The Bond Of The Moon

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Freya Andrews is one of the most powerful beings in the world. She is destined to become the next Moon Goddess. She is the middle child in the set of triplets that are meant to bring everyone together. On the day of her and her siblings birthday, she meets her mate. Her brothers are the ones that find their mates first, so she loses a little bit of hope. That is, until she walks into her first class. What happens to Freya and her mate? Will they be able to make it through the trials that their destinies and pasts will throw at them? Will Freya be able to make it through a terrible loss that will change her life forever?

Romance / Fantasy
Riki Leigh Bishop
Age Rating:

Author's Note

Hello lovelies!

This book has about ten more chapters or so, honestly, I'm not sure exactly how many more chapters I'm going to fit into this book, but I do know that I will have it finished soon. It will be published on Amazon on 02/21/2021 and that is the day it will be removed from this platform.

This is book two of the Love Conquers All series. Book three, The Bonds That Come Together, will be started on the 21st! It takes place during the two years that Trevor was dead in this book.

This is a four part series. Book four, The Unbreakable Bond, will take place after the war happens in this book.

Anyways! Back to writing I go. I just wanted to give you all an update on this book. I hope you all enjoy it.

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