Becoming Luna

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Chapter 16


Spending the afternoon hours with Slade was great and it felt right telling him about myself. I enjoyed hearing about him and appreciated it when he opened up a bit. At dinner, we laughed and enjoyed the company. At the end of the evening when things calmed down and the house was quiet again I smiled over at Slade. That man was starting to get to me. Even in a simple gray tee-shirt, I could feel the surge of attraction. His muscled body and strong handsome face were intoxicating. Especially when mixed with that amber and musk smell that clouded my whole brain. I needed a breath before I ruined this friends thing.

I was caught in thought when I heard him speak. Raising my eyes to his I hummed, explaining I didn’t hear what he said. “Are you ready for the Luna ceremony in two days?”

I had forgotten again. “Yep!”

That was all I could respond as we walked up the stairs. As we parted ways to say goodnight, I wished he had stepped up and kissed me. But I knew that wasn’t ever going to happen.

The next day was busy. Slade had barely come out of his office and I had been running around with pack members trying to help with preparations for the ceremony the next day. It wasn’t until after lunch when I finally caught a break and decided to take advantage of the hot day. Changing into my favorite navy blue bikini I grabbed my phone and sent a group text to the girls. “Hey! It’s hot and we need a break. Come to the packhouse and swim with me? I’ll bring the snacks!”

Within two minutes my phone was buzzing with happy responses. I shuffled downstairs and grabbed a tray out of the cupboard. Filling it with cheese, meats, crackers, and fruit I made my way out to the pool. As I set the tray down along with a pitcher of lemonade Hannah and Olivia walked up. “Hey!” I hollered as they set down their things

As we all jumped in, the cool water relieving the sweltering heat of the day, I closed my eyes and relaxed for a minute before getting out and grabbing the makeshift charcuterie tray. I set it down at the edge of the water and we sat in the pool, talking and joking and eating.

“CANNONBALL!!” Was yelled and an enormous splash engulfed us, warranting screams from the group. Looking up we saw Sam popping up out of the water and swimming toward his mate. Olivia smacked his arm before giggling at his nudging. A few others joined and we were having some fun.

All of a sudden a shadow appeared above me. Looking up I smiled, "Well hello, Alpha. Care to join us?” I could tell my slightly sarcastic comment was taken with humor but he still declined, using work as an excuse. “Okay,” I sighed, “help me out?” I grabbed his hand and I pulled hard and his poor balance was used to my advantage. It sent him flying into the pool, fully clothed. I had a smirk on my face as he came up and gave me a good glare. But he was a good sport and forcing him into the pool made him relax and have some fun.

I was sitting on the side of the pool nibbling on some fruit as Slade swam up. After being thrown in he had disposed of his wet shirt and now as he stood in front of me I saw his full, bare, muscled chest. “Damn,” I thought to myself and my wolf howled in agreement. He walked up and stood between my legs, his arms resting on my thighs. This was the closest he had been since that night in his office. I could feel my breath catch at the closeness. If it was affecting Slade he wasn’t showing it. “So, how am I going to pay you back for this?” Shaking my head back to reality, all I could muster was a quiet “huh?”

“You threw me in, fully clothed. There will be revenge.” That made me laugh.

“Slade Black, I'm not scared of you,” I smirked, trying to compose myself. His scent, his face. Too close. I looked down into his honey eyes and I wanted more, but Slade hesitated. I spashed water at him to stop the moment and he grabbed me, throwing me into the water.

We all swam into the evening. Before dinner, we climbed out and went to change. Slade and I walked together up the stairs, chatting and joking. As we walked to our rooms we stopped and I gave him a warm smile. As I opened my door to head in he grabbed my hand. “Wait…”

Turning around I looked up into his eyes. “Yes, Slade?”

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, standing close to me.

And then his lips came crashing down to mine. It was gentle and strong. As his lips parted mine, tasting me, I inhaled sharply when he pulled me close. Wrapping his arms around me, touching my skin, I was on fire. Every touch and brush of his hand was electrifying. I held my hands around his neck and instantly wanted more. But then it stopped.

Breathing heavily, he backed away and entered his room and I stood there in the hallway confused and dazed. I showered off and got redressed quickly. I headed downstairs, still flustered and wired. My wolf wouldn’t shut up. I took a deep breath to calm myself before entering the kitchen. Slade was standing there at the island and looked up to me with a warm smile. That was new. After grabbing my food I made my way to the table. Slade was there, but I figured he wanted space. Why else would he throw a mind-blowing kiss my way and then just leave? As I went to walk past, he spoke, “Addison, sit by me?”

I was pretty sure I stopped breathing for a moment. Collecting myself I sat down on the bench next to Slade. He was eating and chatting as though nothing had happened. But then I felt it, his hand on mine. Warmth radiated from my hand. Looking up at him I found his gaze already on me. He leaned to the side, his lips brushing against my ear. “Don’t mistake my walking away as being put off,” he whispered,” I knew if it went any longer I wouldn’t be able to stop myself.”

I blushed. “Is that a bad thing?”

“Not sure. But we have the Luna ceremony tomorrow to focus on. Are you ready?”

“I think so,” I smiled, glad we were starting to click together.

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