher she was also a healer ; Healers were latent wolves which gave them extraordinary powers to heal , however they were not useful in battles so she was devoid of any pack.

" What the hell! Cora," she started-her voice thick in British accent. "one more minute in there and you would have made the entire school run for their lives"

"I don't have time for this ms. Keith-" I muttered panting before I felt a bone break in my arm. I fell on the ground because of tremendous pain ,it took everything I got to not scream at the top of my lungs. It was my third time shifting ; I'd been told that it gets less painful with each shift but right now it felt like this was the very first time of me turning into a wolf.

I peeked around to make sure that no was there to witness my condition - but I found a glass window in the process, it was big enough to fit me. I rushed to it not caring how loud noise my heels made.

I was on the second floor from the ground level -without thinking much about the consequences , I jumped.

The landing was safe but my boot's heel broke because of the impulse. I looked back at the window , my eyes squinted -Dorothy had a hand over her mouth but her eyes were not on me , it was on a human like figure that sat under the shade of a tree. Long straight black hair , blue eyes , loose white t-shirt..... Sabrina of course. I heard a faint gasp but I wasn't sure if it was from Sabrina or Dorothy or me. The other girl lifted herself and the bag and ran as fast as she could.

A part of me wanted to go after her ,give her a lame excuse that I was hanging out near the window- whereas the other part of me longed to reach the pine tree forest and shift as quickly as possible. I chose the second one.


The forest was only three miles from the sandalwood high school , dense green pine trees edged the road , on which I drove in a bicycle. Dark clouds circled the sky , threatening to pour down any minute . I felt peaceful now -the brisk smell of upcoming rain , the greenery on both sides , the sound of water in lake nearby , and of-course the cold breeze calmed me and my wolf.

A rugged warning board that said:DO NOT ENTER ,THIS IS WILD ANIMALS' TERRITORY, was pinned with rusted nails on a pine tree's trunk. I did the total opposite by walking past it. Obviously the warning was for humans-not like they needed it , because they were already terrified of this place and avoided it at all costs. However , some crazy teens still hung out at this place mostly to get drunk and to figure out about a six feet big ,unusual wolf.

This place had attracted by many scientists from around the world during the past decades , because of the 'huge -wolves' rumours ; good for us ,they couldn't find anything otherwise all of my people would have been in labs by now . You see that was the main reason we kept a low profile.

I hadn't realized that I was already a mile inside the forest by now , it looked like it was already six but I knew it couldn't be longer than three. My eyes wandered around , my ears tried to pick up unusual sounds . I sniffed , the air smelled as it mostly did , without any trace of human in it. I decided to shift right then and there .

Shifting on will was not something I was familiar with ,surely I've heard many adults saying that it involved a lot of focus- to imagine your bones breaking and mending in to that of a wolf. To believe rage is running in your veins rather than blood.Fortunately it didn't took much tries ,when I felt it happening. I wailed as I felt immense pain of the procedure and before I knew it ,I was standing on all fours.

After running for hours, I shifted back in to my human form. But there was a problem- I. Was. Naked ; my clothes must have splintered in pieces when I turned. I was just considering to cover myself with leaves or something and go home when I heard something like a loud splash in water. I followed the source of the sound.

After a while,I came across a lake, it's beginning marked the end of the jungle . I stepped slowly and deliberately towards it , hiding myself behind the trees. As I moved closer,my eyes travelled to the pile of clothes stacked up on a large piece of rock . I figured they were guys clothes, consisting of a white t-shirt and jeans. I hurriedly put on the t-shirt , it reached a little above my mid thigh , it was loose enough to feel like a hug. Something about it's smell made me unsteady though - soapy and minty....

It's Finn's , I thought with utmost certainty. I can go back the way I came , he'll never know.. I brushed it away , there's no way he won't know ; he has to be familiar with my smell like I was with his, won't he? . I mean not in that way. While I did group discussions with myself , Finn came up with nothing but boxers on. I averted my gaze elsewhere,

Because I knew there has to be a stupid blush on my face. Exactly like a fourteen year old. Nevertheless I still allowed myself a couple of glances at him as he gracefully made his way towards me because that would be complete disrespect to him and his body.

" Are you wearing my t-shirt ?" His voice was rough and masculine yet it felt silvery to my heart. Heart? Really Cora! .

He crouched down to grab the towel , my heart skipped a beat ; I was wearing, just wearing a t-shirt for the love of god!. He wiped the towel over tiny droplets that ran down his muscular , sleek and powerful body. And lastly over his smooth ,wavy chestnut brown hair . Time passed achingly slow before he wore his pants ....

"Are you going to keep starting at me or answer my question?" He said a little annoyed.

Get it together Cora!.

" well I shifted unexpectedly ,so..."

" I hope your unexpected shifting didn't happen in front of some human" He then moved past me and began walking to some destination .

" Noooo...obviously not ! " I whined . Am I supposed to follow him?.

" I could drop you home if you want , because it seems like it might rain and you don't want to get wet , Coraline ." He called out. Oh I am already.

Crap ,I was in trouble .I could feel it.

I trailed behind him for minutes before I decided to make some conversation because me-not-speaking-for-minutes was against the law. I ran to catch up with him and shoot my eyes up to his face -his gaze was focused ahead , breathing even and controlled ,like I wasn't there . I cleared my throat, still nothing.

" since when you stopped paying attention to anything below chin level?" He gave me a dry smile.

" I was just focusing on the sounds around. Although there are wards around , you can't and shouldn't completely rely on them" he said toneless . I nodded in agreement as I reluctantly remembered the gathering incident.

I sighed . " Do you miss him? Jenkins I mean," I chewed my lip . " of course you do ...that's such a stupid question , I'm sorry."

A black car came into view . Finn fetched in the side pocket of his jeans for keys and the car honked as he unlocked it. He opened the passenger door for me and I hopped inside, smiling at the gesture. While I crossed my legs ,the other door opened and Finn entered.

" he was the wildest one in our pack, trouble followed him like a shadow. You two would have gotten along just fine. " he said instead as he started the car.

I tried not to roll my eyes " he didn't liked me much."

He smiled, a real smile . " he was actually...what's the word for unrequited affection you kids say these days?..." he thought for a second. " Oh right! .' crushing' , he was crushing on you."

I wanted to point it out to him that I was not a kid, but I let it go. It then occurred to me ,how I thought -knew- that I wasn't going to make it as far as a week after our stupid fight , like he was gonna kill me or something; and here I sat with him in his car , not farther than ten inches , feeling safest than ever.

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