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Sex Slave

Mila J x Gwen Stefani ship

"On your knees you pathetic slut" I commanded pushing her in the back with my pink stilettos as she landed on her knees

"M-Mistress" she whimpered out to me her blonde hair falling so loosely around her like an angelic halo as her pale cheeks turned pinkish

"Such a good little whore you are" licking my lips wetting them, while thinking how bad I'm going to destroy her

"M-Mistress p-please" she crawled towards me bowing at my feet

"Mmmm beg more bitch" I spoke lighting my blunt and took a puff of it

"Please mistress I want you to destroy my pussy I'm so horny" she whimpered more as she started humping my leg making me feel her juices spill onto my bare leg

"Mmm hump me just like that just like the little bitch you are" I felt my pussy staining my red corset leaving a wet spot I know she can see

"Ahhh mistress" her breaths broken as she humped me harder

"Don't you fucking cum bitch" I growled using my stiletto covered foot to push her back away from my foot

"Mistress please hurt me, fuck me please fix me" she looked up at me her dark brown eyes

"Hand me my strap" I commanded standing up removing the soiled corset from my caramel skin

"Here you are mistress" she handed me my lovely 8 in red silicone dick strap to a black harness

"Now bend over you filthy mutt" I grinned wickedly at her walking towards her admiring her petite pale body, perky breasts with the most beautiful pink nipples I've ever seen, her small yet firm plump ass jiggling ass I delivered a hard smack


"Ahhhh mistress!!!" She shrieked her ass with my hand imprint on it

"You tease mistress so much I can't wait to destroy you" I whispered in her ear grabbing her hips thrusting myself within her anatomy

"FU-UCK OH GOD!!!" She hollered as I began slamming myself into her pink hole her juices coating my cock as I rocked my body into hers yanking her silky strands of blonde hair

"Ahhh yes Gwen your pussy is so tight!!" I praised her as the nub on the inside of my strap caressed my swollen clit making it rise from need and wanting

"YES FUCK ME!!!" She threw her ass back chasing her orgasm that was approaching quickly

"IMMA CUM HOLY FUCK IMMA CUM!!!" Her breathing accelerated as I continue to roughly pump in and out of her pussy

"Fuck" I grunt feeling my orgasm coming too

"MILA!!!" Gewn yelled abruptly as her orgasm hit her hard as her body shook on my dick making it hard for me to keep continuing to thrust in and out of her

"Suck all your juices this strap whore"I watched intensely as she took it all the way in her small little mouth

"Thats right take it take it all you filthy bitch" I bit my lip pushing her head deeply onto my silicone callous hearing her gag from the lack of air made me wetter

"Thats enough now take it off of me so you can eat this wet pussy" I moaned as she grooped my ass spanking my left cheek while removing the harness from me

"Now come eat" I smirked as she followed me to the bed as I sat on it facing her spreading my silky hairless legs

"Mistress" was all she said before devouring me taking me whole in her mouth swirling and twirling her tongue around my already delicate throbbing cunt

"YES!!! Make me cum" closing my eyes feeling my back arch pushing my pulsating pussy more into her mouth

"Are you gonna cum for me mistress?" She asked applying her mouth right back on my flower not waiting for an answer

"I'M CUMMING!!!!" My body on fire as my peak washes over me as my knees close in on both sides of Gwen's head

"You taste so good mistress" she sloppily kissed letting my juices mix in between both our mouths

"My little sex slave" I smiled kissing her gently our bodies collided from tiredness holding each other

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