Becoming Luna

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Chapter 18


Waking up this morning I smiled as I thought of the intimate moment we had shared last night. I was surprised she had stopped things. I could feel the pull toward her, even more powerful now that she was officially my Luna. And last night when I saw her on that stage all I wanted was her from that point on. Rolling out of bed I showered and dressed for the day. Usually, I would just grab something and throw it on. Today I gave a little more thought as I got ready, with the hopes of seeing Addison.

I walked downstairs in a navy blue button-down knowing it was her favorite color, the short sleeves hugging tight to my muscular arms. Strolling into the kitchen I expected to see her there but she wasn't. Must have beat her down apparently, I thought.

All through breakfast I wondered where she was. She must have headed off somewhere. “But usually she’ll tell me if she’s going somewhere…” I muttered to myself. But I went on with my morning, figuring I would just see her at some point during the day. It was just before lunchtime when I stepped out of the office only to realize that there was still no sign of Addison. After checking out back at the pool and in her favorite spot on the couch I headed upstairs. Still no Addison, I thought as I walked through the living room. I softly tapped on her door and opened it when there was no answer.

Walking in I was overwhelmed. The whole room smelled just like her. I shook my head clear and looked around. I could feel she was near and that was when I saw her. Walking over to the bed, hands on my hips, I stood over her. She looked relaxed and warm. I smiled. “Crap…” I sighed. Now all I wanted to do was hold her. My wolf howled in agreement. My wolf had been a hot mess since last night. What am I doing? I thought. Kicking off my shoes I climbed into the bed next to her. As I spooned her I shoved my face into her soft hair. Holding her close, inhaling her scent, just about drove me crazy. Addison stirred and pushed herself into me. “Breathe, Slade…” I mumbled to myself before relaxing and letting myself fall asleep next to her. I didn’t know how long I had dozed off but I woke up when she stirred again. She hummed and let herself be close to me. “That’s a bad idea," I whispered in her ear.

She smiled and wiggled in my arms. I could feel my body responding to her. This little wolf was going to be the death of me. She had to know what effect she had on me. But as she rolled over and pulled close, her arms around my waist and her head tucked in my chest, I all but lost control of myself. This was a bad idea, I thought to myself. My wolf would be unmanageable for the rest of the day.

Addison let out a sleepy sigh and looked up at me, sleep still in her face.

“I missed you all morning, I wish I had known earlier this was where you were,” I smiled, “I would have come up sooner.”

Addison chuckled before placing a warm kiss on my cheek and rolling out of bed.

“Where are you going?” I asked, trying to make my best hurt face.

“You and I both know that if I stay in that bed, things won’t stay that innocent,” she teased as she pulled her hair up into a messy bun that showed off her neck. She walked into the bathroom and I laid on my back in the bed, trying to steady the breaths I hadn’t noticed had become heavy and uneven.

After she came out, showered, and dressed we walked downstairs together. She was beautiful, gliding down the stairs in her cropped jeans and a loose white tee. Hair bouncing down her back each time she stepped down. I had to take a deep breath. We walked outside to see the busy workings of the pack.

As we walked down the hill random pack members would stop to say hello to their Alpha and new Luna.

We took a seat on a bench in the amphitheater. Addison turned, looking up at me.

“So, Alpha, what do you want me to do for you? I would really like to be useful as Luna.”

Her questions caught me off guard, I hadn’t really thought about it if I was being honest.

I looked forward, watching the pack. “I haven’t really thought about it. You don’t really need to do anything.”

“Seriously? So what… I’m just supposed to walk around, acting like some trophy wife?” I could tell she was irritated by my answer.

“Well, what do you want to do?” I snapped back. I didn’t mean it to sound so angry but it did. I didn’t know what she wanted from me, what she wanted me to say.

“Literally anything. I’m not just some hick from the mountains. Give me a job. Something that overwhelms you and would make your life easier if you didn’t have to do it.”

“I don’t know Addison,” I shrugged. I had to do so much as Alpha. I didn’t know what I could let her do.

Addison huffed and looked away, clearly even more irritated by my non-answer. But then I saw her take a breath and turn toward me. “I would like to help.”

I sat there quietly looking forward until I heard her sigh, stand, and walk back up the hill.

It was almost dinner and I sat in the common area rubbing my temples. I had a headache. I hadn’t seen Addison since our talk at the amphitheater.

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