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Chapter 1: The mission

It’s cold night with the rain pouring over our heads.

My team is set close by as we are hiding around the area waiting on the order to move forward and set the plan in motion.

I can feel the thrill of adrenaline pumping through my veins.

I’m born for this.

I’m trained for this.

I can do this.

Despite the rain pouring over me, my whole body was in an alert state as I was crouching down behind the broken wall of the building that few of us occupied as we waited for the signal.

The only sounds that could be heard were rain, our shallow breaths, and the distant voices of our targets.

The Commander was set a little ahead of me as I watched him intently for our next move.

He turned to us and raised his arm giving us the signal.

My unit slowly moved ahead trying not to make any sound as we were approaching ahead.

I pressed my M4A1 in my arms as I moved ahead.

Ducking down as am hiding in the shadows and avoiding to make any sound, I turned to look at Luke to see how he is progressing and the next moment all hell let loose.

The bullets were flying over us as we shoot back.

Luke hid behind my back as we set to shoot through the little opening between the wall and some barrel.

I didn’t even see faces of the people on the other side as all that was in my head is survival.

We had to save the hostage the group was holding.

“Shoot free at will and rescue the hostage! Go! Go! Go!” Commander’s voice ran through the air.

Taking a deep breath, I set up and aimed my rifle to the enemy as I took a run and shoot at them.

Luke was covering me from behind as we followed suit.

I spot the entrance that we could use and progress from there and do our mission.

Mimicking to Luke the plan, he shook his head and we sneak to the entrance.

My hairs on my arms stood in attention as to the electrifying current that was in the air.

Our backs pressed against the wall as we in half crunch moved through what seems like a dimly lited hallway.

To the right of us were opened the door. Taking a peek with the small mirror to see what we are fighting against, I saw two what seemed like guards watching at the monitors.

It was a control room.

Luke looked at me seriously and said “I’ll take the left one there and you take the right one. Let’s do this fast and soundless as possible.”

I confirmed by the shake of my head and we set in motion.

Having my target in sight I moved fast and accurate as I struck hard.

With no resistance, he fell limp in my arms as I slowly put him down on the floor.

Looking over at Luke I saw he did the same with his target.

“Why do I always get the big ones?” I asked him half-jokingly.

“So you can put those muscles of yours to some good use, and hey I need to keep this handsome face scar free for the ladies.” He winked at me and I could not chuckle at him.


Luke grinned and we look at the monitors to see the progress of our team as well to try to search for our mission target.

We found the cellars and saw one door was closed.

Deciding we should inform our team of the progress and get a move on.

“Inform the Commander of the progress and we have to go fast before they realize we are inside.” In half-whisper, I told Luke.

“Ok.” He opened the line to our team members and informed them of our doings.

As he finished I motioned him to get a move on.

We slid into the hallway and moved slowly forward searching for the doors that will lead us to the cellars.

Coming to a cross of a hallway we ran into a group of enemies. They spotted us.

Putting up a hard fight against them, we managed to destabilize the situation and progress further.

Finally, we came to the door we needed. Making sure no one is behind them so we don’t get surprised we slowly opened the door and dove inside.

It was dark and we could hear light voices that sounded far in the distance.

As we passed cells, we surveyed them as we moved in tandem.

The room that we saw on the monitor was right in front of us.

The voices were coming from inside.

Calculating all options that we had in our hands we decided to strike and shoot everything that had a gun or presented a threat to us.

“Ready?” Luke asked me.

“Ready.” Taking a deep breath I kicked down the door as we jumped inside.

I surveyed the room fast to take notice of everything going inside of it.

The 5 heavily armed men stood and aimed at us and we shoot at the back.

One stood and stood behind a hostage with a knife pressed to the hostage’s throat.

“Make one move and I’ll kill him!”

Looking at Luke with the side of my eye giving him a slight nod and aiming the enemy with my gun I shot him down.

The hostage screamed.

We went to the four hostages and checked them out for injuries and Luke informed our team we have the hostages.

“Ok you all stay behind me and we will get you all out,” Luke said to them as I shook my head as in ready to go.

As we neared the door I saw a movement from behind me.

One of the guards that were heavily injured took a grenade in his hand and toss it towards us.

“MOVE!” I yelled.

Pushing and rushing fast the hostages and Luke out of the room I throw myself in the last minute as the grenade exploded.

I looked at all hostages and Luke making sure all are safe.

Taking the lead I lead them slowly out through the building finding the escape out for us all.

Some shouting on foreign language was heard as we were moving towards the exit.

“Get them out now!” I yelled at Luke.

As some heavily armed men approached us I decided to try to hold them off so Luke can leave.

Bullets were flying towards me. Making sure I have everyone in my eyes sight I shoot back and took them down one by one.

Taking my rifle and refilling it as I ran towards the exit, I heard the alarm coming out and explosion set.

I jumped out the door and saw my team securing the hostages.

While I was getting back on my legs, Luke yelled “MATT!”

Then everything went black.

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