Becoming Luna

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Chapter 19


“Hey, Addie!” My mom sounded so happy on the phone. We had spoken a few times since I had left but this time I was here for information. It had really annoyed me that Slade thought I was so useless. That my only purpose as Luna was to be his mate and have his pups. He couldn’t think of one single thing for me to help with. ONE THING.

My mom was Luna back home and so I knew I could talk to my mom about this. I realized that I didn’t even quite know what my mom did. Just that she was always busy with something. “Hey mom, do you have a minute to talk? I have a question for you.”

I heard shuffling on the other end of the phone and then, “Of course babe, what’s up?”

I told my mom about my irritation that Slade didn’t want my help with anything. How I had asked and he had nothing. But I felt that as Luna I needed to contribute more than just the next line of Alphas. My mom chuckled at that.

“So you want to know what your place is as Luna? What you can do without stepping on anyone’s toes?” My mom questioned.

“Pretty much. What do you do around the pack? I know you are always busy doing things. Dad is always asking for your help or your opinion. What am I supposed to do?”

My mom sat quietly for a minute then spoke. “Well, sweetheart, your dad and I didn’t fight the fact we were each other’s mates, so things like this came easy to us. There was trust between us from day one. And we’ve had thirty years to build that working relationship. Slade just might not know what jobs to give you because he doesn’t know what you can do.”

“Well, what do you do, mom?” I asked, wondering what kinds of things there even were.

“It differs from each pack, but basic things are all the same. The Alpha is in charge of the pack’s finances, construction of new homes for families in the pack, approving food purchases, approving member transfers, deaths, protector training, handling various businesses run by the pack. Not to mention social things like events, pack meetings, parties, ceremonies, schools, training newly shifted young ones. The list goes on hun. He, of course, has a Beta to help with things, but it's still a lot to handle. So pick a thing or two you know you can do. I ended up taking over all of the social aspects of our pack. Food and people- that’s my job.”

I sat silent. Mom had given me a lot to think about. My ears obviously perked up the minute mom mentioned the pack schools. I needed to decide what I was willing to do and then take it to Slade and convince him to let me help out.

“Thanks, mom. You’ve given me a lot to consider. I’m not quite sure what I want to do, but I do know I need to contribute. I can’t just sit around while everyone else in the pack works hard and does their part.”

“You're welcome, Addie. Oh hey, before you go. Personal question… by the sound of things you two are still not quite there yet. Are you guys doing alright?”

I sighed. I knew my mom would pick up on that…

“Yeah mom, we’re fine. It’s just been a big adjustment. I don’t think he was ready for a mate yet. He had really shut himself off in the beginning. But I’m cracking that shell!” I chuckled. Things had definitely been better between us lately. We just needed to get over this issue of Luna responsibilities.

My mom laughed, “Good. Soooo… you haven’t mated yet?” I could hear the smirk on my mom’s lips as she asked the question.

“Oh gosh! Mom!” I rolled my eyes as my mom sat laughing on the other side of the phone.

After the usual I love you’s and well wishes to other family members we hung up.

I strolled over to the bed, my notebook and pen in hand.


The pack school.

Planning pack meetings, parties, events, and ceremonies.

Assist with member transfers.

As I looked at the list I grinned. I was trying not to get myself too excited. I calmed myself and walked over to the bathroom. After perfecting my makeup so that my turquoise eyes would pop and do half the work for me, I checked my hair and then strolled out of the bathroom. I grabbed my list and made my way down to Slade’s office. He wasn’t there which was unusual for this time of day. Usually, he was finishing up so he could be free after dinner. I shrugged and made my way down to the common area just as the dinner bell rang. I walked up to the large island and made my share from the taco bar. I sat in my usual spot and was glad when Hannah and Olivia sat with me.

“Hey! We haven’t seen you all day! Where did you sneak off to?” Hannah questioned.

“Sorry, I was up in my room for most of the afternoon doing some work and talking to my mom.” I didn’t want to talk to anyone about this until I spoke to Slade though, so that was all I gave them.

Talking and laughing with my friends, I looked up to see Slade scowling from across the room. I had finished my dinner so I grabbed my plate and put it away. Gliding over to Slade, I stood in front of him, forcing him to have to look at me.

“Hello, Alpha.” He tensed a bit at my words. I gave my best smile and held out my hand, “I need to speak with you. Come with me, please?”

Slade sighed but took my hand as I pulled him off the couch. I didn’t let it go though and I held his hand as we walked through the dining room, kitchen, and up the stairs. I could feel he had relaxed a bit after the contact.

Walking into his office Slade finally spoke, “What’s up, Addison? I thought you were off pouting.” He was trying to be snappy to get a reaction. But I wasn’t taking the bait. I sat down in the chair in front of his desk and slid my piece of paper across the desk. “What is this?” He asked picking up the sheet.

“A list of my demands,” I said teasing.

He looked down at the paper for a minute. “Seriously? You’re just deciding what you’re going to do? You do realize that I’m the Alpha, right?”

That one hit right where he meant it to. I took a deep breath knowing I wouldn’t get anywhere if I ended up yelling at him. “It’s both. I WILL help with something. These are the things I know I can help with and do well. Since you couldn’t think of anything I thought I would help you out.”

He looked up at me, “And what if I don’t want your help?”

I hadn’t expected that answer. And now I was done playing nice with this conversation. “Slade Black, do you really think I’m so useless that I can’t help plan some parties and feed some people? Maybe help look after the school? We both know you would rather eat tar than plan a damn party. I was trying to make things easier for you! I see how hard you work all day, every day. I was trying to ease YOUR burden. I’m going stir crazy just sitting day after day while every other person in this pack works their butt off. I was trying to keep the promise I made last night to contribute to the pack and help in any way I can." I stepped back, my frustration fully lit, "You know what, whatever." And with a wave of my hand, I turned to the door, “I'm done.”

I left the room and went up the stairs. Feeling defeated I threw myself into my bed. I was so angry that I wouldn’t let the tears come in his office, even though I could feel them burning in my eyes. But now that I was alone, I cried.

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