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Lesbian One Shots

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The Step Daughter

Jhené Aiko x Selena Quintanilla ship

"Efuru c'mon you're gonna be late for school" I stressed calling after my 18 year old step daughter

"Don't call me that my name is Jhené" she spat glaring at me with so much hate

"Why do you hate me so much?!" I asked showing so much distress looking at her

"You married my dad" and without so much as a goodbye she left

"Finally I'm alone" I sighed in content walking upstairs to waste a few hours

Jhené Aiko POV

"You at home I'm not trying to go to school I just wanna smoke" I asked Tish through my iPhone 8 plus

"Bitchhh you know I'm always carrying some come through my backdoor is unlocked" she said excitedly

"Aight bet" I giggled hanging up already halfway to her house as I come through the back door

"JHENÉ!!!" She screamed as she jumped into my arms

"Hey fat ass" I laughed smacking her ass

"Ready to roll up?" She asked hopping off me going towards the living room table

"Hell yeah!! I had to get away from my step mother" I spoke annoyed

"I mean Jhené lets not forget your dad was the one who was cheating on your mom if I was her hell I'll leave his ass too ain't no amount of money worth my peace" she said bringing out some fuchsia and strawberry kush

"You right but he had the audacity to marry the side piece!! Like yo what the fuck!!" I stressed while grabbing some of the strawberry kush and sprinkling it thoroughly in my blunt making it fat as I licked the outer part so it'll stick

"But girl you know that saying the same way she got him is the same way she gone lose him" she stated as she brung out her Bic lighter sparking up her spliff inhaling the smoke

"Yeah... You right" I sat there as I came up with a plan smoking my weed

----3 hours later----

"See you at school tomorrow Jhené and please don't do nothing stupid" she looked at me with a worry expression hugging me

"Aight lil mama and I won't" kissing her cheek as I left through the front door taking the back street to get to my house

"Hello" I asked into the quietness walking upstairs as I heard moaning

"This cheating bitch!!" I muttered peaking through the crack door and I gasped

"Mmmm fuck Jhené yes" my step mother moaned fucking herself with a clear dildo

"Damn..." I bit my lip as I lifted up my skirt rubbing my pussy, after smoking I'm always so horny

"Ahh fuck harder!!"her hispanic accent coming out

"Sh-it" I threw my head back as I rubbed my clit harder pressing down it

"Sí!!! Sí!!! Papí!!!" She moaned loudly as she started riding the dildo grabbing one of her bouncy breasts in the other hand

"Yes fuck" I said through clench teeth trying keep quiet as I cummed all over my fingers sucking my juices off I busted in the room

"What the- Jhené?!" She squeaked quickly placing the cover over her nude slutty body

"I'm horny and you looking mighty good naked under them covers" I smirked walking up to the bed yanking the covers throwing them on the floor

"I'm your mot-"

"Step mother you're my step mother there is no blood relation so I feel no guilt wanting to fuck you" I stripped down naked, taking my hair out of the ponytail I had it in earlier crawling on the bed towards her

"B-But your father" she looked at me nervously with a hint of lust in her eyes

"Fuck him" as I crawled in between her legs and started thrusting the dildo in and out of her reaching spots she couldn't reach

"JHENÉ YES PAPÍ!!!" She rolled her hips on the plastic dick as I rubbed her clit and stroked her

"Your moans are making me so horny" I groaned feeling my pussy clench every time she lets out one of those scrumptious moans

"I'M CUMMING!!!" She spazzed as her cum oozed down the callous as I slowly removed it from her entrance and sucked the cum off of it

"Fuck me Selena" I pulled her curvy body close to mine as we engaged in a heated make out session

"Sit tight I'll be right back"she smiled pecking my lips hopping off the bed and going into the walk-in closest coming back out with a nine inch strap on strapped to her hips

"Bend over" she demanded I wasted no time putting my ass in the air for her viewing

"Such a nice fat pussy you have baby" as she toyed with my pussy rubbing my clit

"Shit yes" I hummed in satisfaction as she pushed all nine inches into me

"Fuck you're so tight and wet" grabbing my small waist and thrusting in me

"AHH FUCK!!!"I gripped the sheets as she rode me pounding my pussy

"You like this papí?" She asked tthrusting harder as my ass clapped against her

"Yes mamí I fucking love it" my soft voice became hoarsed as I tried to keep up with her hard strokes

"Ride it" she smacked my ass laying on her back watching my every move

"Ahhhhh!!!" I squealed feeling the strap go deeper in with this new position

"Cum cum all over this dick for me" she grabbed my breasts and played with my erected nipples

"SELENA!!!"I screamed as I gushed all over her slowly uplifting myself of her

"Now take it off" I told her watching her quickly take it off and throw it to the floor

"Spread your legs for me" I told her as I lowered my pussy on hers and started grinding

"Mmmmmmphhhh" she cried as she grabbed my ass as I banged my pussy against hers our clits rubbing igniting a fire within both of us

"JHENÉ!!!! Don't fucking stop!!!" She pleaded her voice drenched in pure lust as I rocked my body on hers

"Oh mah gawd!!!!!!" I wailed as I felt my stomach tighten

"Por favor let me cum Papí" her breathing hitched as her body went stiff

"I'M CUMMING!!!!!" We both screamed as my body landed on top of her

"That was amazing" she breathed out her hand playing in my wet hair

"We should do this more often" I grinned sucking her nipple

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