Mated to the Alpha Supreme

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Alpha Alex has been look for his mate since turned 18. Now at the age of 26, waiting 6 long painful years for her. He also as other responsible to his pack which is growing everyday. He hopes the moon goddess didn't forget about him. Halina is a nerdy, slightly over weight human who was one day looking for adventure in the woods and stumble across a beautiful clearing and a huge black wolf as well. Will Alex be able to accept Halina or will he sacrifice the one thing he's been waiting for so long?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1


I look up to the sky as I see the moon shine down against my home. I have been alpha since my 18th birthday. My father Lawrence and his Luna my mother Gabriella step down and given me responsibility of the pack. I have everything except one thing that I need stabling myself in this pack and that is my own mate and future Luna.

I've been waiting 6 long years for her. Even had a mating ball at my pack for three years straight looking for her. I am beginning to think the moon goddess forgot about me.

I wasn't just alpha though. I am an alpha supreme. An alpha supreme is a chosen few who is serve the Alpha King Lucius. He's a 300 year old Lycan who has rule us since the time when we was in war with vampires. But him and the queen of vampire Queen Breda have come up with a treaty bring peace between both supernaturals.

My father has served him his entire life, and so will I. I've know King Lucius all my life so he's no stranger to me. Treats us alphas supreme like family as we guard him with our lives. I have also meet the Queen of Vampire. She a beautiful women but can be very dangerous when provoked.

"Staring off into space again " my wolf Everett said. "No I'm just thinking about random things" "time for a run don't you think so?" He asked eagerly. I nodded and ran toward the forest that was surrounding my pack area and burst into my wolf form as soon I was in between my trees. Everett was a pure black wolf and was bigger than a normal wolf. He was running and prancing around.

We ended up in a small foggy clearing where he decided to lay and relax before we headed out back toward the pack. Few minutes go by and we hear someone walking toward us with branching breaking.

We stood in a fighting stance and waiting for them to show themselves. Our walked a girl with black hair and bright hazel eyes, she probably stood up to to 5'5 and was slightly curvy but she was a the beautiful women I've ever seen. "Mate" Everett said and we was happy that we finally found her.

She has the look of fear on her beautiful face and I realized that I was still in wolf form and she was probably thinking she was going to be eaten. She decide she can run from me as she turn around and takes off screaming. I chase after her and see she falls and tries to crawl away and I get on top of her. Will my wolf wait she was still. She looks up at me with tears "please don't eat me" Everett laughs in my head and I decide that since she was in shock I took that time to change back into human form.

As I crack my bones back into place. She was starting at me with terror as I was back into human form and she was in complete shock. "I'm dreaming" she said "Well if I was in your dreams then we would be doing a lot of different things" I smirk. She blinks and rolled her head behind her head and faints.

"Oh shit?" I pick her up and run back toward the pack house. " Dr. Kently, I need you at my house ASAP" I mind like the pack doctor. As I ran up the stairs of my home and lay mate down, in walked in Dr. Kently with her medical bag. "Yes alpha?" She said "I need you to check to see if this human is okay?" She nods and gets her work started.

"Well alpha, I think they will be fine. They just need to rest and wake up on their time." She looks at me as she spoke. I nodded as she left and I looked at the sleeping beauty and I new I was already in love with her.


Hey guys. This is my new book and I hope the first chapter was good and I will be doing other people's POV.

Comment your thoughts ❤️❤️

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