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Chapter 2: Waking up

Matthew POV

Waking up grunting a little as the pain shoot through my head, I opened my eyes slowly, but the light was so bright it hurt my eyes, so I shut them back.

“Dim the lights down a little bit.”

I heard my mom’s voice.

“Ok sweetheart you can open your eyes now.” My mom said softly.

I opened my eyes and blinked a few times to make my eyes adjust to the light lighting of the room and took a chance to look around to see where I am at.

Noticing the white walls and a window with white shades on it and underneath it a table with a chair next to it on which my father sat on.

The wall opposite my bed held a TV on that was now turned off and a closed-door next to it which I assumed is maybe a bathroom.

Next to it was the exit on which were gathered by my brother and sister smiling and looking at me.

My mother was standing next to my bed cooing at me as I am a little baby.

“How are you feeling sweetheart? “ Mom asked me softly.

Before I could answer her a nurse step inside the room and look at me.

“The doctor will join us soon.”

She turned to my family and said “Please could you all step outside the room so the doctor could do a checkup with the patient.”

“Of course. Come to Nancy let’s leave the nurse do her job.” My father took my mother’s hand and led her and my siblings out of my room.

The nurse turned to me and smiled saying “You have a lovely family.”

“Thank you.” Was all I could say.

“Doctor Harris should be here any minute now.”

As she said that, the doctor entered the room and took a clipboard of my health progression and took a look into it.

He turned to me and came closer to my bed. His eyes had a gentle side as he smiled at me and asked me “Mr. O’Donnell, my name is Doctor Ned Harris. I am your doctor. Could you please tell me how are you feeling?”

“My head is hurting as I have a migraine and shoulder when I move it.”

“That is normal due to injuries that occurred. Let me take a look at your eyes. Please look into my finger and follow it as I move it along.”

As he pointed the light at my eyes it stings like hell.

My automatic reaction was to close my eyes.

“Ok let’s try again without the light.”

I opened my eyes and followed his finger as he moved it slowly.

“Ok, tell me is your vision blurry or anything unusual?”

“At first it was but lasted a second or two now is ok the only headache.”

“Ok, that sounds good. Let me take a check on your shoulder and nurse check on the temperature.”

They checked me up and wrote things in their file. The doctor looked at me and asked me “Mr. O’Donnell, do you remember any previous situation that happened before you woke up here?”

“Yes, I was on a mission due to my work. We were fighting against enemies and last I remember was my mission target and alarms and explosion but nothing after that.”

“Okay, that is a good thing. Your memory is good so no signs of memory loss.”

“Doctor, could you tell me why am I here?”

“Of course.” He smiled at me.

“You got hurt by the explosion force as it excided the shards of the building that happened from that explosion, it hit you on your head that is why you blacked out and suffering the headache which will last for a little while but should be day by day be more dimmed down, and for your shoulder, it got pierced by a metallic rod. Luckily you were brought in fast and the rod didn’t cut any main arteries so we managed to take the rod out and clean the wound as well as salvage the muscle and tissue as well as nerves. But when the wound is healed you will need for some time physical therapy and take it a little slow.”

“Thank you, doctor.”

“Now take this time to relax and heal. Doctors’ orders.” He smiled at me and left the room with the nurse in tow.

The moment the doctor left with the nurse, my family rushed back inside.

“What did the doctor say?” my mom hurriedly asked looking at me.

“Just what happened and that after my shoulder is healed I’ll need to go to physical therapy but all in all, all is good,” I told her closing my eyes slowly.

“Ok, that is good. I’ll arrange for your appointment with a physical therapist …”

“Mom, It’s ok. There is still enough time for that. Just breathe please.” I sighed and looked at my mom gently.

My head was pounding like a sled hammer was repeatedly slamming into it.

“Ok yes that is true, but rest assure when you’re out of this bed we will have a talk. Is your head hurting? Do you want me to call a nurse to give you something for the pain?” she asked me worriedly.

“Yeah, that sounds good.”

I closed my eyes again and rested while waiting for the nurse to come.

“Mr. O’Donnell, your family called for me said you’re feeling pain. Would you like me to give to you something for that?”

Opening my eyes slowly I told her yes and she ran out of the room for a min and came back and gave me the medicine.

“There. It should shortly start to ease off the pain so you can rest up.” She smiled and left the room.

I felt a little drowsy as the medicine started to kick in to which I was happy for not that I would admit that.

“Okay son, we will leave you to rest now but don’t worry we will be back.” My father said to me as he took my mother’s hand and rushed out of my two siblings.

“Matt, do you want me to get you anything when we get back?” Meg asked me peeking her head from the doorway.

“Can you bring me my laptop?”

“O no way you’re going to get your laptop.” My mom said from the door with her stern voice.

“I know why you want it, and you’re not going to work. You need to rest and heal not work and stress yourself out.” She added.

“Mom trusts me I can relax and do some little work, I’ll be fine.”

“I said no Matthew and that is final. You need to rest up and no work allowed for the time being, do you understand me?”

“Yes, mom.” I sighed.

“Good, and If I find out you didn’t relax and listen to your doctor I’ll be really upset with you, Matthew.”

“Now close your eyes and rest and we will see you tomorrow dear. I love you.” She came next to my bed and kissed my cheek.

Sighing out I complied and said bye to my family as I closed my eyes again and soon enough the darkness consumed me.

The next morning

“Good morning Mr. O’Donnell. How are we feeling today?” Doctor Harris came into my room for a checkup.

“Good morning doctor. Heading seems to be a little less than yesterday but still is there but my shoulder is little sore and itching.”

“That is okay, it’s just progress in healing. Would you like some medication for the pain?”

“Yes, thank you, doctor.”

The doctor said to the nurse what to do as she gave me a minute later the medicine.

The checkup continued on as I did what the doctor instructed me to do and then they were gone.

“Knock knock.” I heard a familiar voice and smiled

“Hey,” I said looking at the two big brown eyes.

“Hi, handsome.” She smiled at me as she entered my room.

“Elise, what do I Ove this pleasure for?” I smiled at her.

“Can’t a girl come and see her best friend when he is injured?” she teased me

Smiling at her I said, “It is good to see you, Eli.”

She smiled at me and came to sit on the edge of my bed next to me.

“You got me worried when I heard what happened.” Looking into my eyes as her hand caressed my cheek.

“I am fine, and in no time I’ll be back up at my feet. No need to worry.” I took her hand in my hand and gave her a reassuring squeeze.

“You got us all worried. Yes you’re a hero as you saved them all, but …thinking about what could have happened just …it gives me chills. But I am happy to see you, Mattie.”

She hugged me best as she could trying not to stir my injured shoulder.

I hold her tight as I kissed her forehead and pulled lightly away, looking into her eyes I said “I am happy to see you as well Eli.”

We spent some time together chatting and laughing until she had to leave and my doctor came to check me out and giving me something that got me to pass out the next second he left.

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